Audi S6 Sun Shades

Having your Audi S6 for some time, you notice with regret that over the years the sunrays have left cracks and warps on your dashboard and steering wheel, made the fabric on the seats faded and the overall appearance of the interior became unkempt and shabby. If you have been wondering if there is a way to protect your car from damage the UV rays bring, and you and your passengers from an unpleasant drive in a heated vehicle, CARiD says yes! Simply use the Audi S6 sun shades! This seemingly simple accessory does wonders protecting your car from the damaging effect of the sun.

Thanks to multiple-layer design the sun shades are able to deflect 99.8% of the sunrays and cool down the interior temperature by 40 degrees. The first line of protection comes from the outer surface of the sun protectors, which shoots the sunrays right back due to the silver coating. The middle and inner core provide the needed insulation to prevent the warmth from seeping into your vehicle. The same sun shades help to keep the car warm in winter by absorbing the sunrays. As you can see, the advantages are numerous, whereas the price you pay is quite reasonable thanks to the computerized process of the manufacturing, which involves a minimum of human labor. Start using the Audi S6 sun shades today and enjoy all the benefits.