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Door And Lock Motor Parts Restore All Your Power Functions

Power lock components do wear out. Here, we cover OE and add-on door lock switches, relays, actuators, tailgate/trunk actuators, and wiring connectors.
Door And Lock Motor Parts Restore All Your Power Functions

If you are looking at any vehicle built after the year 2000, you will notice it is probably equipped with power locks. This wonderful convenience and safety feature began to catch on as an option after World War II, slowly growing in popularity. Now, it's virtually impossible to order any new vehicle without power locks because they're standard equipment on most new cars and trucks. Like all things automotive, however, components related to power locks wear out and need replacement eventually.

In this article, we'll look at original equipment style replacement door lock control switches, door lock relays, door lock actuators, tailgate/trunk lock actuators, and wiring harness connectors for these pieces.

While your instinct may think they would be listed with door or interior parts, in fact you will find them in the Door & Lock Motors, Switches, Relays electrical section of our website, where everything has been hand-selected by us based on manufacturers' ability to meet stringent quality standards.

If you need similar replacement items for interior functions such as cruise control, lights, seats, mirrors, windows, and more, you'll also find them in our Replacement Electrical Parts section.

Door Lock Control Switches

In addition to wear from constant use, door lock switches are subject to water intrusion whenever doors are opened in the rain - not to mention other liquid spills. And if you have ever had children in the car, you know how they naturally gravitate toward playing (or rough-housing) with lock switches. Sooner or later, the switch button assemblies that control your door locks malfunction and need to be replaced. We have you covered with OEM style replacement door lock. On some vehicles, lock switches are integrated into a larger one-piece assembly that controls windows and other functions.

Door Lock Switch
Minivan With Power Sliding Side Doors

For General Motors vehicles, we have AC Delco replacement switches (all brands from 1982-today, other GM models 1977-96), the Goodmark Body Parts Door Lock Switch (1970-87 Chevy), and the OPGI Door Lock Switch (1978-88 Chevy). Additionally, there's the Dorman Door Lock Switch (1977-present GM, 1980s Fords), the URO Parts Door Lock Switch (2006-12 VW), the Standard Door Lock Switch (1977-present GM, 1990s-present Ford and Chrysler) and Intermotor Door Lock Switch (1987-present Asian & German imports).

Lock Switch Integrated Into Larger Assembly
Some vehicles have lock switches integrated into a larger assembly to control windows and other functions.

Do you have a minivan with power sliding side doors? We have the Standard Power Sliding Door Switch for 1997-later GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Honda minivan models.

Door Lock Relays

Similar to many other automotive electrical functions, door locks that are electronically controlled run their power through a relay switch. These relay switches dedicated to door locks control flow of electricity to door lock actuators, and are usually located in out-of-sight locations such as fuse panels or underhood compartments.

A faulty relay switch can cause all door locks to work intermittently, or not at all. This can make entering your vehicle very difficult if it is a newer style not equipped with traditional door lock cylinders that turn with a key.

Door Lock Relay
Vehicle With Traditional Door Lock Cylinders
If you have a newer vehicle without traditional door lock cylinders, a faulty relay could mean you're locked out completely.

There's no need to risk being locked out any longer, because we have replacement door lock relays from AC Delco (assorted 1987-2008 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep), Standard (1982-2007 GM), Beck Arnley (1980-90 Volvo, GM-built Isuzu & Saabs, Kia Spectra, 1983-on Nissan/Infiniti, late model Hyundai), Kaehler (1985-92 Volvo 700 series), Niles (1987-96 Nissan/Infiniti), and OPGI (1979-88 Chevy). For other vehicles not listed here, we have the universal fit Directed Door Lock Relay Assembly designed for use on any make or model.

Door Lock Actuators

Door lock actuators are the motors mounted inside door panels which lock and unlock vehicle doors upon command by a switch or remote control. Typically, a rod at the end of the actuator extends or retracts - moving the door latch into and out of position, and moving the lock button up and down. A faulty door lock actuator may make unusual gear or motor noises, or it may work erratically - if at all. If you don't mind removing the interior door panel cover and reaching into a tight cubbyhole, door lock actuators are rather straightforward to replace.

Door Lock Actuators

When you are ready to replace a bad door lock actuator, we have a selection of products built to original equipment standards used by various makes and models. For starters, Dorman has the widest selection of Door Lock Actuator Motors for older vehicles from 1977-89 for makes such as GM, Ford, Toyota, Jeep, and AMC. From 1990 through today, choices on the page increase.

Dorman Sliding Door Motor
The Dorman Sliding Door Motor.

For GM vehicles, we have the AC Delco GM Original Equipment Door Lock Actuator (assorted 1988-present GM models) and the OPGI Door Lock Actuator (1978-88 Chevy).

SPAL Automotive Shaved Door Kit
The SPAL Automotive Shaved Door Kit.

There's also the Motorcraft Door Lock Actuator (1980-present Fords), Aisin Door Lock Actuator Motor (1993-present Toyota/Lexus/Scion), Crown Door Lock Actuator (1984-96 Jeep Cherokee, 2001-07 Chrysler minivans), Auto 7 Door Lock Actuator Motors (Kia Sedona minivans), Valeo Door Lock Actuator (1999-2005 VW & Audi), and the Dorman Sliding Door Motor which operates power sliding doors on newer Chrysler and Kia minivans.

Spec-D Power Central Lock Kit
The Spec-D Power Central Lock Kit is one of many kits that convert manual door locks to power operation.

If you don't see your vehicle on the above list, we have the universal fit AutoLoc Door Lock Actuator designed with a narrow shape that can be mounted on any vehicle - even those with tight door frame clearance.

If you have a customized ride with "shaved" door handles that have been removed completely, the universal fit SPAL Automotive Shaved Door Kit includes 2 remotes, a receiver, and 2 powerful solenoids to unlock the doors and kick them open. SPAL Automotive also sells replacement remotes for their shaved door kit should any of them become lost or damaged.

If your vehicle was not originally equipped with power locks, we have lock actuator kits that let you convert your doors to power operation. Choices include the AutoLoc Central Locking System (2007-on Jeep Wrangler 2dr), Crimestopper 2-Wire Door Lock Actuator (universal fit), SPAL Automotive Door Power Lock Kit (universal fit), Audiopipe 4-Door Lock Actuator Kit (universal fit), and the Spec-D Power Central Lock Kit (universal fit).

Tailgate And Trunk Lock Release Actuator Motors

If your vehicle has a power trunklid or tailgate release feature that works at the touch of a button, an actuator motor is what actually does the work of popping the lid open. Typically, these actuators are mounted on the inside edge of the trunk lid or tailgate. On command, they spring into action - unlocking the latch and pushing against the trunk panel striker plate with enough force to get the lid moving upward several inches. Once that occurs, the lid will continue to rise on its own with the help of springs, gas charged struts, or an electric motor.

Tailgate And Trunk Lock Release Actuator Motors

With all the heavy, cumbersome items typically dragged in and out of trunks and cargo areas over a vehicle's lifetime, these release actuators take a physical beating when objects are banged into them. So it's understandable these parts will wear out and fail over time.

If you're facing this issue, we have replacement release actuator motors from Dorman for the following vehicles: 1998-2007 Honda models; Ford brand models from 1980-94, 1990-2005, 1990-2003 (primarily Lincolns), and 1997-today; 1991-2000 Chrysler Minivans/PT Cruisers; 2001-08 Chrysler Minivans & Pacificas; and 1991-2011 GM models.

Wiring Connectors For Power Door Lock Components

Wiring connectors that lead to door lock switches, actuators, and other components sometimes develop corrosion which leads to reduced electrical flow. It's not uncommon for OEM factory coupling pieces to become damaged during routine removal or installation during other repairs as well. To combat this, we offer a selection of replacement wiring connectors.

Wiring Connectors For Power Door Lock Components

For door lock switches, we have replacement connectors from AC Delco (assorted GM from 1990-2002 and 1987-2003), Dorman (2004-2012 GM), OPGI (classic 1958-77 GM), and Standard (wide vehicle range).

For switches and lock actuators, we have the Motorcraft Door Connector for 1990-present Ford vehicles. In the Product Options section of the Motorcraft page, you'll be given the chance to select the applicable connectors you need. There's also a good selection of wiring connectors for door lock actuators from Standard for assorted 1988-on Ford, GM, Nissan, Honda, and Mazda vehicles.

For vehicles with separate control modules for the locking system, see control module wiring connectors from AC Delco (1991-2012 GM) and Dorman (1990-2009 GM). We also have Dorman connectors designed for minivan power sliding door lock actuators and motors.

Lock Actuators And Motors Variety

Whether one power door lock or all four or five are out, you see that we have the replacement parts you need to restore that power function you rely on. If you are handy, you'll save a ton; even if you are using the local repair shop for the work, getting the parts from us can help keep that repair bill to a minimum. After all, we have the "lock" on the power door lock parts business!

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