Custom Accessories for BMW 2-Series
    About BMW 2-Series

    The 2-Series was launched by BMW company as a reincarnation of the legendary BMW 2002 vehicles. Created to stand out, the 2-Series models feature a bold style, athletic prowess as well as unbeatable driving dynamics and performance that breaks all the rules. The 2-Series is designed as a replacement for the 1-Series and with the idea of injecting driving pleasure into the compact vehicle segment in mind. The difference between these two series is immediately recognizable in terms of design and performance. The 2-Series has remarkably larger dimensions than its predecessor and represents a new dimension in driving dynamics, aesthetic appeal and premium allure in the compact segment, highlighted by the “2” in the new model's name. The number 2 has been associated with a sporty driving experience provided by a compact two-door car for over 45 years – ever since the debut of the BMW 02 range.

    The engineers at BMW have equipped 2-Series vehicles with a range of powerful engines (gasoline and diesel engines available) and utilized specially configured chassis technologies. This model comes in three body configurations: a compact coupé, an elegant convertible, and a roomy MPV Active Tourer. The BMW 2-Series Coupé raises the bar in the premium compact segment in terms of dynamics and aesthetic value. Developed as a reminiscence of the legendary coupés in BMW history, these vehicles feature a two-door body in classic three-box design typical for BMW Coupes, advanced engines with TwinPower Turbo technology and chassis setup optimized for sporty driving. The vehicle is offered in several model variants, including M235i, 228i, 220i, 225d,220d, and 218d ('d' stands for a diesel engine). Some model variants are equipped with engines featuring Valvetronic variable valve timing technology that increases fuel economy and performance by replacing the conventional throttle butterfly with the electrical mechanism that controls the intake valve lift on each cylinder.

    From the tapered front to the elongated rear, the BMW 2-Series Convertible exudes energy, sportiness, elegance, and self-assured nature. One touch of the start button makes the driver feel the strength that lies behind the self-confident appearance of this fabulous vehicle. The BMW 2-Series Active Tourer suits the needs of those drivers who appreciate dynamic, spacious, and versatile vehicles. It proves that small dimensions and functionality can be combined with sportiness and dynamic design. Featuring a compact exterior, the Active Tourer is spacious enough inside with its adjustable seats, a luggage compartment with folding floor, and a seemingly endless number of storage possibilities. Superior handling as well as impressive ride comfort typical for all 2-Series vehicles is achieved thanks to a number of features, including perfectly balanced 50:50 weight distribution, electric power steering, powerful brakes, sophisticated chassis technology, specially tuned double-joint spring strut front axle and five-link rear axle, and much more.

    Some 2-Series model versions are equipped with the intelligent BMW xDrive, which is the all-wheel drive system that adapts to even the most challenging road conditions by providing extra traction as required. BMW also offers a great selection of optional driver assistance systems and mobility services that aim to make driving even more pleasant and comfortable, such as Parking Assistant, Adaptive Headlights, rear view camera, cruise control system with braking function, advanced integration of smartphones and audio systems, etc. If you are looking for even more parts and accessories to improve your driving experience, visit!

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