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Barbecuing has been a time honored tradition for many years. For some people it’s a great time to bring the family and friends together. For others barbecuing is the start of their favorite sports season. Some even utilize the moment to make some money and bring their cooking on the road with them. A trailer hitch mountable barbeque pit is a great way to barbeque while on the road. All you need is the right trailer hitch to mount it onto and you’re well on your way to cooking your favorite meals. Check out the selection of Scion IQ trailer hitches at CARiD to find one that can handle your barbeque and its accessories. If you barbeque as a professional on a day to day basis, or on weekends for camping, then investing in a trailer and hitch is a superb idea. If you don’t have a hitch mounted grill, you can put your regular grill into a small trailer with your food, accessories, supplies, coal or gas and anything else you need.

A dedicated tailgater will have a load of items and equipment that’s carried from location to location or event to event every so often. There are five dedicated classes of trailer hitches that you can choose from when shopping at CARiD. The main difference between each class is the amount of weight that it can hold. For instance, a Class I is a light-weight trailer hitch that can only hold 2000 lbs. A Class II can hold a total of 3500 lbs. The weight capacity of a Class III hitch is 5000 lbs. This is a great trailer hitch for a medium/large trailer. A Class IV can handle a total of up to 10000 lbs and the Class V trailer hitches can haul anything over 10000 lbs. Higher class hitches are better for large and extra large trailers.

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