Dodge Ram Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers

Are you planning to use your Dodge for a road trip, family vacation, house move or any other occasion where you could use some extra luggage or cargo space on your Dodge Ram? Or do you need some extra space every day, for carrying your surf board, work equipment or other gear? Whatever your reason for wanting to install a practical, durable Dodge Ram cargo carrier or a sturdy Dodge Ram roof rack, we have a wide range for you to choose from here at CARiD.

We have Dodge Ram roof racks and cargo carriers from the best known and most sought after names in the industry, like Thule, Curt and Weathertech, and we offer them at some of the best prices you'll find on the web. This means that if you want the reliability of a tough, protective and fantastic looking Dodge Ram roof rack or cargo carrier you should place your order here at CARiD now. We combine our great product range for your Dodge Ram and our superb prices with incredible customer service and speedy delivery, so don't wait – get your new Dodge Ram roof racks and cargo carriers here at CARiD now!

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    • Thule® Hyper™ XL Cargo Box
      (2 reviews)
      # 2232
      Hyper™ XL Cargo Box by Thule®. The Hyper is Thule's top of the line, premium cargo box. It's the perfect combination of style, protection, and quality. The Hyper is loaded with features to make transporting your gear easy, safe,...
    • Yakima® PowderHound Roof Ski and Snowboard Racks
      (1 reviews)
      # 3141
      PowderHound Roof Ski and Snowboard Racks by Yakima®. Save your money for lift tickets. These affordable carriers are available in models that will carry up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards, or up to 6 pairs of skis or 4...
      $89.00 - $209.00
    • Thule® Sidearm Roof Bike Rack
      (0 reviews)
      # 773
      Sidearm Roof Bike Rack by Thule®. Many of today's expensive high-tech bikes feature frames made from exotic materials like carbon fiber, which can be easily damaged if mishandled. The Sidearm bike rack holds the bike by the front...
    • Thule® Pulse Cargo Box
      (2 reviews)
      # 1934
      Pulse Cargo Box by Thule®. Pulse Cargo Boxes give you the extra space you need at a great value. The Easy-Grip mounting system enables you to attach the carrier to Thule Rack Systems, round bars, and most factory racks in about 10...
      $399.95 - $479.95
    • Rhino-Rack® Luggage Bags
      (0 reviews)
      # 2619
      Luggage Bags by Rhino-Rack®. The Rhino Luggage Bag is the perfect accessory to complement your luggage tray or steel mesh basket. Designed for harsh conditions, this bag will get your gear to your destination hassle free.
      $215.10 - $269.10
    • Thule® Sonic Cargo Box
      (2 reviews)
      # 1932
      Sonic Cargo Box by Thule®. The Sonic is Thule's versatile series of aerodynamic cargo boxes, with a size and color to suit every need and taste. The Sonic boxes are finished in your choice of metallic black or metallic silver. The...
      $549.95 - $699.95
    • Yakima® Whispbar™ WB300 Ski and Snowboard Rack
      (1 reviews)
      # 3140
      Whispbar™ WB300 Ski and Snowboard Rack by Yakima®. For a ski and snowboard carrier with unrivaled looks and features that can’t be beat, look no further than the Whispbar WB300. The sleek, low-profile shape and anodized...
      $90.00 - $459.00
    • Thule® Pull Top Ski and Snowboard Rack
      (1 reviews)
      # 774
      Pull Top Ski and Snowboard Rack by Thule®. The Pull Top is Thule's top of the line ski and snowboard carrier. The combination of easy, fast installation with Thule's exclusive Speed-Link™ mounting system and telescoping arms that...
    • Yakima® Whispbar™ Through Bars
      (2 reviews)
      # 3876
      Whispbar™ Through Bars by Yakima®. If you're looking for more cargo carrying capacity than the Whispbar Flush Bars can provide, these Through bars are what you need. Unlike the Flush bars, these cross bars extend past the rack...
      $429.00 - $459.00
    • Yakima® FrontLoader Roof Bike Rack
      (2 reviews)
      # 3135
      FrontLoader Roof Bike Rack by Yakima®. This versatile carrier may be the easiest to install and load bike rack yet devised. The simple to operate built-in clamps attach to round, square, factory, and aero crossbars, with no tools...
    • Yakima® SkyBox LoPro Roof Cargo Box
      (2 reviews)
      # 3110
      SkyBox LoPro Roof Cargo Box by Yakim®. 92"L x 36"W x 11.5"H, 15 cu. ft. capacity. Get your gear out of the inside of your vehicle and up on the roof rack, so you can carry more passengers (or more gear). The SkyBox LoPro Cargo Box...
    • Rhino-Rack® 2500 Multi Fit Aero Roof Rack System
      (5 reviews)
      # 2630
      2500 Multi Fit Aero Roof Rack System by Rhino-Rack®. Stylish, aerodynamic, fuel saving, extruded aluminum black cross bars mount to UV stabilized glass reinforced nylon legs. Designed for vehicles with a bare roof line (without...
    • Yakima® Round Crossbars
      (2 reviews)
      # 3883
      Round Crossbars by Yakima®. These rugged high-density polyethylene coated, galvanized steel crossbars attach to the roof mounted towers and support roof rack mounted accessories like bike racks, watersport racks, ski & snowboard...
      $89.00 - $209.00
    • Thule® Hullavator Lift-Assist Kayak Carrier
      (0 reviews)
      # 827
      Hullavator Lift-Assist Kayak Carrier by Thule®. The Hullavator is Thule's premium lift-assist kayak carrier. It enables one person to load the carrier from the side of the vehicle at waist level, and the gas-assist struts lift up...
    • Yakima® SkyBox Roof Cargo Box
      (2 reviews)
      # 3111
      SkyBox Roof Cargo Box by Yakima®. Get your gear out of the inside of your vehicle and up on the roof rack, so you can carry more passengers (or more gear). This premium carrier, delivering security and protection for your gear with...
      $549.00 - $699.00

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    Dodge Ram Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers Reviews
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    2014 Dodge Ram | Posted by James | (Hamilton, GA)

    Looks good, very easy to install may have took 15min. Just wish it came with load stops.

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