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Colgan Custom is a pioneer in the production of car bras that were, and still are, designed to protect your vehicle from damage. That was the main reason Bill Colgan, "Father of the Car Bra," had in mind when creating the first bra in 1961. The products by LeBra have been going strong for more than 50 years. In 2009, the company was acquired by Covercraft that committed to continuing the tradition of designing and manufacturing A1 bras.

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      $61.14from $48.91 - $174.11
      Full Bra by Colgan Custom®. The bra will cover your large front end and extend up to the bottom of your windshield. Apart from serving as a great protector against road hazards, this vinyl bra also looks outstanding. Colgan Custom...
      # 2289
    • (23 reviews)
      $61.14from $48.91 - $171.58
      Original Bra by Colgan Custom®. Keep your hood always safe from external hazards. This car bra promises a glove-like fit that no other car bra maker can imitate. Not only will this bra protect your vehicle, but it will also look...
      # 2291
    • (8 reviews)
      $61.14from $48.91 - $91.06
      Sport Bra by Colgan Custom®. Give your vehicle the right attitude and a more aggressive look, while shielding its hood from debris and bugs. This vinyl bra is custom-made for your vehicle to serve as the reflection of your true...
      # 2292
    • (5 reviews)
      $61.14from $48.91 - $94.07
      T-Style Bra by Colgan Custom®. Get year-round protection for your hood while adding personality and style to your vehicle. This vinyl bra is sure to fit like a glove, providing worry-free access to your engine. A soft flannel...
      # 2293
    • (4 reviews)
      $61.14from $48.91 - $59.93
      Mirror Bra by Colgan Custom®. At critical areas, prevents wear-thru and protects finish. Strengthens, adds detail and delivers a better body-hugging fit.
      # 2290
    Showing 1-5 of 5 Products

    Colgan has been the first to coin the phrase "car bra." It all began when they created the first front-end covers for the Porsche 356. Bill Colgan and his staff made a total of around 150 covers for Porsche, until they had to discontinue the project because of an overload of upholstery work. Ten years later, the company relocated to Newport Beach, California, where some enthusiastic Porsche drivers asked Colgan to design a bra for the 911 series.

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    Later, Colgan Custom decided to 'cover' other makes. But it wasn't until 1975 that their bras showed signs of interest for anyone other than Porsche owners. Today the manufacturer has many different bras that have no equals when it comes to real front-end protection.

    You are welcome to choose from numerous Colgan bra styles: a 1-Piece/2-Piece Original Bra, 2-Piece Full Bra, T-Style Bra, or Sport Bra - all finished either in black crush embossed vinyl or black carbon fiber embossed vinyl. More than that, we offer you great mirror bras of the same brand: these are designed to protect your side-view mirrors from nicks, chips, and dings, making your vehicle a standout.

    Colgan bras can be called all-rounders because they are equally great in providing superb protection for your vehicle's front and making it look like a million dollars! Whether you're commuting to work or dominating at the racetrack, Colgan has you covered! The bra will give you total coverage where you need it most and guard your vehicle from grit, rock chips, bugs, etc., so you don't have to worry about those annoying little dings and dents anymore.

    Colgan Custom Reviews
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    2014 Volkswagen Beetle
    | Posted by | (Highland, CA)

    I don't see too many Bra's on cars in my area anymore but I really needed to get something to protect the front of my new car. I commute 140 miles a day round trip to work and the front end of my cars get worn out by gravel, rocks and stones. I've only had this car for a month and already have a ding and a chip on the hood. I was seriously considering a Clear Bra but someone brought something to my attention. There is no cushion protection for the stones or rocks. It may prevent minor chips but when a stone hits your front end at a 100 mph there's no cushion. Also the Clear Bra was going to cost between $520 and $675. I can buy quite a few of these Bra's for that kind of money. So I went for it. The Colgan Bra has an excellent reputation for quality and when it arrived, it did not disappoint. Bra's have improved over the years and I have had many. This one so far is the best. It fits perfectly and it looks great. I have had many compliments about the Bra. As stated in the instructions, lay it out in the sun for about 20 minutes and that makes all the difference in the world during the install. Oh, and by all means, take it off when you wash the car or when it rains.

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