Infiniti EX Sun Shades

About Infiniti EX Sun Shades

What does it feel like when you have to get into your car after it has been parked in the street for several hours on a hot summer day? It is similar to being placed into preheated oven. The sweat runs down your back, the clothes stick to your body, you become nervous and can’t concentrate on the road. The interior parts suffer from high temperatures as well. The plastic surfaces emit dangerous chemicals that pollute the windshield; the rubber, wooden and vinyl items lose the bright colors and get covered in cracks. The motorists who appreciate their vehicles take measures to prevent the listed consequences by attaching an Infiniti EX sun shade to their windshield.

The accessory fits perfectly in its place as the sun shades are custom made for each particular vehicle. The Velcro strip allows you to easily store the item rolled up in the trunk. The sun shades consist of three layers; each of them performs a certain function, all of them together form an impenetrable barrier for the ultraviolet rays. We offer the products designed by the brands that are well known throughout the world for their top quality accessories - Coverking, Intro-Tech Automotive, Covercraft, etc. Take a step towards comfortable driving experience with!

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We know you've seen this: you have walked through a crowded parking lot at the mall or the beach during the summer, and you've spotted the flimsy cardboard windshield shade that has an illustration of a pair of sunglasses on it. On the reverse side is the word "HELP", as if you have time to set the shade in place while you're in the middle of your emergency. We are...