Aerodynamics, the study of the motion of air around an object, was first extensively used for the development of aircraft, but aerodynamic forces as they applied to automobiles were at first not completely understood. Reducing drag was obviously a good thing, but some early streamlined vehicles actually lifted and became unstable at speed. The air flowing under the car was soon recognized as part of the problem.

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      # sp7297
      Lip Spoiler by Duraflex®. This bumper lip gives your car aerodynamic good looks with light weight and long lasting durability. Your car will appear to hug the ground with this Lip Spoilers. Get custom style and ground effects in one...
      Helps to elevate your vehicle above the massesProprietary polymer blend for maximum flexibility and strength
      $55.00 - $899.10
    • (12 reviews)
      # sp296
      Carbon Fiber Lip by Seibon®. Give your car a high-tech aerodynamic look with this carbon fiber lip spoiler. A lip spoiler not only looks great, it reduces the amount of air flowing under the car, for less drag. Whether you're a racer or...
      Finished in glossy clear coat that will not chip or flakeAerodynamically designed
      $391.00 - $1,428.00
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      # sp3060
      Bumper Lip by VIS Racing®. If you're all about style and want to give your vehicle a mean look by lowering one of its ends, this quality part from VIS Racing is just the ticket. Manufactured from long-lasting materials, the bumper lip...
      Custom designed for your vehicleMakes your automobile look sleek and stylish
      $159.73 - $2,522.97
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      # sp131978
      Aero Front Bumper Lip by Vorsteiner®. Material: Autoclaved 1×1 Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber with UV Inhibiting Clear Lacquer Coating. Vorsteiner's Autoclaved Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber structure gives Vorsteiner parts superior stiffness,...
      Designed with refinement in mind to offer the ultimate in stylePerfect solution to give your vehicle an aggressive yet elegant look
      $470.25 - $3,700.25
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      # mpn4498119242
      V-MC Aero Front Bumper Cover Splitter by Vorsteiner®. Replacement For 4000MVR. Material: Autoclaved 2×2 Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber with UV Inhibiting Clear Lacquer Coating. Vorsteiner is proud to announce the anticipated launch of the...
      Designed with refinement in mind to offer the ultimate in stylePerfect solution to give your vehicle an aggressive yet elegant look
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      # sp27345
      Front Lip by AIT Racing®. Bring back the excitement to your vehicle giving it that stunning high-end look that is sure to make heads turn by installing this superior AIT Racing product. This helps to improve aerodynamics bringing the...
      Perfect to enhance your vehicle’s appearance and performanceBrings exceptional levels of flexibility and durability
      $150.96 - $332.16
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      # sp800
      Bumper Lip by Aero Function®. This is a ground-hugging aerodynamic piece that mounts to the lower section of your front bumper cover. Advanced materials and design ensure the spoiler is lightweight, strong, and adds distinctive style to...
      Spoiler is extremely light weight and strong due to advanced materials and designEffectively reduces ground clearance so air flows around your vehicle rather than underneath it
      $63.00 - $1,295.10
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      # sp7331
      Bumper Lip by Carbon Creations®. Improve the looks and aerodynamics of your car with this splitter. Your car will look like it’s glued to the road.
      Racing inspired aerodynamics and styleUsed by professionals in auto racing, drifting and drag racing
      $63.00 - $759.00
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      # sp17210
      Splitter by Anderson Composites®. If you want to get the most out of your vehicle, this this superior product by Anderson Composites is just what you need. Designed with the utmost care and attention to detail and manufactured from...
      Designed to comply with strict quality standardsManufactured from high-grade materials
      $242.10 - $1,169.10
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      # sp31819
      Bumper Lip by Liberty Walk®. With this bumper lip you can create an aggressive race inspired look for your vehicle. Installing a bumper lip is perfect way to add subtle style to your vehicle while giving it a unique lower look.
      Expected to provide added downforceMade from high-strength, impact resistant materials
      $580.00 - $6,500.00
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      # mpn4508852785
      Super Rim™ Front Lip Splitter by Air Design®. 1 Piece. Black. Fiberglass. Air Design's Award Winning Full Body Styling Systems are custom designed, precision engineered and built to meet an unparallel level of refinement and...
      Expertly manufactured from the highest grade materialsMade to guarantee exceptional reliability
    • (1 review)
      # sp7313
      Front Splitter by RKSport®. This is the perfect addition to a stock front end or ground effects kit. It complements the contour lines of the valance or bumper while adding a race car look. This Splitter is made from hi-temp, hand-laid...
      Adds aggressive styling to your vehicleHelps to improve donwforce and traction
      $121.78 - $954.08
    • (1 review)
      # sp93678
      Front Lip by Agency Power®. If you crave to adjust your vehicle’s attitude from ordinary to extraordinary, this head-turning carbon fiber bumper lip from Agency Power is just the thing to boost its stature on the street and expand its...
      Brings out aggressive lines and exquisite racing styleHelps reduce the overall lift and improve aerodynamics
      $450.00 - $1,600.00
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      # sp3711
      Bumper Lip by Spec-D®. Spec-D figuratively has their finger on the pulse of the automotive aftermarket, so they can bring you the latest style and best performing parts and accessories. No matter whether you want your car or truck to go...
      Designed to give your street enthusiast vehicle a look of a racerCombines sleek style with aggressive attitude to set your ride apart
      $41.76 - $272.34
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      # sp49246
      Bumper Lip by KBD®. Material: Polyurethane. Comes unpainted. Give your vehicle a sleek, aerodynamic appearance with this superior polyurethane bumper lip from KBD that’s sure to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Not only...
      Gives your vehicle a distinctive touch of racing spiritAerodynamic design reduces wind drag and boosts handling
      $120.00 - $400.00
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      # sp37518
      Custom Style Bumper Lip by D2S®. Give your car a different look that will set it apart from ordinary models. This Custom Style Bumper Lip has a sporty style all its own, yet it clearly complements your car's fine lines and gives a more...
      Custom high performance styleComes with everything required for installation
      $246.99 - $4,882.54
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      # sp7349
      Lip Spoiler by Couture®. Your car will appear to hug the ground with this Lip Spoiler. Get custom style and ground effects in one package.
      Ultimate in design and aerodynamicsVirtually unbreakable polyurethane
      $63.00 - $395.10
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      # sp85850
      Front Lip by ARK Performance®. Designed with a focus on style and function, this sleek bumper lip from ARK Performance will add a performance edge to the look of your vehicle and improve aerodynamics, making heads turn and jaws drop as...
      Adds an aggressive and lowered look to you vehicleHelps improve airflow and reduce aerodynamic lift
      $449.65 - $789.65
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      # sp31812
      German Rush™ Front Lip by Vertical Doors®. Spice up the exterior of your vehicle and give it that refined sporty touch that will elevate it above the masses with top-notch Vertical Doors bumper lips. Designed with style and function...
      Designed to give your vehicle a cosmetic upgradeWill help improve downforce and traction
      $810.00 - $1,795.00
    • (1 review)
      # sp22754
      Bumper Lip by American Car Craft®. Give a stylish and clean look to the exterior of your vehicle with this top-grade product by American Car Craft. Blending sleek and aerodynamic design with excellent function, it will add a touch of...
      Designed to give your vehicle a clean stylish lookMade from superior materials for unmatched quality
      $44.60 - $1,076.26
    • (13 reviews)
      # sp34182
      Bumper Lip by 3dCarbon®. Add aggressive visual style to the lower section of your front bumper without reducing ground clearance by installing a one-piece Front Lip from 3dCarbon. Designed for a perfect fit on your vehicle, the front...
      Adds style to your vehicle without reducing ground clearanceEnhances aerodynamics with contours that deflect additional wind off to the sides
      $104.30 - $822.91
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp86145
      Front Chin Spoiler by IVS®. This component gives your car a lower, more aggressive look while also enhancing brake cooling and aerodynamics. The spoiler is made of reaction injection molded urethane and provides the same outstanding...
      Adds a sporty look to your carGreatly improves aerodynamics
      $459.00 - $504.90
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp74490
      Front Splitter by ROUSH Performance®. The ROUSH Front Chin Splitter ads a “track ready" look to your s550 Mustang and helps keep the front end stable and planted at speed. The Front splitter creates a low speed, high pressure pocket...
      Reduces front end lift, increases downforceIncludes all required hardware
      $142.41 - $209.99
    • (2 reviews)
      # sp135554
      Bumper Lip by Extreme Dimensions®. This lip will make your car look like it's glued to the road. And its flexible material construction will ensure it stays looking good. Installation typically requires sanding, trimming, and filling...
      Stylish and aerodynamicFlexible and durable
      $63.00 - $95.00
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      # sp87397
      C7 Revorix Style Front Lip by DefenderWorx®. Individualize your treasured automobile to the maximum and make it look like nothing else on the road with these top-rated bumper lips designed by highly qualified experts at DefenderWorx....
      Designed to add a touch of distinction to your vehicle’s profileWill help increase downforce for improved performance on the track
      $1,946.77 - $2,303.74
    • (4 reviews)
      # sp2957
      Bumper Lip by Street Scene®. Looking to add some hot performance style? Go with this awesome and functional accessory. The bumper lip is an easy way to add downforce to the front wheels for better traction and improved stability.
      Attractive, distinctive stylingLowers the vehicle's front end
      $185.65 - $291.49
    • (3 reviews)
      # sp121601
      Front Chin Spoiler by Willpak®. Create an aggressive look for your vehicle with this carefully designed accessory. The spoiler is thermoformed from durable textured ABS plastic to be resistant to impacts while fitting your vehicle...
      Adds unique and distinctive lookThermoformed from textured ABS plastic
      $229.95 - $292.95
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp131977
      Aero Bumper by Vorsteiner®. Vorsteiner is proud to announce the anticipated launch of the lightweight carbon fiber aerodynamic product line for your vehicle. Vorsteiner's Autoclaved Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber structure gives Vorsteiner...
      Designed with refinement in mind to offer the ultimate in stylePerfect solution to give your vehicle an aggressive yet elegant look
      $2,370.25 - $9,495.25
    • (0 reviews)
      # mpn4509624321
      Aggressive™ Chin Spoiler by Classic Design Concepts®. 1 Piece. Unpainted. It's a well known fact that better air flow to the engine will lead directly to better performance. With the Mustang GT Aggressive Chin Spoiler, you will not...
      Produced using High Pressure Injection Molded technologyThis urethane piece is designed to create the ultimate performance appearance, engineered as a functional piece, and is now the basis for the aerodynamics package found on the Miller Challenge Mustang race cars
    • (0 reviews)
      # mpn4509624322
      Chin Spoiler by Classic Design Concepts®. 1 Piece. Black/Paintable. Don't be disappointed, ask for Quality CDC parts by name. The S197 Mustang became a very popular design upon its release in 2005 because in comparison to the previous...
      The V6 Chin Spoiler is manufactured using OE quality TPO materialMolded in Textured Black

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    Air flowing under a car creates two problems for a ride at speed. The first problem is drag created by the irregular shapes of the mechanical components. To eliminate this drag many race cars have smooth undertrays. The second problem is lift created by excessive air flow that lightens the front of the car and reduces traction at the wheels, which can make the ride unresponsive and difficult to handle.

    Reducing air flow under the vehicle can reduce drag and lift, but doing so also creates an additional benefit. Decreased air going under the car forces more air around the sides and over the top of the car. The limited amount of air that does go under the car travels at increased velocity, creating a low pressure area. The greater pressure above the car creates downforce that helps the car stay glued to the track, improving tire traction for propulsion and steering. Bumper lips, also called air dams and spoilers, are the aero mods used to reduce air flow under the vehicle.

    Splitters work in conjunction with bumper lips to create downforce. They extend horizontally forward from the bottom of the lip. When a car travels at high speed, the blunt front end creates a high pressure zone in front of the car. The splitters divide this high pressure air from the high velocity air flowing under the car, creating downforce. Road race cars often have adjustable splitters to control the amount of downforce, in an effort to maintain an aerodynamic balance between downforce and drag. To be most effective, bumper lips and splitters should be used with side skirts and a diffuser.

    Beyond all the techno-speak, bumper lips and splitters just make your car look better. They give your car the appearance of a racer and make it look like it’s been lowered, even if you haven’t modified your suspension, especially when used in conjunction with side skirts. We have bumper lips for most popular late model cars in a range of attractive shapes and styles, manufactured from durable materials including carbon fiber, ABS plastic, fiberglass, and urethane. All of our bumper lips are designed for the specific application, so you can be assured of easy fitment and an awesome appearance.

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    Not Carbon Fiber
    The piece is very pretty to look at, but it's not really carbon fiber. It's 15lbs of fiberglass having a top-layer resembling carbon fiber. The diverter weights almost as much as my Seibon carbon fiber hood. Under a Genesis Coupe, be prepared to do some planning for installation. The two-piece plastic panels under the engine, and the plastic extending from wheel-wells to bumper, don't line up in such a way that diverter installation can do without solid planning. Overall happy with the piece - just a lot heavier than anticipated.
    PPosted by Phil (Surrey, BC) / April 3, 2018
    2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
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