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Rhino-Rack is one of the world’s leading suppliers of load carrying equipment for the automotive industry. Established in Australia in 1992 to develop a lightweight, heavy-duty roof rack system, today the company is a market leader not only in Australia but also in North, Central, and South America. Rhino-Rack develops roof racks for most motor vehicle manufacturers and their huge line of accessories sets them apart from other brands.

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    • Rhino Rack® Master-Fit Cargo Box
      (1 reviews)
      Master-Fit Cargo Box by Rhino-Rack®. New range of Master-Fit Cargo Boxes have been designed to be safe, solid and also combine styling and aerodynamics for a superior function and fit.
      $595.13from $476.10 - $620.10
      # 2614
    • Rhino-Rack® Roof Mount Cargo Basket
      (4 reviews)
      Roof Mount Cargo Basket by Rhino-Rack®. Designed to transport your cargo, this spacious steel Roof Mounted Cargo Basket is well sized to fit that excess load. Consisting of a 2 piece steel construction, the basket features a black...
      $313.88from $251.10 - $350.10
      # 2617
    • Rhino-Rack® Steel Mesh Basket
      (0 reviews)
      Steel Mesh Basket by Rhino-Rack®. If you're going on a trip or just getting away for the long weekend, a Steel Mesh Basket is a great solution for saving valuable vehicle space while safely and securely transporting your excess...
      $213.75from $171.00 - $270.00
      # 2620
    • Rhino-Rack® Luggage Bags
      (0 reviews)
      Luggage Bags by Rhino-Rack®. The Rhino Luggage Bag is the perfect accessory to complement your luggage tray or steel mesh basket. Designed for harsh conditions, this bag will get your gear to your destination hassle free.
      $268.88from $215.10 - $269.10
      # 2619
    • Rhino-Rack® Alloy Tray Cargo Basket
      (1 reviews)
      Alloy Tray Cargo Basket by Rhino-Rack®. This versatile Alloy Tray Cargo Basket is the perfect addition to a roof rack system. It enables you to carry and easily secure a variety of cargo including luggage and camping equipment, and...
      $448.88from $359.10 - $602.10
      # 2616
    • Rhino-Rack® 2500 Multi Fit Aero Roof Rack System
      (5 reviews)
      2500 Multi Fit Aero Roof Rack System by Rhino-Rack®. Stylish, aerodynamic, fuel saving, extruded aluminum black cross bars mount to UV stabilized glass reinforced nylon legs. Designed for vehicles with a bare roof line (without...
      # 2630
    • Rhino-Rack® 2500 Multi Fit Euro Roof Rack System
      (1 reviews)
      2500 Multi Fit Euro Roof Rack System by Rhino-Rack®. If you’re looking for a less costly way to carry cargo and mount accessories to a vehicle with a bare roof line, you’ve found it right here. This roof rack system combines...
      # 2629
    • Rhino-Rack® 2500 Multi Fit Heavy Duty Roof Rack System
      (0 reviews)
      2500 Multi Fit Heavy Duty Roof Rack System by Rhino-Rack®. If you’re a contractor or inveterate DIYer you need a roof rack system with the versatility to handle cargo like ladders and building materials, as well as other roof...
      # 2628
    • Rhino-Rack® Steel Mesh Platform Rack
      (0 reviews)
      Steel Mesh Platform Rack by Rhino-Rack®. Designed to transport luggage, equipment, camping gear and luggage bags, the Platform Basket provides an ideal solution for transporting excess gear and freeing up much needed cabin space.
      $235.13from $188.10 - $305.10
      # 2621
    • Rhino-Rack® Side Boat Loader
      (1 reviews)
      Side Boat Loader by Rhino-Rack®. The Rhino Rack Side Boat Loader is a revolutionary product designed to take the hard back breaking work out of lifting your small boat on and off your vehicle's roof. The side boat loader is the...
      # 2627
    • Rhino-Rack® J-Style Kayak Carrier
      (5 reviews)
      J-Style Kayak Carrier by Rhino-Rack®. J-style carriers transport your kayak on its side to minimize width and take up less space on the cross bars, allowing other cargo or carriers to be installed on the roof rack. Made of rugged...
      $156.38from $125.10 - $161.10
      # 2618
    • Rhino-Rack® Kayak and Canoe Carrier
      (2 reviews)
      Kayak and Canoe Carrier by Rhino-Rack®. This rear loading watercraft carrier is designed to bear the load of bigger, heavier boats. It features heavy-duty glass reinforced nylon cradles that can be mounted in 2 different positions...
      # 2623
    • Rhino-Rack® Nautic Loading Kayak Carrier
      (2 reviews)
      Nautic Loading Kayak Carrier by Rhino-Rack®. The Kayak and Canoe Carrier is the perfect solution for carrying your Kayak or canoe. The Carrier features flexible soft rubber pads that are specifically designed to fit the contour of...
      $167.63from $134.10 - $143.10
      # 3114
    • Rhino-Rack® T-Load Hitch Mount Kayak and Canoe Carrier
      (1 reviews)
      T-Load Hitch Mount Kayak and Canoe Carrier by Rhino-Rack®. The new Rhino-Rack T-Load Hitch Mount is the perfect solution for loading and securing kayaks onto your roof rack.
      # 2683
    • Rhino-Rack® Heavy Duty Cross Bar
      (0 reviews)
      Heavy Duty Cross Bar by Rhino-Rack®. Heavy Duty range was specifically designed with the professional tradesman and avid 4 wheel driver in mind. The cross bars are extruded structural aluminium, so all heavy duty roof racks are...
      # 2632

    Rhino-Rack’s home base gives them the advantage of being able to develop and test their equipment in the world’s most demanding laboratory: the great Australian outback. The harsh conditions experienced there will reveal weaknesses in any equipment, so Rhino-Rack uses only the toughest materials in the construction of their products; materials that have proven to be unaffected by extreme temperature variations, intense sunlight or tropical downpours.

    Regardless of your type of vehicle, Rhino-Rack has a roof rack system for you, with rack legs to fit bare roof lines, gutters, flush or raised factory roof rails, adjustable roof tracks, fixed pad mounts, even systems specifically designed for bed caps and hardshell tonneau covers. The cross bar selection includes the Aero and Sportz bars, shaped to complement sleek vehicle lines, and the Heavy-Duty bars, specifically designed for tradesmen and 4WD enthusiasts.

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    With such a large selection of roof rack accessories, Rhino-Rack has something for everyone. If you’re a traveler and need extra carrying capacity, Rhino-Rack offers Master-Fit cargo boxes for easy loading, safe, secure, and enclosed cargo transport. Or choose from an assortment of alloy trays and platforms and steel trays, mesh baskets and platforms in a wide variety of sizes, which will allow you to take all your gear with you.

    • Rhino-Rack® - Master-Fit Cargo Box Black
    • Rhino-Rack® - Master-Fit Cargo Box Silver
    • Rhino-Rack® - Master-Fit Aero Roof Rack System Silver Bars
    • Rhino-Rack® - J-Style Kayak Carrier
    • Rhino-Rack® - Universal Side Loader
    • Rhino-Rack® - Road Warrior Bike Carrier
    • Rhino-Rack® - Tie Down Camloc Straps
    • Rhino-Rack® - Master-Fit Cargo Box Black
    • Rhino-Rack® - J-Style Kayak Carrier
    • Rhino-Rack® - Master Fit Luggage Box
    • Rhino-Rack® - Fixed J Style Kayak Carrier
    • Rhino-Rack® - Sunseeker Awning

    Unlike some roof rack manufacturers that concentrate only on the recreational market, Rhino-Rack hasn’t forgotten the tradesman who depends on his roof rack to transport the tools and equipment with which he makes his living. The company has a long history of developing and manufacturing world class ladder rack systems and has an extensive selection of equipment carrying accessories, particularly for ladders.

    Australians have a reputation for enjoying the outdoors, and to that end Rhino-Rack developed the clever and ingenious roof rack mounted Foxwing and Sunseeker awnings, both of which can be set up in minutes by one person to create an instant oasis right at the side of your vehicle. The Rhino-Rack roof rack mounted awnings allow you to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer without the downside of sunburn or getting soaked from a passing shower. In fact, with awning accessories like extensions, the Tagalong Tent, and Mesh Room, you can create a complete camp site, tailgating banquet hall, or flea market vendor stand in very little time.

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    2008 Honda Fit | Posted by Alexis | (Austin, TX)

    I love this roof rack. I got it for my 2008 Honda Fit and it looks amazing. Most everything came pre-assembled except for the clamps, which are made for my car make/model, and the install took less than 15 minutes. Thanks for the awesome roof rack!

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