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    If you’ve ever wrestled with the soft top on a CJ7 or Wrangler trying to put it up as rain drenched your interior, you know how unpleasant wet seats can be. And how they can end up stained and moldy-smelling afterwards no matter what you do to avoid it. Form-fitting seat covers from CARiD made of water-resistant neoprene are available in your choice of solid or accented colors, and will protect your seats from weather, mud, and other perils. If they become wet, simply remove them and they will dry quickly. If you bring pets with you in your Jeep, a full line of thick, padded nylon seat protectors is specially designed to grip your seats and protect them while providing your pet maximum comfort.

    Advanced materials shaped with computer-aided design allow these modern covers to look good while staying tightly fitted to your seats under heavy use. Passengers may not notice they are add-ons, and you may even forget yourself. Installation is easy and requires no special operations. Whether you want to protect all three rows of seats in your Commander from ice cream spills, spruce up the look of your classic Cherokee, amp up the color inside your Liberty, Patriot, or Compass, or add luxurious flavor to your new Grand Cherokee, CARiD has a selection of seat covers in neoprene, leatherette, suede, and polycotton. As well, seat covers with carbon fiber trim pattern complement the black-on-gray look of any SRT8 Grand Cherokee particularly well for a racetrack inspired look.

    Seat covers are a perfect add-on that will improve both protection and appearance of you vehicle. We offered an exquisite collection of color and material options, so that you can find a set of seat covers that will suit your preferences and needs. A variety of novelty patterns and innovative features makes the choice more diverse and challenging. As you see, installation of seat covers is a no-brainer. Check over 67 seat cover reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the accessory that will brighten up the interior of your vehicle.

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    Customer Reviews
    2013 Jeep Compass
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    "So far, they are great. Easy to take off when you want your car seats to show. They keep your seats really clean and are easy to wash and put back on."

    2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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    "These are OK seat protectors if you're dirty or need it on a temporary basis. They will drive you nuts rearranging them every time you get in and out of the vehicle. They look great, but I'm going to use them for temporary purposes only. There really isn't anything available yet for complete coverage, these will have do until then."

    2008 Jeep Commander
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    "Good fit. Easy to understand but hard to fit at times. Would be easier if you had a tool that could push the fabric through the seats. Fits good. Very thick material. I ordered the leatherette. Because of the thickness, seems more plastic than other leatherette seats I've seen. Overall good though."

    2012 Jeep Compass
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    "Very easy to install and they fit really snug and look great. I install these on a 2013 Jeep Compass even though the description says up to 2012. They fit great."

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    "These seat covers are exactly what we needed to protect our seats after workouts at the gym. They are easy to put on and take off and can be thrown in the washing machine as needed. There cost is a little high for what is essentially a towel, but they have a stylish look that makes the cost acceptable. "