Buick Doors

On our digital shelves are the latest Buick replacement doors that will instantly transform both the operation and overall look of your car. The AutoLoc® - Lambo Vertical Door Hinge Kit will give your Buick a very trendy and modern look, with doors that open just like the popular Lambo doors that are very iconic. When you buy this kit, you will get a pair of two replacement hinges that are installed in place of the factor fit door hinges. You can opt either for the 900 or the 1300 kit at our shop. The hinges are made from very strong and rugged stainless steel material that will guarantee the required rigidity even after many years of use. The installation is also very easy although expert help is needed. Once installed, you will enjoy improved clearance; that makes it very easy to get in and out of your car, as these hinges open outwards for about 12 inches and then upwards.

You will also get the latest collection of top quality Buick replacement doors from the German doors manufacturer, LSD. These include the ultra modern LSD-DOORS® - Lambo Vertical Doors Kit which will instantly make your car very classy and easy to operate. The four pairs of hinges provided together with the necessary hardware are constructed from top grade stainless steel for enhanced strength and rigidity. These hinges are tested extensively to ensure that they fit the model of your Buick perfectly without any trouble. The installation is also very easy with the detailed instructions that set out a step by step process for you. In case of any trouble, you can call up the experts at our site at any time. These doors once installed will give your car a very classy look apart from making it very easy to operate.

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