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Roof Ski & Snowboard Racks

When it's time to hit the snow-covered ski slopes, CARiD offers a wide variety of roof-mounted racks for skis and snowboards created to fit on cross bars and side rails of virtually any vehicle. Stylish looks are ensured with high-quality finishes and designs, and the worry of theft is eliminated with locks for your gear and for the carrier itself. In this section, you'll find roof racks that slide outward for easy access, and much more.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Roof Ski & Snowboard Racks the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Thule, Yakima, SportRack the Roof Ski & Snowboard Racks we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.


When you're planning a snowboarding trip for two, we also offer a roof rack designed to mount two snowboards back-to-back vertically on any round bars or factory cross rails. The clever design takes up a minimal amount of roof space, freeing up a large amount of area for other carriers and gear. Locking arms adjust to fit all board sizes and widths, and soft rubber contact areas grip and hold boards securely without causing damage.

Because it can often be difficult to access center sections of roof racks on some larger sport utility vehicles, CARiD also offers ski racks and snowboard racks that address this problem. Telescoping arms that slide outwards from the roof center to the sides of the car provide easy reach for up to 6 pair of skis or 4 snowboards. Large, easy-to-use knobs allow easy use with gloves on. Four separate locks secure skis or boards to the carrier, and the carrier to the vehicle. Rubber mounting pads grip and hold boards and skis securely without causing stress marks or scratches.

We also offer full-width roof racks with two bars, each equipped with a thick rubber pad running along their full lengths. Rather than fussing with a separate mounting bracket for each individual ski or snow board, you simply open the top bar upward, insert skis or boards anywhere then clamp the top bar down over all of them to secure things in place. Carrying capacity when fully maximized is 6 skis, 4 snowboards, or any combination thereof. Oversized release buttons make the rack easy to use with gloves on, and turnkey locks secure gear in the rack and the rack to your vehicle.

If you prefer inside storage for up to 6 skis or 3 snowboards without actually having to carry them inside your vehicle, we offer a wide variety of enclosed boxes that mount to virtually any roof rack. All of them come equipped with a lock for the box lid, and another lock that prevents the box from being stolen off the roof of your vehicle. An oversized, ergonomic knob is easy to use with gloves on, and high-strength lid lifters make opening a cinch from either side of the vehicle. Whether you prefer a narrower box width for other roof-mounted gear or lower height for better overhead clearance, we offer storage boxes with a wide mix of dimensions to ensure you'll find just the right one. Exteriors are finished stylishly in aerodynamic designs that reduce wind noise and improve fuel economy. When winter is over, interior ski and board holders can be removed to provide a wide open storage area useful for carrying other items.

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Roof Ski & Snowboard Racks Reviews
Average rating: 4.5 4.6 - 11 reviews
| Posted by Keith | (Santa Fe, NM)

Advertised as 4 Pair Ski / 2 Snowboard Carrier, but I'm not sure about the 4 ski part - maybe back in the 90s before parabolic. I'd say 3 pairs of skis (doubled up) & 2 snowboards if you doubled them up. I was able to fit 1 snowboard & 1 pair of skis doubled up. Lock is a little finicky - spent a while before I figured out how to get it to lock - push the top par down till it clicks, then pull towards you to free up the lock so it will turn easily.

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