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    A luxury and exclusive car like Lincoln should be meticulously kept in a good shape. Having long and rich history, Lincoln cars deserve only premium quality parts that ensure extended durability. At CARiD you will find a significant selection of Lincoln parts from international brands. No matter if you want to replace emission control parts, fuel delivery components or engine cooling parts, you will find exactly what you need to restore your vehicle to the original condition.

    CARiD offers you a wide assortment of Lincoln repair parts, and affordable price will be a great benefit if you take an advantage of our service. Whatever aftermarket Lincoln parts you choose, you will certainly enjoy their superior quality and perfect durability that will extend your next replacement job interval. You will restore your vehicle's performance to the same condition you got used to with our best selection of quality repair parts including suspension parts, steering parts, electrical parts and much, much more. Also you can find an excellent assortment of oils, liquids, and lubricants for maintenance to keep the Lincoln parts in a proper condition.

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    Lincoln's Small Car Returns
    Lincoln's Small Car Returns

    When concept is revealed, people usually wait for its production, but when the source announces that the showcar won't be produced, the majority decides the car's killed.

    This is exactly what happened to Lincoln Concept C, previously shown at the Detroit Auto Show in 2009.

    While Ford Inside News stated that the concept was cut, the model was never confirmed to be in production though. The truth is that Lincoln's three-year plan embraces seven all-new or in other words considerably updated models, one of which sports a tiny footprint.

    Apart from reworking a sedan/hatch based on the Ford Focus platform, Lincoln is trying to move away from the badge-engineering game. The earlier announced C-segment entrant will be apparently compact CUV which shares the new Escape plaform featuring a redesigned stance along with different seating setup.

    Lincoln Will Receive $1 Billion as "Last Chance" from Ford
    Lincoln Will Receive $1 Billion as "Last Chance" from Ford

    Lincoln is given a last chance. Fortunately, the luxury brand will have one more possibility to survive. Ford has said that the company is going to invest $1 billion in the new Lincoln's vehicles by 2014. This announcement was made by the executives of the Blue Oval during the annual meeting with the dealers, held in Detroit.

    The premium marque is suffering from the low-volume sales. Last year 85,828 customers decided to buy Lincolns in the United States. These figures disappoint as the other brands demonstrate strong sales growth. For comparison, the German automaker sold more than 100,000 of its BMW 3-Series during the same period. During the first half of 2011 the Lincoln managed to deliver about 35,000 cars to their owners.

    It is said that the brand plans to put seven new models on the track by 2015. According to the preliminary estimation, the upcoming vehicles are to rise the sales figures up to 162,000 units per year. As a part of this plan, recently Ford has requested the Lincoln's dealers to spend $1 million each for renovation of their showrooms. The renewed dealerships should be ready till the end of the next year.

    Lincoln Is Going to Create An Absolutely New Car
    Lincoln Is Going to Create An Absolutely New Car

    There are rumors spreading that a well known American car maker Lincoln is planning to make a sports car. Everyone in America knows Lincoln for its huge luxury sedans and SUVs. The company has it all to get into another, relatively new for the company itself, car market segment such as performance luxury cars.

    Obviously Lincoln's plan is to get into a struggle with such dominators in this particular market segment as BMW, Audi, Infinity and Mercedes-Benz. It is assumed that the car maker is going to produce a light two-seat, mid-engined car with V6 supercharged or naturally aspirated V8 engine.

    During the next three years it is expected that Lincoln is going to present about seven new and renewed cars. If the development of this new luxury performance car is true then Lincoln will make a significant step forward and break the existing stereotype of likeness with Ford. At the same time if this new sports car gets successful, Lincoln is definitely going to attract new target audience and at the same time catch up with the leading competitors.