Jeep Wrangler Body Protection

Jeep Wrangler Body Protection
  • Fab Fours® - ViCowl Windshield Protection
    Fab Fours®ViCowl Windshield Protection
    # sp109820
    ViCowl Windshield Protection by Fab Fours®. The ViCowl offers unique styling, added front windshield protection and the option for additional lighting. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry...
    Combines Roof Visor and CowlAggressive Design
    $1,149.99 - $1,721.86
  • Smittybilt® - XRC Fender Guards
    Smittybilt®XRC Fender Guards
    # sp2416
    XRC Fender Guards by Smittybilt®. When you want maximum tire clearance, with the strongest body protection available, you need XRC Fenders. They're designed to allow uninhibited tire travel while their 3/16" cold rolled steel...
    Cutting edge designProvides maximum wheel well clearance
    $299.99 - $657.99
  • DV8 Offroad® - SR-5 Rock Skins
    DV8 Offroad®SR-5 Rock Skins
    # sp169032
    SR-5 Rock Skins by DV8 Offroad®. The DV8 Offroad Rock Skins can be used with any step or slider and contour around either factory or aftermarket fenders. They are designed to add protection to the exposed are of the body between the...
    Made with 3/16” steelPowdercoated DV8 Textured Black
    $159.99 - $869.99
  • DV8 Offroad® - Fender Delete Kit
    DV8 Offroad®Fender Delete Kit
    # sp209745
    Fender Delete Kit by DV8 Offroad®. The DV8 fender delete kit was designed to maximize tire clearance and completely eliminate the factory fenders. Eliminating the fenders keeps the body of the Jeep further away from obstacles such as...
    Laser cut 3/16" steelForm fitting
    $339.99 - $349.99
  • DV8 Offroad® - Inner Fenders
    DV8 Offroad®Inner Fenders
    # sp152017
    Inner Fenders by DV8 Offroad®. DV8 Off Road Aluminum inner fenders are designed to reseal your engine compartment when using aftermarket fenders, clean up your inner fender, and provide better air flow where it counts. These inner...
    High quality at an affordable priceExpertly made from premium materials
    $279.99 - $389.99
  • Warrior® - Body Corner Guards
    Warrior®Body Corner Guards
    # sp7372
    Body Corner Guards by Warrior®. Rear corners provide structural support to the corner area and enhance the appearance of the vehicle too. To allow easier installation, corners have precut holes for the gas tank and tail light openings,...
    Thickness of 1/8"Provide Structural Support To Corner
    $79.24 - $606.50
  • Warrior® - Hood Cowling Covers
    Warrior®Hood Cowling Covers
    # sp168990
    Hood Cowling Covers by Warrior®. These panels extend beyond the hood over the rounded portion of the body under the windshield. This product is made from high-grade materials to meet the strictest standards of high quality. Designed...
    Covers extend beyond the hoodCovers round portion of the body under windshield
    $103.91 - $452.23
  • Crown® - Corner Panel
    Crown®Corner Panel
    # sp16112
    Corner Panel by Crown®. Crown Automotive is just the ticket if you want to get the most out of your vehicle as well as revel in a more exciting driving experience. You will surely get a real bang for the buck!
    Developed to improve your driving experienceConstructed to ensure ultimate operation
    $56.85 - $173.94
  • Road Armor® - Body Rear Skin with Flare
    Road Armor®Body Rear Skin with Flare
    # sp185674
    Body Rear Skin with Flare by Road Armor®. Road Armor is NEW Rear Skins with extended flare were designed and built with the consumer and the installer in mind. Road Armor Skins are unlike any other product on the market, they have...
    Seamless bolt-on extended flare includedAvailable in two iterations: with and without extended flare
    $608.78 - $1,646.80
  • Road Armor® - Stealth Fender Liner
    Road Armor®Stealth Fender Liner
    # sp185311
    Stealth Fender Liner by Road Armor®. Installing Road Armor Stealth Fender Liner provides splash protection to the engine compartment as well as a place to mount under-hood accessories. This product is made of high-quality materials to...
    Expertly crafted from premium materialsDesigned to match rigorous quality standards
    $399.00 - $843.33
  • Smittybilt® - Magnetic Trail Skins
    Smittybilt®Magnetic Trail Skins
    # sp168970
    Magnetic Trail Skins by Smittybilt®. Smittybilt Magnetic Trail Skins are designed to protect your Jeep's sides and doors from trail hazards. The Magnetic Trail Skins of triple layered protection is sure to keep your paint looking...
    Magnetic and pliable backing for easy install and storageCustom CNC-cut to fit your JK perfectly
  • Fab Fours® - Replacement Fenders
    Fab Fours®Replacement Fenders
    # sp169036
    Replacement Fenders by Fab Fours®. The Fab Fours’ Front Fender Replacement System focuses on aggressive styling, ease of installation, and modularity. A complete bolt on system with optional parts that adds greater tire clearance and...
    Modular DesignAggressive Styling
    $199.99 - $3,139.99
  • Bushwacker® - Trail Armor™ Rocker Panels
    Bushwacker®Trail Armor™ Rocker Panels
    # sp185531
    Trail Armor™ Rocker Panels by Bushwacker®. Want your Jeep to look like a million bucks for a long period of time? It's an easy task if your vehicle is equipped with the Bushwacker Trail Armor that is everything at once: rugged...
    Prevents Jeep body parts from dings and scratchesAdds an ultimate rugged look to your vehicle
    $199.99 - $249.99
  • Fab Fours® - Replacement Fender Liner
    Fab Fours®Replacement Fender Liner
    # sp188669
    Replacement Fender Liner by Fab Fours®. From Concept to Reality... Building off the radical design of "The LEGEND". The GRUMPER offers a revolutionary combination of both grille and winch bumper. Fully Customizable with removable...
    Aggressive StylingProvides Greater Tire Clearance
    $199.99 - $439.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - All Terrain Door Entry Guard Kit
    Rugged Ridge®All Terrain Door Entry Guard Kit
    # sp258574
    All Terrain Door Entry Guard Kit by Rugged Ridge®. If your favorite forms of recreation involve the water, then the Coastal Cruiser Kit is for you. This kit is ideal for the beach and water lover, with features like the Island Topper...
    Increased utility with no loss of open air feel or visibility1.5" mandrel bent steel tubing construction
    $59.99 - $69.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - Black Rocker Guards
    Rugged Ridge®Black Rocker Guards
    # sp258586
    Black Rocker Guards by Rugged Ridge®. The new Rugged Ridge Body Armor rocker guard kits are constructed of black diamond plate looking UV treated thermoplastic for the coolest, protecting the factory Jeep rocker panels from scratches...
    Protects the rocker area from damageImpact resistant polycarbonate construction
    $89.99 - $299.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - Body Armor Black Diamond Hood Guard
    Rugged Ridge®Body Armor Black Diamond Hood Guard
    # sp258580
    Body Armor Black Diamond Hood Guard by Rugged Ridge®. Material: Thermoplastic.
    Increased utility with no loss of open air feel or visibility1.5" mandrel bent steel tubing construction
    $79.99 - $99.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - Body Armor Cowles
    Rugged Ridge®Body Armor Cowles
    # sp258540
    Body Armor Cowles by Rugged Ridge®. With stamped steel construction and a factory-style inner structure, this hood fits like the original while incorporating 50% more vented surface area than other performance hoods on the market today....
    Improves airflow into the passenger compartmentPrevents debris from entering cowl vent
  • Rugged Ridge® - Body Armor Rear Corner Guards
    Rugged Ridge®Body Armor Rear Corner Guards
    # sp258541
    Body Armor Rear Corner Guards by Rugged Ridge®. Nothing says toughness like diamond plate. Now you can adorn your Jeep with this symbol of strength with Rugged Ridge Body Armor. Use it as a style enhancer, for protection, or to cover up...
    Provides protection for vulnerable areasUnique appearance
    $49.99 - $179.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - Body Tub Rail Armor
    Rugged Ridge®Body Tub Rail Armor
    # sp258539
    Body Tub Rail Armor by Rugged Ridge®. Protect your top rails from damage or cover up existing damage with these Body Tub Rail Armor guards. They're made from durable UV treated thermoplastic and install easily with no drilling required.
    Adds style and protection to your JeepProtects body tub rail from chips and scratches
  • Rugged Ridge® - Inner Fender Liners
    Rugged Ridge®Inner Fender Liners
    # sp258575
    Inner Fender Liners by Rugged Ridge®. All Terrain fender flare features a high clearance design to accommodate larger off-road tires; not only creating an authentic rugged look but also making them the perfect accessories for drivers...
    Protects the body from stone chips and debrisOriginal equipment design
    $179.99 - $449.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - Magnetic Protection Panel Kit
    Rugged Ridge®Magnetic Protection Panel Kit
    # sp258581
    Magnetic Protection Panel Kit by Rugged Ridge®. Magnetic Protection Panel kit to protect your Jeep's paint while on the trails. Easily removable, this nine piece kit was designed to provide full coverage for the body of your Jeep, to...
    Protect your vehicles finish on the trails with these removable magnetic panel protectors16 gauge (.060") thick magnetic sheet material
    $239.99 - $249.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - XHD Armor Fenders
    Rugged Ridge®XHD Armor Fenders
    # sp258577
    XHD Armor Fenders by Rugged Ridge®. Rugged Ridge Armor Fenders are not just another bolt-on accessory. Rugged Ridge developed Armor Fenders with such a brawny & bold styling, they’re capable of transforming your rig into an...
    Protects the rocker area from damageImpact resistant polycarbonate construction
    $699.99 - $1,199.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - XHD Rear Corner Guards
    Rugged Ridge®XHD Rear Corner Guards
    # sp258591
    XHD Rear Corner Guards by Rugged Ridge®. Rugged Ridge XHD Corner Guards are purpose-built to protect your factory sheet metal from threats on and off-road? They tooled their corner guards from super-strong 3mm thick steel plate and...
    Serious off-road protection that delivers greater looks on-roadStrong 3mm thick steel with fold & weld construction
  • Westin® - Inner Fenders
    Westin®Inner Fenders
    # sp169046
    Inner Fenders by Westin®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will meet your needs and deliver great quality at an...
    Expertly crafted from premium materialsDesigned to match rigorous quality standards
    $264.90 - $299.44
  • Warrior® - Front Fender Cover Protector
    Warrior®Front Fender Cover Protector
    # sp24478
    Front Fender Cover Protector by Warrior®. Enhance appearance while protecting your Jeep with Warrior Front Fender Covers. They have a material thickness of 1/8". Covers sit atop the fenders and complement other trim accessories you may...
    1/8" material thicknessCutouts for factory signal lights
    $185.24 - $525.53
  • Warrior® - Rocker Panels
    Warrior®Rocker Panels
    # sp185684
    Rocker Panels by Warrior®. Body Moldings cover the body beneath the tailgate and between the rear corners. They are cut out to fit around hinges for ease of tailgate operation. Warrior also makes a unique full wrap backplate, extending...
    Covers the body beneath the tailgateCovers between rear corners
    $95.03 - $654.77
  • Warrior® - Tailgate Cover
    Warrior®Tailgate Cover
    # sp13755
    Tailgate Cover by Warrior®. Warrior manufactures its parts in the USA to ensure they are of the highest quality possible. As part of Warrior's commitment to quality, their engineering team over-engineers parts, which helps to eliminate...
    Precision engineered for your vehicleTested to outperform all comparable products on the market
    $54.11 - $470.08
  • Steinjager® - Corner Guards
    Steinjager®Corner Guards
    # sp249501
    Corner Guards by Steinjager®. This pair of black plastic Body Armor rear corner guards fit Jeep Wrangler. Each body armor attaches to your Jeep with ultra strong 3M tape to ensure a secure fit (front guard also may require some under...
    Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
  • Steinjager® - Fender Deletes
    Steinjager®Fender Deletes
    # sp174906
    Fender Deletes by Steinjager®. The Steinjager Front Fender Deletes give you the extra room for large tire clearance while still giving you a finished look. The deletes are manufactured out of 3/16" steel for durability. The bolt-on...
    Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
    $273.99 - $363.99

The Jeep Wrangler is a famous sport utility vehicle produced by the popular American brand since 1986. It is a vehicle designed to go anywhere and do anything. It can really get you elsewhere and when exploring distant off-road trails, you for sure might have thought of protecting your Wrangler's body from scratches and dents. Rough roads will never stop your challenger from discovering them, but after several wild trips your Wrangler can be dented and scratched all around. There is no reason to pay money for repair, it's better to protect your vehicle beforehand with quality body armor. Your Jeep Wrangler will become an unstoppable off-road monster that is longing for a new challenge.

We aim to provide premium body armor to protect your SUV, that's why we have gathered only strong products in out catalog of Jeep Wrangler body protection accessories. We have durable armor for all areas of your vehicle, including doors, quarter panels, corners, etc. Whether you are tearing through the jungles or crawling up and down the rocks, your four-wheel friend will be protected from chips, scratches, and dents. The body protection accessories on offer are made from durable materials by famous manufacturers such as Road Armour, Rugged Ridge, Warrior, EVO Manufacturing, etc. It is time to accept a new challenge in your upgraded Jeep Wrangler!

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3 reviews
Love the end results, getting lots of compliments. Took quite a bit of time to get it all into the right position, especially the front, back bottom. The nut bracket is nearly impossible to get to, ended up not using the it, fit very tight without it being screwed in, still tight as a rock. Been on over4 months, no rattles, no issues at all.
Posted by Customer / April 05, 20222015 Jeep Wrangler
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