Ford Taurus Hoods

    About Ford Taurus Auto Body Hoods

    Just like everything else on this Earth, the automobile hood has its own place and its own function. It is located at the very front of the vehicle, over the engine. This position lets the hood fulfill its main purpose – protecting the engine from the rain, hail, and other harmful outside elements. Although these elements may not sound dangerous, they could do irreparable damage to the engine and its neighboring components. Thus, if a hood loses its shape and is unable to provide the engine with the protection it deserves, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

    You will find many exceptional Ford Taurus hoods on display in our internet store. You can pick one and purchase it without any fear of buying a low-quality product. The hoods we have in stock are all top-quality hoods. They have been manufactured by such world-renowned brands as Rugged ridge, Replace, Omix-Ada, and Goodmark. These companies know how to build their hoods and how to make them durable and reliable.

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    Ford Taurus was available in the following models:
    Police Interceptor Sedan • Taurus • Taurus X and submodels: Base • GL • L • LX • MT5 • SHO • SE • G • SE Comfort • SEL • SES • SVG • Limited • Eddie Bauer