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Shopping Guide - Steering Wheels

Replacement custom steering wheels are available in wood, leather, foam, and other materials. Whether your wheel has an air bag or not, the choices abound. We also have the installation hardware needed.

A steering wheel is the most tangible connection between you and your driving experience. It's how you feel what's happening on the road with your car, and how you set your course. A steering wheel is also an interior item that catches the attention and eye of passengers over and over because, unlike all other interior components, it's always in motion - gliding between your hands as you navigate the road's twists and turns. Because of its prominent location and visibility, a steering wheel offers a lot of bang for the buck when it comes to heightening an aura of luxury or performance.

Driver Behind Steering Wheel

Because we understand how important a steering wheel can be when creating a vehicle's signature, we offer a line of custom replacement steering wheels with a variety of leather colors, elegant wood patterns, sporty brushed metal looks, and colorful trim. These aftermarket wheels provide a sensory delight for the hands and the eyes that's hard to match - whether the vehicle is parked or transporting you through time and space.

Custom Replacement Steering Wheel With Elegant Wood Pattern

And if you're into racing, you'll particularly appreciate our selection of steering wheels featuring lightweight billet aluminum construction, shapes designed for easy exit, quick-release steering hubs, and more. And if you're looking for a slip-on cover that lets you switch between maximum grip, comfort, and looks in seconds, we've got steering wheel covers you're going to love also.

OMP Racing Steering Wheel

Why Should I Consider Replacing My Steering Wheel?

Natural Materials Are More Satisfying To The Touch

Once upon a time, craftsmen realized that wood, polished metal, and leather made the best and most satisfying steering wheels. Drivers took to them eagerly because they discovered few things feel as good in the hands as natural materials do. Unfortunately, generations of vehicles with hard-touch plastic surfaces have caused us to forget this truth. Aftermarket replacement steering wheels that we offer look and feel right because they are made from these natural materials.

Aftermarket Replacement Steering Wheel Made Of Natural Materials

End Your Dependence On A Worn-Out Steering Wheel

It could be said that we depend on our steering wheels. After all, how would we get around without one? So if your old wheel has become faded, cracked, scratched, or generally brings the value of your vehicle down - break your dependence on it by beginning a more rewarding relationship with a new one.

Damaged OE Steering Wheel vs. Aftermarket Replacement

A Logical Argument - They Boost Overall Vehicle Value

If satisfying the rational side of your brain is a must before making any purchase, then consider that by increasing your vehicle's overall appeal with an upgraded steering wheel, you're also increasing its value. More specifically, a potential buyer will likely appreciate an attractive steering wheel just as much as you do down the road when it comes time to sell your vehicle. This tiebreaker can result in less time on the market and a higher sale price.

Upgraded Steering Wheel

Upgraded Steering Wheels Add Handsome Style and Looks

If you haven't looked at our upgraded steering wheels yet, you're in for a pleasant surprise. We say this because we're confident the first thing you'll notice is the impressive level of fit and finish they exude. Upon realizing the quality level is high, it may be hard to turn away from the handsome styling and looks, which go hand-in-hand with any kind of automotive restoration or improvement project.

A closer examination of the beautiful wood choices, supple leather, and metal creations that could be considered works of art will prove more satisfying than you expected. It's at this point that a logical purchase can become an entirely satisfying emotional one as well. Imagining the sporty feel or luxurious looks the wheel of your choice will create in your own car or truck becomes enjoyable, and thinking about how passengers will react may actually put a smile on your face.

Upgraded Steering Wheel Shown As A Part Of Interior Restoration

I See So Many Great Wheels On The Website. How Can I Narrow My Search?

Once you enter any of our steering wheel sub-sections, you'll see checkboxes along the left hand side of the screen. Selecting one or more of these boxes will narrow down the choices that you see. For example, if you know a particular wheel diameter you wish to look for, there are multiple size measurements to choose from. Under "Dish Depth", there are choices for flat wheels as well as dished wheels with varying degrees of recessed hubs.

Steering Wheels Subsections

"Spoke Quantity" lets you view wheels with 2-, 3-, or 4-spoke designs. And if you want an aggressive-looking wheel but suffer from a cramped passenger compartment, the "Shape" category lets you select D-Shape wheels with a flat shape along the bottom edge for extra leg clearance - a bonus while you're sliding in and out of the seat. "Grip Color" refers to color you may prefer for the wrap material around the wheel rim.

Spoke Quantity Category
Shape Category
Grip Color Category

It's important to note that after you've selected any check boxes, the products you see displayed may feature a main picture that doesn't jive with your search criteria. This is nothing to worry about. Once you enter any of the given product pages presented, you will actually be able to order a wheel that does match your preferred size, color, etc. - just go to the Product Options field.

Steering Wheel Product Options Field

What Do "Universal Fit" And "Vehicle-Specific" Categories Refer To?

In some steering wheel sub-sections, you'll also see Fitment check boxes that give you a choice of universal-fit or vehicle-specific products. "Universal fit" steering wheels are made with a number of vehicles in mind - not just yours. Conversely, "vehicle-specific" wheels are made to fit a specific year, make, and model. Because of manufacturing economies of scale, universal wheels may sell for less than vehicle-specific ones of the same design.

For older vehicles without steering wheel airbags, both universal-fit and vehicle-specific steering wheels will work fine since the method of attachment is very straightforward. Steering wheels that are equipped with airbags (see our Replacement Steering Wheels subsection) must be vehicle-specific, so there are no Fitment selection boxes for such applications.

Universal Fit Steering Wheel
Universal Fit
Vehicle Specific Steering Wheel
Vehicle Specific

Replacement Steering Wheels

If you have a modern vehicle equipped with an airbag in the center of the steering wheel, you'll want to look in our Replacement Steering Wheels subsection. What you'll find there are OEM factory wheels which have been stylishly upgraded with leather, wood, aluminum, carbon fiber, or other components. So if you've always wanted a better-looking version of your factory steering wheel, this is an easy way to do it.

Stylishly Upgraded Replacement Steering Wheel

These remanufactured wheels do not include center airbag assemblies or any switch or button controls mounted on the steering wheel - those will need to be transferred over from your existing wheel. Note that none of the upgraded replacement wheels we sell are heated - so if your vehicle has that feature, it will not work after installing your new one.

Replacement Steering Wheel With No Center Airbag Assembly

Upon ordering a remanufactured wheel that will be put together after your order is submitted, you'll keep the existing steering wheel in your vehicle for the time being. After receiving your replacement steering wheel and installing it, returning your old wheel for a "core charge" refund may be required. See our Core Charges section further below for more details.

Removing your old wheel and swapping on a new one generally takes about an hour. It's a straightforward procedure, providing you have proper tools and manufacturer-supplied instructions for your specific vehicle. Do note that there are very specific instructions with the removal of any air bag. If doing this work yourself, be sure to investigate and follow all safety precautions. However, for your own peace of mind, you may want to bring your wheel to a licensed mechanic to insure the work is properly performed.

Racing Style Steering Wheels

If you've got an older ride and want to replace its plain-Jane steering wheel with one that looks like it belongs in a vehicle built for speed, you'll appreciate the choices we offer in our Racing Steering Wheels sub-section. These are designed to feel good in your hands while enhancing the interior with sporty looks.

We have racy leather-covered steering wheels with larger, more modern-looking center areas. Feel like a steering wheel that looks and feels like the controls of a jet plane videogame controller? We've actually got several styles of those, with simulated carbon fiber accents and a choice of colors on the perimeter grip area. Or, go for a high-tech look that mixes colors with silver accents and black.

Sparco Racing Style Steering Wheel


Do you enjoy the luxurious feel of suede in your hands? We've got suede-wrapped wheels with lightweight aluminum spokes in a selection of anodized finishes. Should you prefer the most plush feel and easy-grip surface for rapid maneuvers, we've got rims wrapped in real Italian "napped" suede. Many of the suede offerings feature colored marks (inspired by pro-touring competition) positioned at top center on the steering wheel to indicate wheel angle. And if you enjoy a fighter pilot style wheel, you'll appreciate one of our suede-covered wheels with the topmost section cut away, giving it the appearance of an airplane yoke!

Momo Suede Covered Steering Wheel

"Custom" Steering Wheels

We've grouped classic-looking steering wheels together with ones featuring uniquely expressive custom designs in our Custom Steering Wheels subsection. These make a perfect finishing touch for any vintage sports car, hot rod, restomod, low rider, or 4x4.

Classic Looking Custom Steering Wheels


There's something classic, sporty, and timeless about an all-metal steering wheel with thin spokes, and we've got a few crafted with a stainless steel rim, spokes, and center area. And if you prefer wheels with black leather wrap around the rim that still exude the unadulterated look of metal underneath, we've got those too. You'll find many lightweight aluminum wheels - many of them manufactured from one single piece of billet aluminum for extremely high strength.

Lightweight All-Metal Steering Wheel

Rubber- and Foam-Wrapped Steering Wheels

Because rubber and foam are extremely grippy materials, steering wheels wrapped with them are the most popular in racing applications everywhere. Plus, they're extremely comfortable to clasp, turn, and rest your hands on while driving. We've got a variety of these wheels with 3- and 4-spoke designs.

Rubber- and Foam- Wrapped Steering Wheels

Wood-Rimmed Steering Wheels

A wood-rimmed steering wheel adds elegance to any vehicle, and we offer a large number of choices. Whether you already have a wood steering wheel that's cracked, discolored, or stained, or want to upgrade to one, it's easier than you think.

Elegant Wood Rimmed Steering Wheel

In our Wood Steering Wheels sub-section, we've got a number of choices with a great deal of artistry designed into the spokes. For example, some wheels have 5 elegantly slim metal bands while others feature round or elongated perforations in the spokes. You'll also find wood rims with spokes that take on a modern look. And for those who appreciate color, there are a few with heat-induced rainbow colorations in the metal.

When looking at your choices of wood rims, you can choose from mahogany, walnut, and various hardwoods. The wood itself may be stained light or dark, and finished in a glossy or satin top coat. Some manufacturers even offer wood wheels color-stained in hues such as blue, red and green.

Wood RIms Choices

Wood steering wheel rims with pressed-in metal studs exude the type of confidence that classic American performance cars were about, and we offer designs that reprise this look without compromise. Some wheel designs celebrate iconic American classics of the 1960s such as the original Ford Mustang and Shelby Cobra, but you don't need to own one to enjoy the aura that's conjured up.

Wood Steering Wheel Rims With Pressed In Metal Studs

What Are Core Charges? How Do They Affect Me When Purchasing A Steering Wheel?

In some cases where a factory remanufactured steering wheel is sent to you, you may see a "core charge" listed. A core charge is an amount of money you provide up front, which is returned or credited back to you when you return your old part. The steering wheel remanufacturing company wants your old wheel as a "core" so they can take your wheel and remanufacture it for the next customer. The core charge is an encouragement for you to return your old part.

Core Change Procedure Scheme

Some words of advice when purchasing remanufactured steering wheels from us:

  • Often, the "core charge" does not appear on the screen until you select the remanufactured part. Be sure to look for this whenever you are considering a remanufactured wheel.
  • Core charges vary from part to part, and from supplier to supplier. It is all driven by the supply and demand for particular items.
  • Some customers mistakenly look at the remanufactured price + core charge, and, seeing that as higher than the "new" price, conclude that the new part is less expensive. This is incorrect! Remember that while you are paying the core charge up front, you will be refunded that money if you meet the core charge conditions.
  • In order to be refunded your core charge, you must return your old steering wheel in rebuildable condition. While most "old" steering wheels are rebuildable, be aware that if the component is cracked, has been in a fire, or is otherwise not able to be reused, the wheel will not be eligible for a core charge refund.
  • The core charge refund is an "all or nothing" proposition. If you have any doubt about qualifying for it, please speak with one of our knowledgeable agents before making your decision.

When there is an applicable core charge, CARiD makes the process as simple and convenient as possible. We will pay for the return shipping when you send your old wheel back. When the new one arrives, print out the shipping label sent to you by email and slip it in the plastic return packing slip envelope included with your new part. Pack up the old wheel in the same box your new one came in, then arrange for a package pick-up.

Girl With Piggy Bank Full Of Saved Money

I Park In The Sun Often. How Can I Keep My Steering Wheel Protected & Cool?

We have steering wheel covers made of terrycloth that stretch over the entire steering wheel (rim AND hub). With a choice of vehicle logos printed on their faces, these covers keep your wheel much cooler while your vehicle's parked in the sun. They are universal fit, and are extremely easy to slip on and off. Do note that these are designed to be used ONLY when your vehicle is stationary - they cannot be left in place while driving. Since they're washable, keeping a terrycloth cover clean and grime-free is easy - especially after a day at the beach when your hands are covered with suntan lotion and sand.

Chevy Steering Wheel Cover

What About Horn Operation?

Steering Wheels With Airbags Re-Use Existing Components

If you're purchasing an entire replacement wheel for a vehicle equipped with a center airbag section that also serves to trigger the vehicle's horn, there's no need to worry. Once you receive your new steering wheel, your existing factory airbag assembly will be transferred over to function exactly as it had before. So your horn will work the same way. If smaller push buttons on the spokes of the steering wheel trigger the vehicle's horn, you will need to transfer them over as well.

Steering Wheels For Vehicles Equipped With Airbags

Non-Airbag Steering Wheels

If you're installing a custom steering wheel on an older vehicle not equipped with an airbag, you'll find most of these steering wheels feature a round cutout in the center area that's designed to mate with a separate horn pad button. These buttons may appear as options in the Product Options field of many custom wheels we sell. We also have an array of them in our Horn Pads section.

This area is well worth a look, because we've got center buttons with interesting colors, designs, and logos to choose from. We don't hesitate to say the right center horn button is the perfect finishing touch to any new steering wheel - adding style and personality that can even equal that of the wheel itself. Note that some steering wheel manufacturers require their own horn buttons to be used.

Non-Airbag Steering Wheels

Is There A Way To Jazz Up My Existing Wheel Without Replacing Anything?

Yes, there is. For this, we recommend any of our snug-fitting, custom Steering Wheel Covers in your choice of leather, velour, foam, and vinyl. Handsome and stylish, they cover just the outer rim to boost the looks of any interior for minimal cost. You may want to consider getting several, so you can change them to fit your mood.

But they're more than just bling. Thanks to modern high-grade materials, steering wheel covers can actually make driving safer and more comfortable - whether you've got a custom steering wheel, or you want to spruce up your OEM one. So if you've got an older wheel that's become worn down and smooth, custom covers provide fresh grip, ensuring optimum control under all driving conditions - especially during sudden emergency maneuvers or off-roading.

Many of our steering wheel covers are made with a layer of memory foam that's springy to the touch. Should you prefer it, we've even got covers made completely of foam. Not only are these types of covers grippier, they serve as shock absorbers to reduce high-frequency vibrations transmitted through the steering wheel. Naturally, this increases driver comfort while reducing fatigue.

If you've got a steering wheel that gets very hot to the touch in warm weather, a cover with a softer outer layer will stay cooler for increased comfort. In cold weather, such covers aren't nearly as cold either!

Camo Steering Wheel Cover


Nothing looks and feels like real leather, and we've got several steering wheel covers which emphasize that. For starters, you'll find a number of leather cover values priced lower than you think. And if you prefer luxury accents, we've even got covers in black or beige with faux wood trim edging, or perforated sides and ribbed top/bottom sections in three solid colors.

If a cover with bright-colored accents and stitching would complement your vehicle, we've got some choices you'll appreciate. There are leather covers available with a choice of various automotive brand or collegiate sports team logos. And if you enjoy performing old-world craftsmanship with your own hands, we've even got leather covers that you sew on yourself. Sewing needles, heavy-duty thread, and instructions are included.

Real Leather Steering Wheel Cover


Thanks to advances in polymer technology and construction, steering covers made of "faux leather" (also known as vinyl) are more attractive and luxurious than ever. Plus, they're great for grip thanks to a choice of stylish ridge patterns or "massage"-oriented ones with soft-studded sections for relaxing pressure relief.

Fans of iconic cartoons will appreciate our lineup of vinyl covers decorated with favorite characters old and new. And if you want to show collegiate pride, we've got vinyl covers with those too.

Bright Vinyl Steering Wheel Cover


Foam covers are hard to beat for grip and comfort, and we've got them in a selection of solid colors. Some are even available with a pair of matching seat belt shoulder pads.

Foam Steering Wheel Cover In Solid Colors

Velour & Sheepskin

For the ultimate in soft touch luxury, we've got all-velour covers that feel just right in your hands. Choose solid colors, bright colorful patterns, or even leopard print.

For those who prefer soft-touch comfort with classic retro charm, we've got real sheepskin cloth steering wheel covers.

Velour & Sheepskin Cloth Steering Wheel Covers Variety

Will I Need Additional Hardware For Installing My New Steering Wheel?

When it comes to bolting your new steering wheel onto the spline at the end of your steering column, you'll need a hub and an adapter piece. Some vehicle-specific kits may include one or both of these components. To bridge the gap, we've got what you need in our Steering Wheel Spacers & Adapters sub-section.

A hub piece is a cylindrical round piece which your steering wheel bolts directly to. The adapter piece sits underneath that, and joins the hub to the steering shaft spline.

In our Spacers & Adapters section, you'll also find a variety of related parts should you need them for installation - such as horn cap mounting assemblies, electrical contact rings, horn adapter kits, and more.

Steering Wheel Spacers / Adapters

Adapters & Spacers

We've got adapter pieces organized to fit various bolt patterns, steering wheel brand manufacturers, and vehicle make/models. You can quickly group these together by selecting the "Adapters" check box.

If you decide your new steering wheel sits too close to the dash, we've got spacers that re-position the mounting point out toward you by several inches or more. Some are even adjustable with multiple sets of mounting holes.

Adjustable Steering Wheel Adapter

Steering Wheel Hubs

Selecting the "Hubs" check box will display vehicle-specific pieces designed for an exact fit on various year, make, & model vehicles ranging from popular classics to more modern rides. Some offer ribbed construction that's designed to collapse during an impact - absorbing shock that would otherwise reach the driver's area. You'll also find a choice of materials including lightweight aluminum, steel, and robust cast iron. Depending the product, a choice of finishes may be available.

Should you prefer a hub that positions the steering wheel closer to the dash, we've got "short" hubs with reduced depth which are ideal for racing applications where additional clearance is needed.

Vehicle Specific Steering Wheel Hub

Quick-Release Steering Wheel Hubs

If you do have a car that's hooked up for the track with a roll cage, racing seats, and other hardware, odds are your seat will necessarily be positioned in a much more forward position. Because there literally may not be room to squeeze in and out past the steering wheel, we offer quick-release steering wheel hubs that let you completely remove the wheel out of the way quickly and easily. To see these, select the "Quick Release Hubs" check box.

Luxurious looks that add class and distinction; real, natural materials that create a sporty feel with increased grip and comfort; the deep-seated satisfaction of knowing your upgrades will last and make your vehicle worth more. These are just some of the benefits that become part of your life once you've installed a new replacement aftermarket steering wheel. They also make a great gift for any automotive enthusiasts in your life. We'd love to hear from you with any product questions, and we're open seven days a week to help you make the most informed purchase possible!

Quick-Release Steering Wheel Hub
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