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The Dodge Stealth is a quick and nimble 2-door sports car manufactured from 1991 to 1996. It offers precision car control and can go through sharp corners without any problem. It is possible due to a well-engineered steering system of the car. This system has to be maintained properly, no matter how good it is designed to be. The steering system includes many interacting components which wear out after a long term of service. Defective steering parts can make your car less responsive and can be the reason of a car accident.

Our store provides a great selection of Dodge Stealth replacement steering parts. Here you can find everything you may need for the Dodge Stealth, including rack and pinion assemblies, rack and pinion bellow kits, tie rod ends, power steering pumps, return line hose assemblies, and many more. In our store, we maintain an optimal balance between a great price and fine quality. We understand how important quality parts are for reliable car operation, so we work with world-leading manufacturers that stand behind their products. With our parts, you can preserve the spirit of the Dodge Stealth, take care of it and make it run perfectly again.

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Automotive Terminology can throw you a curve ball, when you hear certain terms which might be used interchangeably, or may indicate different systems used on different cars. Take steering: perhaps your uncle said that the steering box on his truck is worn and needs replacement, then your brother said that his steering rack is leaking and needs replacement.
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