Renault Modus Car Covers

About Renault Modus Car Covers

The Renault Modus is an exciting car to drive especially around the city. It is easy to handle and has ability to maneuver around tight spots. The interior is spacious and comfortable, designed to give the occupants the ride of a lifetime. It would be a pity however if its beautiful exterior would one day become a drab structure hobbling about in the streets. That is the reason why car covers from CARiD are indispensable for the cars wellbeing. Car covers from CARiD are made from top grade materials to guarantee superior service and protection. They are multilayered with a fleece like material to prevent ripping and tearing of the cover. In addition, these car covers manufacturers use full-length fabrics to eliminate the risk of leakage. To reinforce it further, a double seam is incorporated to avoid leakage in case the main seam fails to hold. Some companies prefer the use of chopped up materials. However, this option dramatically increases the risk of leakage occurring while also giving your car cover a patchwork facade.

Renault Modus car covers implement CAD modeling and are built to match the specific make, model and year of manufacture. The precise fitment of the car’s bodywork is similar to a gloved hand. The cover also safeguards your car from theft. You see, car thieves prefer to make a quick job of breaking into your car and getting away fast. The precise fitment does not allow the fast removal of car covers thereby increasing the risk of exposure and detection. This makes crooks shun vehicles spotting car covers. Other non-cover products stocked by CARiD include a lock and cable kit to prevent the removal of the car cover without your consent or presence. In addition, a pair of custom-made mirror pockets safeguards your side mirrors from damage caused by tree sap, bird droppings and theft.

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