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    In the United States the South Korean automaker Kia has been best-known for its Sportage compact SUVs. The Kia Motors first introduced the subcompact sedan Sephia to the American automotive market. Moreover, the Kia Sephia became the first passenger vehicle sold in the United States under the Kia name. The compact car was marketed in different countries under various nameplates. In some automotive markets it was known as sedan Mentor or hatchback Shuma, while in others it was sold under Brisa name. The name "Sephia" is the first letters combination of the following words:style, elegant, powerful, hi-tech, ideal, auto. The Kia Sephia was produced by Kia Motors in 1994-2001 and rivaled the Saturn sedan, Geo Prizm and Honda Civic.

    In Korea the Kia Sephia made its debut in 1992, nevertheless in the United States the Sephia sales began since 1994 and only in 11 western states. The first generation Kia Sephia vehicles were built on the 6th generation Mazda Familia. The front-drive sedan came with 1.6-litre I4 engine producing 105 hp and standard five-speed manual transmission. Electronic four-speed automatic transmission was optional. In view of the fact that the Kia Sephia was not provided with the correct safety equipment as per the safety regulations, this generation could not be legally imported to Canada until 1999. The American version was not equipped with antilock braking and airbags, however the vehicle met the federal safety requirements with door-mounted automatic front shoulder seat belts. In 1995 the Kia Sephia was offered in base RS, mid-level LS, and top-line GS trims. The 1.6-liter engine was available only on the base RS models in California market. All other models received a 122 hp 1.8-liter DOHC I4 engine. The vehicle came with such restyled Kia parts, as grilles, front ends and taillights. The antilock braking and standard dual airbags were offered instead of the original motorized front belts. The Kia Sephia was on sale in 20 western and southern states.

    The second generation Kia Sephia came completely redesigned with Mazda help.The Kia's new subcompact sedan received new colors and interior trim. The Kia Sephia was offered in three models: Base, LS, and the LS with a power package. All models, except the base RS models in the California market, were powered with 1.8-liter I4 engine. The standard equipment included power steering, power windows and locks, split folded rear seat, and air conditioning. In 2000 Kia introduced the Spectra as a a hatchback version of the Sephia. After 2001 the Sephia name was no longer in use in the North American market . The sedan was now called Kia Spectra.

    One of Kia's original introductions to a broad market, the Sephia has managed to stay in the game and provide dependability and comfort to a large grouping of drivers. There is not a lot to shake a stick at with this model, as the Sephia oozes interior parts with unique styling that was ahead of its time when it first arrived. A pleasurable cruiser, this compact sedan performs with a nice humming sensibility. It can also handle well in a pinch, which is why they are still a presence on roads everywhere.

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    The 2000 Kia Sephia: from Rust to Lust
    The 2000 Kia Sephia: from Rust to Lust

    You know the story: they don't promote do-it-yourself projects because the more enthusiasts we have and the more how-to's are published, the less money the professional installers get. Still virtually all those who have body shops today started as DIYers. Here's another DIY project you can enjoy. Lovingly customized, this 2000 Kia Sephia won about 30 trophies, including NOPI and NHRA National's.

    All the work was done by the owner who is (surprise-surprise) a girl. The engine and exhaust mods include front strut bar from Mazda, Thrush Turbo muffler, custom 3'' Ractive intake coated Yellow, Power Flux 2 pieces intake manifold, Bosch platinum spark plugs, Exedy Stage 1 Racing Clutch, and KFX 4-1 header. The exterior modifications are custom-made body kit by Innovative Design, Celica GT wing, 2-tone custom body paint, 6000K HID Kit, white LEDs on the license plate area, St. Stylez custom license plate, underbody red LED lights, and clear headlights. Surely the compact car got a lot of interior modifications, e.g., clear gauges with red LEDs, custom paint cluster and needles, CF racing seats, 4-point seat belt harness, reactive E-brake and pedals, and CF headliner. Unfortunately, the owner refused to reveal all the secrets, so list of modifications is more than incomplete.