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Your new Buick Century needs a little modification for it to stand out in traffic. In order to get you the best Buick Century doors in the market, we have gone ahead and handpicked the best that the leading manufacturers have to offer. For the jutting wires that you often find coming from the car into the doors and vice versa, we have the Autoloc® - Door Loom. This is the part that hides away all the wires so that none can be seen. The 18” long accessory is ideal for your car trunk and other doors. The part numbers that you can use on your car range from AUTDLOOMBL, AUTDLOOMBL18 and AUTDLOOMBL18S. Stainless steel is used to make this part and you can rest assured to using it for many years. There is also the Autoloc® - Power Accessories 111639 Two Door Suicide Hidden Hinge System. The hinge rotates 90 degrees making your car look revolutionary. You can opt to have the door remote, automatic controlled or operated using the one touch system. The notch is uniquely designed and the mounting holes are adjustable hence making it very easy to install the door.

You should also consider installing on your car the Autoloc® - Lambo Vertical Door System. This door system has two strong hinges and is made of stainless steel. The hinges included in the system are heavy duty and they do cover 90 degrees comfortably. The 3 axis door system has an adjustable arm which makes the car look sleeker. Included in the system are 4 Gas strut brackets, 8 Gas strut ball bushings and 2 mounting arms. Autoloc® - Split Hinge Kit is the newest way to accentuate your car’s functionality and looks. The four hinge split hood is remote controlled and is fully adjustable to fit on your car. For more Buick Century doors and associated accessories, visit out site today.

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