Mothers began as a family-owned company in that created products for its demanding Southern California customers that customized their vehicles with loving artistry and serious devotion. The company has stuck to their original mission of making products that would satisfy the most demanding of customers, and today offers over five dozen separate products that clean, beautify, and protect every type of automotive surface inside and out.


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      # 1569054
      Mag and Aluminum Polish by Mothers®. When you need to polish and bring out the natural shine of smooth metal surface finishes, this is the gold standard of creams. Not only will it shine aluminum and chrome wheels to new condition, it's...
      Designed for polishing aluminum and chrome-finish wheelsAlso works well on any polishable metals
      $6.10 - $9.75
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      # 1596839
      California Gold™ Chrome and Metal Polish by Mothers®. Think of this polish as a wax specifically designed for your vehicle. This rich, thick creme will soften and remove dirt and spotting from any polishable chrome or unfinished metal...
      Choose between Metal Polish and Chrome PolishDesigned specifically for polishing chrome and metal surfaces
      $6.08 - $10.94
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      # 1631690
      Power All by Mothers®. When only orbital polishing will do, the Power All Kit gives you all 4 Mothers PowerBall foam polishing balls for buffing and waxing. Kit includes the PowerBall for Metal Polishing, PowerBall 4Paint, PowerBall...
      Includes Mothers PowerBall for Metal, PowerBall 4Paint, PowerBall Mini, and PowerCone polishing bits that attach to any drill for orbital polishing operationKit contains two Mothers Ultra-Soft Polishing Cloths
      $10.94 - $29.24
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      # 1631741
      California Gold™ Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax by Mothers®. Simply put, Mothers presents the ultimate wax that is highly respected by the world's most renowned automotive detailers of concours-winning show cars. Made from Brazilian...
      Produced from natural wax secreted from trees in North Brazil known to have the finest natural qualities wax can offerUsed by the world's most renowned automotive detailers of concours-winning show cars at Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, and countless other high-end shows
      $8.59 - $14.20
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      # 1655354
      Super Shine Standard Kit by Mothers®. The starter kit for exterior and interior care featuring our complete Reflections™ Advanced line. Also includes our California Gold™ Car Wash.
      Choose all the products available in the kit for maximum savings, or just the ones you needIncludes Reflections leather care, tire care, paint wax, spray wax, and top coat outer layer paint protection products
      $4.88 - $18.02
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      # 2059860
      Interior Cloth/Vinyl Kit by Mothers®. Exterior finish care made simple. Includes our handy, custom carrying case with storage for everything included – bottle PowerPolish™ and PowerWax™. This setup is ideal for general waxing and...
      Select exactly the Mothers products you need for detailing your vehicle's interiorChoose cleaners for glass, plastic, vinyl, leather, rubber, carpet, and more
      $5.01 - $11.45
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      # 1634654
      Ultimate Wax System™ Standard Kit by Mothers®. This well-rounded kit includes Mothers paint products needed for all three phases of serious detailing, care products for interiors, wheels, tires, and more. Choose all the products...
      Kit includes Mothers products needed for all 3 phases of serious detailing, and care products for interior care, wheel care, and tire careContains Mothers 3-stage detailing kit with pre-wax cleaner, micro-polishing glaze, and carnauba outer wax
      $4.88 - $35.39
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      # 1651107
      California Gold™ Wax by Mothers®. Synthetically engineered wax compounds are the future of automotive detailing. Smaller, evenly-sized molecules provide the ability to bond to surfaces better, hold on longer, attract less dust, and...
      Is both a color-enhancing polish and wax protectant in oneMicroencapsulated synthetic polymers create the most even level of polish and wax distribution on your paint possible
      $7.85 - $14.59
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      # 1651118
      Wheel Cleaner by Mothers®. Softens and removes caked on black brake dust, stains picked up from oily road debris, and other airborne pollutants from uncoated polished aluminum wheels, aluminum anodized wheels, and wheels with painted...
      Easy-to-use spray on and hose off applicationEffective on the most caked on brake dust
      $6.18 - $6.60
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      # 1651153
      Leather Care by Mothers®. When you need the best all-in-one leather cleaner and conditioner, Leather Care's advanced technology makes that possible. Clean your leather as you condition it with a one-step application. If you have a large...
      Is leather cleaner and conditioner all in oneSpray on and rub in to leather surfaces
      $7.59 - $12.53
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      # 1655314
      California Gold™ Showtime Instant Detailer by Mothers®. For well-maintained paint, this light wax allows you to give your vehicle the glossy look that comes after a full detail when you don't have the time to do one. Between full wax...
      Spray on, rub, then buff offIdeal for quick freshening when you arrive at a car show
      $7.15 - $9.52
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      # mpn1885406530
      1 Gallon Mag and Aluminum Polish by Mothers®. This is our legendary metal polish. The Mothers® secret formula balances a brilliant shine with easy use for aluminum wheels and parts, brass, alloys and accessories. Application is just a...
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      # mpn1885406525
      Revision™ 1.75 oz. Touch Screen Cleaner Kit by Mothers®. Includes: 20ml Sprayer, Reusable Storage Bag, Antimicrobial Microfiber Towel. Revision™ is the quick, convenient way to clean electronic touchscreens and displays. Sleek,...
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      # mpn1885406528
      Back-to-Black™ 10 oz. Trim and Plastic Restorer Aerosol by Mothers®. Back-to-Black® Trim & Plastic Restorer aerosol is our simplest trim care creation yet. Drawing upon our industry proven Back-to-Black® surface care technology,...
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      # mpn2588879
      Back-to-Black™ 12 oz. Trim and Plastic Restorer by Mothers®. Protect your rubber trim areas from drying, cracking, and discoloring and restore the deep, dark black appearance they had when new with the semi-gloss satin look Back To...
      Penetrates and seals microscopic rubber pores with a hydrophobic coating that stays on longerSemi-gloss finish restores the deep dark black look of new rubber
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      # mpn2588862
      California Gold™ 12 oz. Water Spot Remover for Glass by Mothers®. When you've got caked on, hardened stains on your glass that won't come out with traditional glass cleaner, Mothers has you covered. California Gold Water Spot Remover...
      Softens and dissolves hard mineral deposits from water that build up on outside glass surfacesAlso removes any hardened sediments, tree sap, paint overspray, and other grime
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      # mpn1885406523
      Power™ 16 oz. Waxes Polishes and Sealers by Mothers®. Designed for use specifically with a random orbital or high-speed buffer, Mothers® PowerWax® is a sophisticated formula designed to achieve a deep, wet, glowing shine. Activated...
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      # mpn2588846
      California Gold™ 16 oz. Car Wash by Mothers®. This excellent car wash soap is created for the enthusiast that waxes their car often. It's pH balanced and formulated to effectively removes road grime, bugs, bird droppings, airborne...
      Designed to effectively clean your vehicle without removing waxYour vehicle stays cleaner longer because zero sticky residue is left to attract dirt
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      # mpn1885406522
      Back-to-Black™ 24 oz. Tire Renew by Mothers®. Back-to-Black Tire Renew is formulated with encapsulating cleaning agents to dissolve and lift stubborn browning, dirt, soil, grease, grime, road film, brake dust and old dressings from...
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      # mpn1578782827
      24 oz. Professional Instant Detailer by Mothers®. Mothers Professional Instant Detailer is a silicone-free, body shop safe, paintable product that provides unparalleled depth and clarity. This unique formula is easy-to-use and...
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      # mpn2588867
      24 oz. R3 Racing Rubber Remover by Mothers®. R3 is a spray cleaner formulated to moisten, dissolve and remove rubber scuff marks and residue that typically results from flying rubber tire sections and tar debris at racetracks. R3 will...
      Removes stubborn melted rubber, black scuff and tar residue without harming vehicle paintAlso removes dirt, soil and other grime build-ups
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      # mpn2588859
      24 oz. VLR Vinyl-Leather-Rubber Care by Mothers®. For soft vinyl, leather, and rubber surfaces, Mothers VLR is an all-in-one cleaner and conditioner. Remove ground in dirt from pores while you nourish rubber, leather, and vinyl surfaces...
      Is cleaner and conditioner all in oneDesigned for use on vinyl, leather, and rubber surfaces
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      # mpn1578782833
      32 oz. Professional Rubbing Compound by Mothers®. Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound quickly removes 1,500 grade and finer sand scratches from all types of refinish and factory applied automotive paints. May also be used to remove...
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      # mpn1578782829
      32 oz. Professional Foam Pad Polish by Mothers®. Mothers Professional Foam Pad Polish is recommended for removal of compounding swirl marks from all types of refinish or factory applied automotive paints. Also recommended to enhance...
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      # mpn1578782830
      32 oz. Professional Machine Glaze by Mothers®. Mothers Professional Hand Glaze is recommended for added shine and protection and may be used after Mothers Professional Foam Pad Polish to achieve unparalleled depth and clarity. Hand...
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      # mpn2588830
      4 oz. Billet Metal Polish by Mothers®. Professionals in automotive detailing, furniture restoration, gun reconditioning, and metal working fields all know this is simply the best polish out there for finely cast aluminum, brass, billet...
      Soft paste applies and removes easilyIdeal for polishing brushed, forged, or machined metal surfaces
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      # mpn2588881
      PowerPlastic™ 8 oz. 4Lights Plastic Polish by Mothers®. Restore a showroom look of crystal clear newness to plastic headlight lenses, convertible top windows, or any plastic surface. This fine scouring paste buffs off scratches,...
      Fine scouring paste effectively removes hardened deposits and leaves protective polymer layerRemoves scratches, calcified deposits, yellowing, and stains from soft and hard plastic surfaces
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      # mpn2588849
      California Gold™ 64 oz. Carnauba Wash and Wax by Mothers®. For those that prefer an all-in-one carwash soap with wax, Mothers has created this amazing formula that gives you more suds to effectively suspend and remove dirt from the...
      Washes and waxes in one applicationEnjoy a freshly-waxed look with each wash
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      # mpn1885406526
      8 oz. Leather Tech Foaming Wash by Mothers®. An industry first, air-infused rich lather cleansing solution penetrates and deep cleans stubborn stains from even the most neglected finished leather and vinyl surfaces. Our...
      Designed to help to get your job done rightManufactured utilizing the highest quality materials
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      # mpn2588866
      California Gold™ 8 oz. Scratch Remover by Mothers®. This polishing gel will remove or reduce small scratches on your vehicle's paint caused by errant keys, finger jewelry, mechanics, children, automated carwashes, road debris, and...
      Polishes and fills in unsightly paint scratches to hide or reduce their severityWorks on scratches small enough not to catch a fingernail in

    When it comes to exterior paint, Mothers offers pre-wax products that deep clean, polishes that enhance brilliance while they conceal a multitude of scratches, and waxes designed for every type of need in both liquid and hard applications. Whether you’ve got body panels of aluminum, carbon fiber, or even stainless steel, Mothers has engineered the perfect product that conforms to the temperature fluctuations and flex of each and every material.

    For bringing out the mirror shine of chrome wheels, Mothers Gold Chrome Polish comes in a thick cream that softens and removes tarnishing and spotting while it brightens surfaces to jaw-dropping brilliance. The advanced formula of Mothers polish seals out moisture to prevent the pitting, corrosion, and peeling that can plague chrome when left unprotected to the elements. And if you’ve got bare metal aluminum or mag wheels that aren’t finished, Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish is strong enough to work over even the most neglected of metals, yet gentle enough to use regularly.

    And for vehicle interiors and trim, you’ll find a huge selection of products that clean, moisturize, and protect leather, vinyl, rubber, and harder plastic surfaces. You’ll find unparalleled leather cleaners and conditioners that the pros use themselves. The Power Products waxes and polishes are engineered to be used with orbital buffers to get the most out of their complete and fast-speed surface contact. Additionally, Mothers sells drill attachments made of soft, foam-like materials that serve as orbital polish pieces to get results between any wheel spokes, grille sections, or tightly-louvered nooks.

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    When you’re facing tough glass cleaning issues, we’ve got Mothers glass cleaners in liquid spray applicators, and in creamy soft grit polish form to get the job done. When you want to restore the deep, natural black color of plastic and rubber parts, Back In Black products remove discoloration and haze to make them look new again. We know you’ll be satisfied with any of the Mothers products we sell because our employees believe in these products and use them on their own vehicles. Should you have specific questions about Mothers wax, Mothers clay bar kit, or any other products we sell, our specialists are available seven days a week to provide answers.

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