Chevy Corvette Body Kits

The Chevy Corvette is a vehicle that demands respect because of its comfort and power and if you’re lucky enough to own one then you know that part of that respect means keeping it looking perfect. Of course, you also want to apply the right changes to your Corvette so that it stands out from the crowd and truly represents you as your individual Corvette which is why we have a range of visual upgrades. They cost less than you might expect and they can give you stunning visual improvements!

One of the most important areas of your vehicle is the exterior and our Chevy Corvette custom body kits are the perfect way to make sure that it looks as good as it possibly can. We have basic additions that can subtly change your vehicle so that you improve it without changing it too much and we have more stunning kits that can make it look completely different from any other Corvette on the road. We have the right brands so that you get the quality that you demand and once you have the right combination you’ll never want to drive a standard car again!

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    • Duraflex® Body Kit
      (267 reviews)
      Body Kit by Duraflex®. Have your own ideas about how your car should look like? Add style and performance to your car with this superior body kit. This kit offers breathtaking style and improved aerodynamics in one package at a...
      $25.88from $20.70 - $5,933.70
      # 334
    • Carbon Creations® Carbon Fiber Body Kit
      (1 reviews)
      Carbon Fiber Body Kit by Carbon Creations®. This kit includes Front Bumper Cover, Rear Add On Bumper Extensions, Side Skirts, Rear Wing Trunk Lid Spoiler. Each part may be ordered separately. Professional installation is required.
      $398.75from $319.00 - $5,270.00
      # 377
    • IVS® Body Kit
      (7 reviews)
      Body Kit by IVS®. This kit is just what you need to achieve that very style you've seen in a magazine. All the components are reaction injection molded urethane and ensure the same perfect durability, fit, and finish as OEM parts....
      $123.75from $99.00 - $3,275.00
      # 7343
    • Seibon® Carbon Body Kit
      (25 reviews)
      Carbon Body Kit by Seibon®. Lighten your car and transform its appearance with this carbon fiber body kit. These glossy, eye-catching, lightweight panels will accentuate your car's style and show everyone that you're serious about...
      $191.25from $153.00 - $4,301.00
      # 264
    • DefenderWorx® C7 Revorix Style Body Kit
      (0 reviews)
      C7 Revorix Style Body Kit by DefenderWorx®. If you’re seeking to adorn your vehicle, this set of stylish exterior components is just what the doctor ordered. All parts are made tough to ensure a perfect fit and long lasting...
      $1,166.15from $932.92 - $8,032.16
      # 7952
    • RKSport® Ground Effects Package
      (41 reviews)
      Ground Effects Package by RKSport®. This body kit will easily intensify the overall magnificence of your vehicle and increase its performance. Why? Because giving your car a catchy look and improvement of its aerodynamics are...
      $33.41from $26.73 - $2,019.56
      # 381
    • Carbon Creations® Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
      (0 reviews)
      Carbon Fiber Side Skirts by Carbon Creations®. Complete the aerodynamic ground-hugging look with these Carbon Fiber Side Skirts.
      $348.75from $279.00 - $959.00
      # 3765
    • Duraflex® Hard Top Roof
      (0 reviews)
      Hard Top Roof by Duraflex®. Professional installation is required.
      $403.88from $323.10 - $899.10
      # 7294
    • Duraflex® Lip Spoiler
      (17 reviews)
      Lip Spoiler by Duraflex®. Professional installation is required.
      $88.88from $71.10 - $863.10
      # 7297
    • RKSport® Side Skirts
      (4 reviews)
      Side Skirts by RKSport®. This Side Skirt will add an aerodynamic, lower look to the side of your car. It's designed to gracefully enhance the original lines of the car while giving it a more aggressive stance.
      $218.61from $174.89 - $353.39
      # 7329
    • RKSport® Door Strikes
      (0 reviews)
      Door Strikes by RKSport®. Side Skirts add an aerodynamic, lower look to the side of your car. They're designed to gracefully enhance the original lines of the car while giving it a more aggressive stance. The Designers at RKSport...
      $207.45from $165.96 - $442.64
      # 7316
    • Willpak® ABS Rear Window Louvers
      (15 reviews)
      ABS Rear Window Louvers by Willpak®. Complete the retro styling of your modern vehicle! These louvers will increase your privacy while keeping your interior cooler. Made of strong ABS plastic, they're highly resistant to damage and...
      $99.94from $79.95 - $451.95
      # 7309
    • RKSport® Canards
      (0 reviews)
      Canards by RKSport®, 2 Pieces. These Canards will be the finishing touch to the rear of your car. RKSport has carefully crafted these Canards to match your car's original lines, adding visual appeal to the entire package.
      $162.83from $130.26 - $326.61
      # 7314
    • Carbon Creations® Carbon Fiber Bumper
      (1 reviews)
      Carbon Fiber Bumper by Carbon Creations®. This bumper will improve your car's aerodynamics, save weight and look great.
      $348.75from $279.00 - $879.00
      # 3145
    • Seibon® Carbon Trunk Lid
      (7 reviews)
      Carbon Trunk Lid by Seibon®. Replace your factory trunk lid with this carbon panel and get high-tech style and a weight reduction. Whether you're a racer or just want to look the part, you can depend on Seibon for style,...
      $233.75from $187.00 - $1,870.00
      # 265

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    2003 Chevy Corvette | Posted by Anita | (Chicago, IL)

    Looks great on the car!

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