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    The CG Rating for Dodge Stealth
    The CG Rating for Dodge Stealth

    When people hear "Dodge," they mostly think of either tire-melting muscle cars or Grandma's '73 Dart with a 318 V8, but only a few think of all-wheel drive sport coupe featuring twin-turbo V6. In reality there was such a car, called Dodge Stealth. Due to Dodge's partnership with Mitsubishi, the automaker presented the Stealth sport coupe, available as front- or all-wheel drive, which carried engines ranging from a mild 164-horsepower V6 to a twin-turbo version. With base, ES, and R/T models being front-drive, the base Stealth received a 164-hp engine and a dual overhead-cam variant making 222-hp went to the ES and R/T models.

    According to Consumer Guide's road test, the R/T Turbo is exceedingly fast and base or ES Stealth make more sense for most drivers. Having evaluated every feature of 1991-1996 Dodge Stealth, Consumer Guide's road test highlighted the model's performance with pros and cons.

    Basing on this, front-drive Stealths run quieter, suffering only minimal torque steer. While the optional automatic transmission unfortunately keeps the engine from revving high enough, its turbo gas mileage is marginal, which is not a bad thing for a vehicle with such a strong performance. While the Stealth's cockpit is rather small, the elbow room is greater compared to a Talon or Eclipse. Nevertheless, its rear seats are next to useless and cargo space is restricted. As for bonuses, it's the all-wheel drive on the R/T Turbo when it comes to wet pavement. With Consumer Guide's ten key areas, Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo received the following rating: 8 points out of 10 in performance category, 3 points in fuel economy category, 2 points in ride quality category, 7 points in Steering/Handling/Braking, 3 points in Quietness, 3 points in Controls/Materials, 4 points in Interior Room, 1 point in Room/Comfort (rear), 2 points in Cargo Capacity category, and at last 4 points in Value within Class category.