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If you have ever put your head out the window of a moving car, you've experienced the blast of wind (along with a bug or two) in your face, which is one very good reason why you don't make a frequent habit of doing this. Now imagine the front of your car enduring such punishment, in the sun and the rain, in the heat and the cold, at all road speeds, for hours at a...
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Volkswagen Front-End Bras Reviews
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2014 Volkswagen Beetle
| Posted by | (Highland, CA)

I don't see too many Bra's on cars in my area anymore but I really needed to get something to protect the front of my new car. I commute 140 miles a day round trip to work and the front end of my cars get worn out by gravel, rocks and stones. I've only had this car for a month and already have a ding and a chip on the hood. I was seriously considering a Clear Bra but someone brought something to my attention. There is no cushion protection for the stones or rocks. It may prevent minor chips but when a stone hits your front end at a 100 mph there's no cushion. Also the Clear Bra was going to cost between $520 and $675. I can buy quite a few of these Bra's for that kind of money. So I went for it. The Colgan Bra has an excellent reputation for quality and when it arrived, it did not disappoint. Bra's have improved over the years and I have had many. This one so far is the best. It fits perfectly and it looks great. I have had many compliments about the Bra. As stated in the instructions, lay it out in the sun for about 20 minutes and that makes all the difference in the world during the install. Oh, and by all means, take it off when you wash the car or when it rains.

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