Lexus LX Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers

Your LX is the perfect vehicle for almost any lifestyle because it has the luxury and comfort expected from a Lexus and the ability to tackle almost any terrain you can think of. There is nothing better than climbing into it and driving it out into the wilderness for a great vacation but this can lead to the problem of running out of storage space. Thankfully, that problem can be dealt with because we have the right Lexus LX rooftop storage solutions to suit your individual lifestyle.

Your roof is a great place to put extra storage place because it’s an open area of metal that just needs the right equipment to convert it into the perfect place to carry everything you need. We have everything you need for your individual application like the specialized carriers that make it easy to transport your bikes, kayaks and other equipment or the box carriers that allow you to add a second trunk to your vehicle. We have everything you need to get the set up that works perfectly for your lifestyle and we have it all at lower prices than you’re expecting!