BMW 2-Series Dash Covers

About BMW 2-Series Dash Covers

If you’ve invested in the newest 2014 BMW – the 2-Series – You’re going to want to make every effort you can to protect both the exterior and interior of your newest toy. So why not invest in a dashboard cover now instead of waiting for the sun to do its damage? You’ll also notice that there’s not near as much glare coming off your windshield when you’re driving up the freeway on a sunny day once it’s been installed. The covers come in different materials – plastic, velour, carpet, and suede – and will fit your dashboard like a glove.

We’ve already taken things like cup holders and vents into consideration, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll have to cut into the fabric to make it fit. We’ll also send some adhesive tape in case you want to make extra sure the dash cover will stay in place, although we find that many people don’t need to use it. The price is absolutely right too. You spent a good amount of money on that new car, what’s fifty more dollars when you consider all the benefits you’re going to receive? Being produced by the most reliable and experienced manufacturers in the industry, like Dash Designs®, our products feature uncompromised quality and long-lasting durability.

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