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Off-Road Fog Lights | When the Road Ends and the Fog Begins

Ideal for plowing and night driving, off-road fog lights offer the distinction of mounting anywhere on your vehicle. Here, we cover LED, halogen, and xenon lights.
Off-Road Fog Lights | When the Road Ends and the Fog Begins

Experienced off-roaders say one of the most valuable things you could have on your vehicle when riding over the trails is a strong set of lights that help you see through the darkness - in any kind of weather. Since the best times of year to enjoy the woods and the trails happen to be the seasons when outside temperatures change drastically from afternoon to evening, fog can arise seemingly out of nowhere with little or no warning. And if it's cold enough, that mist can form ice before you know it.

Riding Through Darkness With Off-Road Lights On
Off-Road Fog Lights Output

Being prepared when the road ends and the fog begins can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding pitfalls that get you stuck, because you'll be prepared for the worst. Basically, an "off-road" fog light offers all the vision-enhancing characteristics traditional fog lights do. But unlike traditional fog lights that are fitted in or below the front bumper area, off-road ones are designed to mount anywhere on your truck - on the roof, hood, A-pillars, or even on the rear.

Experts advise lights that can be reached from the driver's seat without exiting the vehicle provide huge advantages. For example, lights on the A-pillar or roof allow you to aim them when you're in mud or water - or when you're between trees or rocks and cannot open a door, no matter how much you may want to. Instead of guessing what's ahead or lurking off to the sides, you'll be able to see and know for sure. And should you need to winch yourself out of a jam in the dark, having a light you can move around helps you quickly locate a suitable tree for anchoring a winch cable.

Truck With Hooked Up Plow Assembly

Off road fog lights can also be mounted on or above bumper level to serve as backup headlights if you're hooking up a plow assembly to the front of your truck. When you're driving with the plow blade raised, the fact that it blocks your headlights won't matter - just switch on your off-road fog lights. And when you are plowing during a snowstorm, those extra lights let you see curbs and other hazards a lot more clearly. Smashing into unseen barriers causes expensive damage to your plow assembly, and it can even bend the frame of your truck.

In this article, we'll look at off-road fog lights that are designed to mount just about anywhere on your vehicle.

Because we offer a variety of different off-road fog lights, we've set up refined search menu boxes along the left side of the screen on our Off-Road Fog Lights home page. Within that search box, you'll find a series of smaller check boxes that allow you to narrow down your search to specific light output color, bulb type, price range, and even brand name. For example, check "yellow" and you'll see all fog lights with yellow/amber lens covers. If you wanted to see only yellow LED fog lights, then you would also click on the "LED" check box.

If you're unsure of your preferences, you can click on as many check boxes as you like for comparison. Or simply leave all check boxes blank to see everything that's available in the entire section.

LED Off-Road Fog Lights

Off-Road Fog Lights With LED Bulb Type

We've got lots of purpose-built fog lights that contain LEDs (light-emitting diodes) that burn cool, last longer, and produce light that's clean and white-looking. For more specifics on the benefits of LEDs, we invite you to read our related article Automotive LED Lighting Explained.

Lumen Output

Before you browse through our selection of LED off-road fog lights, it's important to know the brightness of LEDs is measured in lumens rather than wattage. Typically, LEDs produce 70 lumens per watt compared to 15 for traditional incandescent bulbs, and 20-25 for xenon bulbs. On many of the product pages for our off-road lights, you'll see lumen ratings.

For starters, we've got the Lumen 6" x 2" Spot LED Fog Light that's a compact, rectangular bar you can mount almost anywhere on your vehicle. Five pencil beam LEDs laid out in a row provide a stylish accent, and an aluminum housing with stainless steel hardware ensures your light will remain corrosion-free for a lifetime.

Lumen 6" x 2" Spot LED Fog Light
The Lumen 6" x 2" Spot LED Fog Light is compact enough to mount anywhere.

Other wide-and-low compact rectangular LED lights include the PIAA RF-Series Short Fog LED Bars available in 6" white, 6" yellow, 10" white, and 10" yellow width configurations. If you prefer a greater width, check out the 18"-wide PIAA RF-Series Medium Fog LED Bars that are available with clear (white) or yellow lens covers.

PIAA RF-Series Wide-And-Low LED Off-Road Light Bar
One example of the PIAA RF-Series wide-and-low LED offroad light bars.

We've also got compact rectangular lights that are almost square in shape, such as the KC Hilites Gravity 3" x 4" Fog Beam LED Lights (set of two) and the Nova-Lux Rectangular Chrome Fog Light which measures 4.5" x 2.5". Additionally, the Nova-Lux Rectangular Black Fog Light with Yellow Removable Lens offers the distinction of an all-black look, with a housing and center reflector assembly finished in black powder coat. The light comes with a removable amber lens cover that lets you switch between white and yellow light.

Nova-Lux Rectangular Chrome Fog Light
The Nova-Lux Rectangular Chrome Fog Light.

Prefer LED off-road lights with a round shape? We've got the J.W. Speaker 6150 Series 4" Round LED Fog Lights that are available in three "color" configurations: a black housing with chrome center reflector, black housing with black reflector, and silver housing with chrome reflector (all produce white light). Also available in a 4-inch diameter are the KC HiLiTES Gravity Round LED Fog Lights available with yellow lens covers individually or as a pair, and clear lens covers with white light individually or as a pair.

JW Speakers 4" Round LED Fog Lights
JW Speakers 4" Round LED Fog Lights, as shown in multiple variations.

PIAA 3.5" Fog LED Lights feature a round shape, 3.5" diameter, and a choice between a clear lens with white light, or a yellow lens cover. These are also available in sets of two for both white and yellow. We've also got PIAA white light round LED fog lights in a smaller 2.75" diameter, sold individually or as a pair. The JcrOffroad LED Fog Light Kit offers a set of two round LED fog lights that are tailored for 2007-present Jeep Wranglers but can be used on any vehicle.

PIAA 3.5" Fog LED Lights
The PIAA 3.5" Fog LED Lights.
Truck-Lite 45 Series Rectangular Red LED Fog Light
The Truck-Lite 45 Series Rectangular Red LED Fog Light.

If LEDs with red lens covers would make the best statement, we've got two from Truck-Lite. In rectangular 3.4" x 5.3" dimensions, there's the 45 Series Rectangular Red LED Fog Light available with installation hardware, or without it. In a round 4.25" diameter, there's the 44 Series Round LED Fog Light Kit. While both of these are intended for the rear, there's no reason you can't use them elsewhere on the vehicle when off-roading.

Halogen Off-Road Fog Lights

Off-Road Fog Lights With Halogen Bulb Type

Like traditional incandescent bulbs, halogen off-road bulbs contain a tungsten filament. However, the inside of the bulb is filled with halogen gas, which slows down the thinning and blackening of the filament itself. Halogen off-road fog lights typically represent solid value, and are suitably durable for use over unpaved roads where rough shocks and pounding are the norm.


When it comes to halogen lights for off-roading, we've got a selection of rectangular ones from Hella. For a larger size, choose the 9.4" x 5.1" white light Jumbo 220 Rectangular Fog Light with mounting point along its bottom or top edges. For amber light, consider the 7.6" x 3.75" 550 Rectangular Yellow Fog Light Kit. In a slightly smaller 6.25" x 3.5" size is the 450 Rectangular Fog Lights with your choice of white or amber light. The 450 white version is also available with a mounting point on its top edge if you wish to hang it off of anything.

Hella Jumbo 220 Rectangular Fog Light
The Hella Jumbo 220 Rectangular Fog Light.
Truck-Lite Rectangular Fog Light
The Truck-Lite Rectangular Fog Light, with rubber housing.

We've also got several rectangular lights from Truck-Lite. There's the 6" x 4" Rectangular Fog Light with black rubber housing for additional shock protection, and the 5" x 3" Signal-Stat Rectangular Fog Light with traditional black plastic housing - both of which produce white light.


We've also got round halogen off-road lights. In 5" diameters, there's the Hella white light FF200 Gray Round Fog Lights Kit which comes with a gray-colored ABS plastic housing that's ready to paint, should you wish to customize the color. The Truck-Lite Yellow Round Fog Light Kit features and amber lens cover with a black steel housing.

Truck-Lite Yellow Round Fog Light Kit
Truck-Lite Yellow Round Fog Light Kit.
Hella Round Fog Light Kit
The Hella Round Fog Light Kit.

In larger varieties, we've got the Hella 6.42" diameter white light Round Fog Light Kit and the 6.375" diameter Truck-Lite Signal-Stat Round Fog Light with black rubber housing and white light.

Round with Stone Guards

We've also got a large selection of round halogen lights from KC Hilites - most of which are either 5" or 6" in diameter. Many come with stylish stone guard protectors that sit on top of the lens cover face - deflecting large rocks that can crack or shatter the glass. Also equipped with stone guard protectors are the 3.9" diameter PIAA 510 Xtreme Series Fog Lights that are available individually, or as a pair. There's the 3.5" diameter Warn Off-Road Fog Light with white light and a guard piece consisting of horizontal lines. In a larger 6.5" diameter size is Warn's W650F Off-Road Fog Light with an amber lens cover (also available as a pair).

KC Hilites Apollo Pro 6" 100W Fog Lights
The KC Hilites Apollo Pro 6" 100W Fog Lights.
Spyder 6.5" Yellow Euro Fog Lights
The Spyder 6.5" Yellow Euro Fog Lights.

And if you prefer a silver finish on both the housing and stone guard piece, check out the Spyder 6.5" Yellow Euro Fog Lights with amber lens cover. PIAA's 6" Ion 520 Series Yellow Fog Lights are available individually, as a pair, or with a chrome-plated housing and guard.

HID Off Road Fog Lights

Off Road Fog Lights With HID Bulb Type

High Intensity Discharge (HID) off-road fog lights substitute the filaments found on traditional incandescent (halogen) bulbs with Xenon gas. An HID bulb contains what is essentially a center "spark plug" which uses a high-voltage charge to ignite the gas and produce an arc of light that's two to three times brighter than a typical halogen bulb.

Rugged Ridge HID/Xenon Fog Lights
Variations of the Rugged Ridge HID/Xenon Fog Lights.

We've got a great selection of HID/Xenon fog lights made by premiere off-road specialists at Rugged Ridge. All are built with internal ballasts for ignition, and all are round in shape with clear glass lenses. As you'd expect when xenon is involved, the quality of the light is clean and white, with a blue tint that radiates a look of high technology. In 5" diameter varieties, there's the 5" Round Black HID Fog Light Kit with black steel housing and the 5" Round HID Fog Light Kit with a black composite housing and red trim ring. If you prefer the look of polished stainless steel, there's the 5" Chrome HID Fog Light. You can also choose the version with black steel housing or stainless steel in 6" diameters, and the composite housing with red trim ring in a 7" diameter.

Off-Road Fog Lights Variety

In closing, off-road fog lights do more than keep you on a well-lit path. With an almost infinite number of mounting positions, they allow you to customize the look of your truck with as much creativity as you wish. We'd say that's more than just function - that's style. We encourage you to contact us with any product questions you may have, because helping you make the most informed purchase is what we're all about.

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