Infiniti EX Dash Covers

About Infiniti EX Dash Covers

Because the Infinity EX is a relatively new model of vehicle, your dash is probably still in good shape. If you’ve noticed a glare coming off your windshield on bright and sunny days you may not have attributed it to your dash, but in fact this glare is caused by the sun reflecting off your dashboard and into your eyes. So why not invest in one of our many dashboard covers to not only protect your dash from fading, but also to protect your eyes and possibly prevent an accident?

We have so many different colors and patterns to choose from that you should have no problem choosing the right one for yourself, and even if you do we’re able to customize a dash cover to suit anyone’s individual needs. If you’d like, we can even embroider something on your new dash cover to ensure that it really is one of a kind. We give you four different kinds of fabrics to choose from as well so you can choose just how classy you want your dash cover to be. With all the selection we offer, the possibilities are nearly endless!

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