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    Designed with regard for quality, value and affordability, Suzuki vehicles provide an enjoyable driving experience. But sooner or later every part will fail and lead to serious failures in vehicle systems that's why it is always very important to properly maintain your vehicle to ensure its smooth and reliable operation. When it comes to the first quality auto repair parts CARiD is second to none, here you will find everything you need to restore your vehicle performance, response and efficiency to a like new condition. If you are looking for premium quality air intake parts, fuel delivery parts, or emission control parts for your Suzuki, you are welcome to choose among an extensive variety of superior auto replacement parts designed by the most respectful brands in the field.

    We store starting and charging parts, engine parts, exhaust parts, steering parts, brake parts, driveline and axles parts complying with the toughest quality and safety standards and featuring reasonable prices and warranties. CARiD is the distributor to trust. If you need to find more information on the product you are interested in, read the reviews left by our customers.

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    Suzuki: Big Plans for the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show
    Suzuki: Big Plans for the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

    Today, Suzuki Motor Co. announced that it will showcase four new vehicles at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. The company plans to unveil two tiny concept cars and a new version of the Swift – the Swift EV.

    The Regina is positioned as the company's vision of the next-generation compact car with upscale fuel efficiency and extremely low emissions level. The fuel efficiency of the car is 75.2 mpg (achieved on the JC08 test cycle), and the emissions level reaches 70 g/km. Featuring weight of around 1,609 lbs, the Regina compact is as light as a minicar. The second concept that will be presented is the Suzuki Q-Concept. Resembling the Nissan’s Pivo Concept, the Q-Concept is positioned in between a car and a motorcycle. Being 98.4'' long and featuring a 2-seat configuration, the concept is as maneuverable a bike and as convenient as a car. Designed for the short-distance journeys, Q-Concept car is perfect for those, whose traveling radius doesn't exceed 6 miles.

    Another debut that is scheduled for the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show is the Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid. It is based on the Japan-made swift car, which was once planned for the US. The car, which follows the Swift Plug-In Hybrid concept, operates like an electric vehicle for commutes of 11.2 miles, and when the battery wears down, a gasoline-powered engine generator will kick in to recharge the battery.

    Suzuki Receives One More Award Due to Kizashi
    Suzuki Receives One More Award Due to Kizashi

    This month the National Survey announced the winners of the 2011 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards. As stated in the report, Suzuki Motor Corporation left the ceremony with the best U.S. mid-sized car award. For the second year in a row the Suzuki Kizashi brings this trophy to its brand.

    More than 260 cars and trucks became the subjects for the survey this year. The annually held research, made by the AutoPacific, is aimed to determine how an owner is satisfied with his or her vehicle. The results of the examination help the customers to make a decision when choosing a new car, truck or SUV.

    While speculations suggest Suzuki is slowly going down with low-volume sales, the auto manufacturer is still on the track. This year Suzuki Motor Corporation introduced the Kizashi Ecocharge and Apex concept models.

    Suzuki-Volkswagen Partnership Develops Slowly
    Suzuki-Volkswagen Partnership Develops Slowly

    It’s been a year since Volkswagen took a 20-percent share in Suzuki, but the partnership, in the true sense of the word, has yet to be established.

    The two automakers represent two different worlds and cultural differences are primarily to blame. However, it’s apparent that Volkswagen and Suzuki have different goals and it will probably take them some time to find some common ground. VW strives to enter the Asian compact-car market, in which Suzuki is a strong contender. Suzuki, in its turn, wants to gain access to VW’s expertise in diesel, hybrid, and electric cars.

    At the moment, Suzuki’s lineup for the U.S. market includes 6 vehicles in the sedan, SUV, and pickup truck categories. Perhaps, the alliance with Volkswagen will allow the Japanese brand to increase its presence in the United States.

    The two companies are reportedly continuing to work together and have plenty of plans and ideas in the pipeline. Whether this cooperation comes to fruition will have to be revealed later.