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      # sp17167
      Varitune Series Exhaust System by BBK®. Varitune Exhaust kits are now available. These BBK Varitune exhaust systems offer something no other exhaust system can do. These new BBK Varitune exhaust kits offer full tune ability using BBK...
      $449.99 - $949.99
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      # sp20637
      Premium Series™ Swap Headers by BBK®. Primary Tubing Diameter: 1.625". The Coyote swap Long Tube headers are mandrel bent high flow 1 3/4" tubing with 3" collectors, making them perfect for both n/a and boosted builds.
      $249.99 - $479.99
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      # sp2382
      Power-Plus Series™ Cold Air Intake by BBK Performance®. Designed to work in most cases without modifications or any tune, these BBK cold air kits work with the factory computer – BBK's latest cold air intake kits for your vehicle...
      Improves airflow to your engineIncludes a shield that isolates the air filter from engine heat, so it can take in cooler, denser, air
      $159.99 - $369.99
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      # sp2383
      Mass Air Meter by BBK Performance®. The engineers at BBK have just released an all-new line up of high-flow Mass Air Meters for those enthusiasts who are retrofitting an EFI motor into an early muscle car or street rod.
      Dyno proven 15 horsepower increase at the rear wheelsBolts on in minutes
      $249.99 - $289.99
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      # sp94147
      Performance SSI-Series™ Intake Manifold by BBK®. Get increased airflow right into your intake ports and gain 12-15 horsepower at the rear wheels with this eye-catching titanium finished intake manifold. It features an 85mm straight...
      Designed to increase airflow and improve horsepower and low-end torque12-15 dyno proven horsepower increase at the rear wheels
      $799.99 - $899.99
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      # sp2398
      High-Volume OEM Style Electric Fuel Pump Kit by BBK Performance®. Since the late eighties and the birth of the modern day fuel injected and computer controlled vehicles, BBK's team has been delivering the best performance and value...
      High volume pump with original equipment dimensionsDirect replacement, no modifications to your vehicle required
      $119.99 - $399.99
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      # sp2389
      Gripp™ Performance Lowering Spring System Lower by BBK Performance®. BBK's popular Gripp performance Lowering Spring Kits have been the number one choice of many drivers for over a decade. Available in both specific and progressive...
      Lowers vehicle approximately 1 ½"Provides lowered stance while retaining ride quality
      $229.99 - $249.99
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      # sp2401
      Power-Plus Series™ Throttle Body by BBK Performance®. All BBK Performance Power Plus Series throttle bodies are CNC machined from high quality 356 aluminum castings to ensure perfect OEM quality and fit every time. Features like OEM...
      Designed to increase airflow and improve horsepowerDirect bolt-on replacement, no modifications necessary
      $199.99 - $549.99
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      # sp2394
      Power-Plus™ Underdrive Pulley System by BBK Performance®. Made from aircraft quality machined steel or aluminum alloy these BBK under drive front accessory pulley kits are one of the easiest ways to free up an average 8-15 horsepower...
      Reduces accessory drag for increased power to the rear wheelsIncludes, crank, water pump, and alternator pulleys
      $119.99 - $249.99
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      # sp8856
      Gripp™ Control Arm Kit by BBK Performance®. Now available from BBK, this fantastic kit provides firmer launches and much improved handling characteristics. Stiff boxed steel construction and firm polyurethane bushings provide...
      Heavy Duty Steel ConstructionImproved Handling And Acceleration
      $129.99 - $299.99
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      # sp2400
      Billet Aluminum High-Flow Fuel Rail Kit by BBK Performance®. Replace your restrictive factory fuel rails and supply your high-performance engine with the fuel it needs, while at the same upgrading the appearance of your engine bay....
      Delivers the high fuel flow required by high horsepower enginesDesigned as a direct fit with unique mounting hardware, high-pressure hoses and precision fittings
      $219.99 - $229.99
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      # sp20663
      Tuned Length Shorty Headers by BBK®. Gain 15-20 dyno-proven horsepower at the rear wheels just by bolting on a set of BBK long tube, full length headers. These premium headers are CAD designed with a one-piece laser cut exhaust flange,...
      $199.99 - $649.99
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      # sp2375
      H-Pipe by BBK®. BBK Performance mid H pipes are specifically designed to be used with BBK full length headers to complete the installation to the cat back exhaust system. All BBK Short mid off road H-pipes feature 2.5” diameter CNC...
      Provides optimal exhaust flow for the most possible increase in horsepower while retaining an exhaust systemH-pipe allows exhaust from both banks to exit using both sides of the exhaust system, for the least restriction and greatest exhaust flow
      $169.99 - $449.99
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      # sp2388
      Gripp™ Triangular Strut Tower Brace by BBK Performance®. Mustangs have been notorious for having front end chassis flex since their debut in 1964. In 1995 Ford decided to help solve the problem on some Mustang models by installing a...
      Eliminates front end chassis flex common to unibody vehicles with Macpherson strut towersKeeps wheels in position for better traction and more precise handling
      $139.99 - $229.99
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      # sp2384
      Aluminum Front Caster / Camber Plate Package by BBK Performance®. These BBK CNC polished billet aluminum caster camber plates will allow you to adjust the Caster (angle of Strut towards the windshield) and Camber (angle of Strut towards...
      Enables alignment to be set for regular street or performance drivingPerfect for correcting the alignment on lowered vehicles
      $219.99 - $299.99
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      # sp2392
      Gripp™ Subframe Connector Kit by BBK Performance®. They are manufactured with super strong boxed steel that will help give your unique vehicle the handling and feel of a full-frame chassis. These new sub frame kits feature 'seat...
      Connects front and rear subframes to increase chassis strength and rigidityKeeps wheels firmly planted for better traction and precise steering
      $119.99 - $159.99
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      # sp2379
      Cold Air Intake Adapter by BBK Performance®. Properly install a cold air intake on your vehicle with this chrome BBK Performance mass air adapter. The BBK Performance mass air adapter allows for the use of a cold air intake on a speed...
      Enables a cold air intake system designed for a mass air meter to be used on a speed density vehicleInstalls in place of the mass air meter
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      # sp2404
      Aluminum Clutch Quadrant And Cable Kit by BBK Performance®. These heavy-duty BBK Adjustable Clutch Cable and Aluminum Quadrant Kits eliminate sticky shifts and hard to find reverse gears. These kits will also work on all stock...
      Allows Precise Clutch AdjustmentA Must With Stock And Heavy Duty Clutches
      $49.99 - $109.99
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      # sp2399
      Blue Anodized Billet Aluminum Fuel Pressure Regulator by BBK Performance®. BBK billet fuel pressure regulators are a great way to tune your vehicle to obtain optimum air / fuel ratios and achieve maximum horsepower. Each fuel pressure...
      Great For Mild To Wild ApplicationsCNC Machined Billet Aluminum
      $69.99 - $129.99
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      # sp2395
      Vari-Time Timing Adjuster Kit by BBK Performance®. This BBK Vari Time adjustable timer is a great way to maximize horsepower and torque potential on your vehicle.
      Allows for easy + or – 10 degrees timing advance or retardPerfect for performance tuning
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      # sp9052
      Power-Plus Series™ Crankshaft Pulley by BBK® Gain 8-15 horsepower in just 30 minutes by bolting on this Underdrive Pulley Kit. It directly replaces your factory pulley, won’t affect your charging or cooling system, and your existing...
      Reduces accessory drag for increased power to the rear wheelsBolt-on replacement for factory pulley, won’t affect charging or cooling system
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      # sp20652
      CNC Series X-Pipe by BBK®. Material: Aluminized Steel. These New BBK High Flow X pipes are designed to eliminate your factory resonators to increase performance and horsepower and as an after-cat product they are smog legal, just like a...
      Provides optimal exhaust flow for the most possible increase in horsepowerLarge diameter tubes are CNC mandrel bent to maintain consistent flow throughout the length of the exhaust
      $169.99 - $479.99
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      # sp17744
      Gripp™ Sway Bar Bushing Kit by BBK®. These self-lubricating graphite impregnated bushings will improve your car’s steering response. They’re designed to replace the soft stock factory rubber bushings that compress excessively and...
      Improves handling and steering responseBetter performance and longevity than rubber bushings
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      # sp22793
      Gripp™ Heavy Duty Performance Bump Steer Upgrade Kit by BBK®. These heavy-duty heim-jointed tie-rod ends will upgrade your steering rack and are a must to eliminate bump steer and enable correct alignment on vehicles with lowering...
      Heavy-duty tie-rod end with heim joint and adjustable height stud provides steering and handling upgradePrevents bump steer and ensures proper alignment on vehicles with lowering springs
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      # sp94152
      Oxygen Sensor Wire Harness Extension Kit by BBK®. Installing Full length, long tube headers will locate the O2 sensors further away from the engine and the factory wire harness. These wire harness extensions will enable the sensors to...
      Enables O2 sensors on full length, long tube headers to be connected to factory wire harnessEliminates the need to fabricate a harness or splice into the factory harness
      $49.99 - $59.99
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      # sp2378
      Premium™ Header Gasket Set by BBK Performance®. These BBK premium quality Header Gasket Sets are designed to give you a quality long lasting seal. Will work on most stock or aftermarket applications.
      Provides a long lasting, leak-proof sealFlexible graphite will conform to surface irregularities and won't stick to headers or cylinder head
      $24.99 - $39.99
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      # sp2385
      Gripp™ Polyurethane Coil Spring Isolators by BBK Performance®. When lowering a vehicle, it is important to also install a set of BBK offset steering rack bushings to eliminate bump steer as well as a low profile pinion snubber bushing...
      Better performance and longevity than rubber isolatorsFirmer construction for less compression and more precise suspension action
      $29.99 - $34.99
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      # sp20674
      Intake Manifold Gasket by BBK®. Professionally developed with a dedicated racer and performance builder in mind, this top-of-the-line exhaust product from BBK is right what the doctor ordered if you crave for supreme performance and...
      Delivers a huge boost in performance and an awesome soundRigorously dyno-tested to provide maximum horsepower and torque gains
      $14.99 - $19.99
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      # sp2391
      Polyurethane Axle Bump Stop Rear by BBK Performance®. These polyurethane rear axle pinion snubber bushings are recommended with our Gripp lowering spring kits as they deliver the proper height for the new lowered stance.
      Prevents excessive rear axle housing torqueIdeal size for use with BBK lowering spring kits
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      # sp2406
      Intake Manifold Spacer by BBK Performance®. Phenolic manifold spacers have also become a popular way of increasing manifold to valve cover clearance to accomodate popular bolt-ons such as performance rocker arms and rocker arm covers.
      Increases intake manifold runner length and reduces heat transfer from the lower to the upper intake manifoldIncreased runner length and reduced air inlet temperature results in 4-7 horsepower increase

    For over 20 years, BBK has been designing and producing OEM quality performance parts exclusively for late model EFI vehicles. While other manufacturers divide their resources, also developing parts for older carbureted vehicles, BBK lives and breathes EFI every day, and this commitment has made them the No. 1 manufacturer of performance parts and accessories for late model American made EFI muscle cars and light trucks.

    Besides their commitment to EFI, since their inception in 1988 BBK has been dedicated to designing and building the best EFI performance products possible right here in the USA. It would have been cheaper to outsource tooling and production overseas, but BBK felt that their customers would be more comfortable with American ingenuity and craftsmanship, creating BBK headers as well as any BBK cold air intake, BBK throttle body and other parts that improve the performance of their late model American muscle cars and light trucks. Today BBK has over 170,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art design, manufacturing, and distribution facilities in California and Florida.

    Every BBK performance part is designed with 3 goals: it must deliver real-world performance gains, meet OEM standards for quality and durability during every day use, and be affordable for the average do-it-yourself enthusiast. The design is then brought to reality by skilled craftsman using the latest equipment. An in-house mold/pattern shop and computer scan tube technology ensure quality every step of the way, and a 1200 horsepower Dynojet dyno facility confirms that BBK parts will perform to expectations.

    BBK made their bones with EFI, and were a pioneer builder of the large bore, high-flow throttle body. Today the company has an extensive line of EFI parts, including performance throttle bodies for all popular applications, intake manifolds, high-flow fuel rails and high-volume fuel pumps, and cold air intake kits. But BBK knows that performance involves more than just more air and fuel, and that it’s not just engine related. BBK performance headers and exhaust pipes utilize the latest technology like equal length header tubes and X-pipes to get the most exhaust flow and horsepower. Corner carvers are well served by BBK’s broad range of suspension and handling upgrades including lowering kits, polyurethane bushings, heavy-duty box section control arms, strut tower braces, and adjustable caster/camber kits.

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    BBK Power Plus Chrome Cold Air Intake
    The chrome intake match's all of the chrome under the hood. It finished the job. Looks great and the engine breaths a little better (added some horses). Installation on my Challenger was a bit tricky. Holes had to be reamed and modified but the whole process took less than an hour.
    Posted by Elijah (Norristown, PA) / September 25, 20172012 Dodge Challenger
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