Chevy Suburban Body Kits & Ground Effects

Chevy Suburban Body Kits
  • Duraflex® - Custom Bumper
    Save up to 33%
    Duraflex®Custom Bumper
    # sp1212
    Custom Bumper by Duraflex®. This bumper gives your car aerodynamic good looks with light weight and long lasting durability. Get custom style and ground effects in one package.
    Designed to elevate your vehicle’s style above the restManufactured using proprietary polymer blend
    $35.70 - $1,699.15
    $53.00 - $2,499.00Save up to 33%
  • Duraflex® - Side Skirts
    Save up to 33%
    Duraflex®Side Skirts
    # sp3714
    Side Skirts by Duraflex®. These side skirts complete your car's aerodynamic, ground-hugging look. Engineered by the top experts, the Duraflex body parts feature precise fit and everlasting quality.
    Designed to elevate your vehicle’s style above the restManufactured using proprietary polymer blend
    $42.00 - $1,019.15
    $79.00 - $1,499.00Save up to 33%
  • KBD® - Bumper
    # sp49244
    Bumper by KBD®. Add a heart-racing edge to your exterior appearance by upgrading to this fancy add-on from KBD that will turn your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary and make others green with envy. Delivered as engineered...
    Delivers a fierce look to your vehicleAdds sleek, low-profile protection to your exterior
    $140.00 - $931.20
  • Vicrez® - Rear Diffuser
    Vicrez®Rear Diffuser
    # sp132877
    Rear Diffuser by Vicrez®. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. Manufactured from industry-leading materials...
    OEM - Fitment, Quality, DurabilityPolyurethane is Practically Unbreakable
    $162.16 - $1,848.62
  • Vicrez® - Side Skirt Splitters
    Vicrez®Side Skirt Splitters
    # sp226943
    Side Skirt Splitters by Vicrez®. Vicrez side skirt splitters are uniquely designed to enhance aerodynamics and deliver peak performance. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a...
    Designed to give your vehicle a cosmetic upgradeRacing inspired aerodynamics and style
    $17.87 - $1,061.09
  • Street Scene® - Bumper Cover
    Street Scene®Bumper Cover
    # sp2953
    Bumper Cover by Street Scene®. Spruce up your vehicle and protect its vulnerable bumper from rocks, gravel, and other road debris. This accessory is made of tough material to be highly resistant to impacts and last for the years to...
    Retains original bumper integrityAward-winning design
    $272.00 - $566.00
  • Street Scene® - Roll Pan
    Street Scene®Roll Pan
    # sp2959
    Roll Pan by Street Scene®. Get rid of that poor stock look of your truck's rear end and blow it sky high. The roll pans will lend your truck a sleek look, ensuring a precise custom fit in place of your rear bumper. The unit is built of...
    Provides a smooth, stylish look to your truckFeatures solid construction
    $209.00 - $409.00
  • Street Scene® - Valance
    Street Scene®Valance
    # sp2962
    Valance by Street Scene®. Looking to add some hot performance style? Go with this awesome and functional accessory. This part attaches to the factory bumper cover.
    Gives your vehicle some serious characterDurable construction for proven dependability
    $258.00 - $487.00
  • Street Scene® - Side Skirts
    Street Scene®Side Skirts
    # sp2958
    Side Skirts by Street Scene®. Complete your vehicle's sporty look and make it fully unique with these accessories. Featuring reliable urethane construction, the side skirts can take the knocks of everyday driving while looking great....
    Provide a great sporty lookTough urethane construction
    $228.00 - $1,285.64
  • Dawn® - Body Side Moldings
    Dawn®Body Side Moldings
    # sp2295
    Body Side Moldings by Dawn®. Accentuate your vehicle's styling and protect it from damage at the same time. These painted bodyside moldings will provide a subtle improvement to your vehicle's appearance and guard the doors from parking...
    Custom designed for each applicationThese Body Side Moldings come complete with easy-to-follow installation instructions, Pro-Clean™ Prep Pads, and Pro-Bond™ Adhesive Promoter
    $154.29 - $241.21
  • Anderson Composites® - Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
    Anderson Composites®Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
    # sp17212
    Carbon Fiber Engine Cover by Anderson Composites®. If you want to get the most out of your vehicle, this superior product by Anderson Composites is just what you need. Designed with the utmost care and attention to detail and...
    Designed to comply with strict quality standardsManufactured from high-grade materials
    $395.10 - $719.10
  • Duraflex® - Custom Hood
    Save 32%
    Duraflex®Custom Hood
    # sp448
    Custom Hood by Duraflex®. This hood will lighten the front of your car, but you won't sacrifice durability in the process. Give your vehicle a sporty appearance with this state-of-the-art hood from Duraflex. It's sure to make your auto...
    Designed to elevate your vehicle’s style above the restManufactured using proprietary polymer blend
    $141.95 - $1,271.60
    $209.00 - $1,870.00Save 32%
  • Amerihood® - Custom Hood
    Amerihood®Custom Hood
    # sp8673
    Custom Hood by Amerihood®. Functional custom hood is perfect replacement for the ordinary factory hood. Direct cold intake air to work with performance air intake system by major manufacturers such as AirRaid and K&N. Also features two...
    Stylish and aerodynamicFunctional ram air tunnel build-in, no extra charges!
    $368.00 - $1,080.00
  • Dawn® - OE Style Fender Flares
    Dawn®OE Style Fender Flares
    # sp3370
    OE Style Fender Flares by Dawn®. Add a new stylish look to your vehicle, include all the necessary hardware for installation, and are factory tested for proper fitment of your vehicle.
    Adds a sleek, stylish professional appearance to your vehicleThese fender flares include everything needed for installation, as well as a set of easy-to-follow installation instructions
    $224.00 - $264.00
  • Spec-D® - Rivet Fender Flares
    Spec-D®Rivet Fender Flares
    # sp120209
    Rivet Fender Flares by Spec-D®. Spec-D figuratively has their finger on the pulse of the automotive aftermarket, so they can bring you the latest style and best performing parts and accessories. No matter whether you want your car or...
    Exactly the same as seen in picturesMade of high quality polypropylene with paintable smooth finish
    $145.25 - $504.74
  • T5i® - Custom Style Rear Roofline Spoiler
    T5i®Custom Style Rear Roofline Spoiler
    # sp6212
    Custom Style Rear Roofline Spoiler by T5i®. When you want to add just a touch of high performance style, nothing beats a roofline spoiler. A roofline spoiler adds the look of speed without detracting from the car's beautiful lines. This...
    $115.83 - $383.27
  • Carbon Creations® - Carbon Fiber Hood
    Save 28%
    Carbon Creations®Carbon Fiber Hood
    # sp450
    Carbon Fiber Hood by Carbon Creations®. This hood will lighten the front of your car and make it look like it belongs on the racetrack. Improve the looks and aerodynamics of your car with this hood. Your car will look like it's glued to...
    Hand-laid carbon fiber part on top of fiberglass2x2 twill weave carbon fiber
    $262.80 - $2,799.90
    $366.00 - $3,889.00Save 28%
  • Bushwacker® - OE Style Fender Flares
    Bushwacker®OE Style Fender Flares
    # sp1262
    OE Style Fender Flares by Bushwacker®. Add both personal style and excellent protection to your vehicle while keeping its original look. Made of tough Dura-Flex 2000 thermoplastic material, the upgrade provides the tire coverage you...
    Sleek, curved design for a finished factory lookExtra tire coverage for added protection from road debris
    $327.98 - $795.65
  • Bushwacker® - Pocket Style™ Fender Flares
    Bushwacker®Pocket Style™ Fender Flares
    # sp1264
    Pocket Style™ Fender Flares by Bushwacker®. Replace your OEM fenders with the hardcore, pocket-style debris protectors and give your vehicle that aggressive, rugged appearance you were looking for. Specifically designed for moderate...
    Extended tire coverage to reflect road debrisSpecifically designed for mid- and large-sized wheel and tire combos
    $349.99 - $899.99
  • Harwood® - Custom Hood
    Harwood®Custom Hood
    # sp20008
    Custom Hood by Harwood®. Boost your vehicle's performance and style to a whole new level with this distinctively durable yet lightweight hood by Harwood. Combining sleek design and exceptional functionality, this product is just what...
    Designed to enhance your vehicle's appearance and performanceOffers a perfect blend of light weight and reliability
    $552.02 - $805.85
  • Pure® - Custom Style Rear Window Mount Spoiler
    Pure®Custom Style Rear Window Mount Spoiler
    # sp198
    Custom Style Rear Window Mount Spoiler by Pure®. When you want a classy, understated high performance look you want a roofline, or window mount spoiler. This spoiler will add a touch of speed while perfectly melding with your car's fine...
    $141.00 - $370.14
  • Stampede® - Original Riderz™ Fender Flares
    Stampede®Original Riderz™ Fender Flares
    # sp12214
    Original Riderz™ Fender Flares by Stampede®. The "Original Equipment" Fender Flare that is designed to have the look of factory installed fender flares. Original Riderz Fender Flares beef up your vehicles body lines.
    "Original Equipment" lookExtra tough Tri-Blend™ material
    $292.18 - $333.16
  • Bushwacker® - Extend-A-Fender™ Flares
    Bushwacker®Extend-A-Fender™ Flares
    # sp1263
    Extend-A-Fender™ Flares by Bushwacker®. These are a perfect investment for additional tire coverage required for larger wheel and tire packages. Made of flexible and ultra-durable Dura-Flex 2000 plastic, these fender flares ensure...
    Extra tire coverage for effective protection from road debrisSpecially designed for bigger wheel and tire combos
    $300.75 - $514.90
  • Stampede® - Ruff Riderz™ Fender Flares
    Stampede®Ruff Riderz™ Fender Flares
    # sp12216
    Ruff Riderz™ Fender Flares by Stampede®. Upgrade your vehicle with fender flares that feature both excellent form and superior function. If you want to go for the cool "bolted" style of your fender flares, a set of Ruff Riderz Fender...
    Add a tough “bolted” lookKeep rocks, mud, and road debris off truck's sides
    $316.66 - $397.24
  • Bushwacker® - Cut-Out™ Fender Flares
    Bushwacker®Cut-Out™ Fender Flares
    # sp1265
    Cut-Out™ Fender Flares by Bushwacker®. Specially designed for the largest tire packages and lift kits, these allow you to cut open the wheel well and give your vehicle extra clearance. Want to have extended tire coverage while adding...
    Cut-Out design for an aggressive, off-road lookExtra tire coverage
    $305.89 - $542.49
  • Street Scene® - Fender Flares
    Street Scene®Fender Flares
    # sp8447
    Fender Flares by Street Scene®. Get extra protection against kicked-up filth and road debris. The accessories are made of the highest grade material to ensure the utmost performance and provide a one-of-a-kind appearance.
    Boost your vehicle’s factory styleKeep the wheels from flinging mud and dirt up
    $280.00 - $589.00
  • T5i® - Fender Flares
    T5i®Fender Flares
    # sp8645
    Fender Flares by T5i®. Make sure your wheels and tires really fill your wheel wells with these Fender Flares. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and...
    Stylish and aerodynamicCutting edge styling by professional designers
    $202.70 - $809.12
  • Trail Ridge® - OE Style Fender Flare Kit
    Trail Ridge®OE Style Fender Flare Kit
    # sp245019
    OE Style Fender Flare Kit by Trail Ridge®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by Trail Ridge features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle, it is...
    High quality at an affordable priceExpertly made from premium materials
  • ACC® - Illuminated Hot Rod Wire Looms with Flames
    ACC®Illuminated Hot Rod Wire Looms with Flames
    # 5752522495
    Universal Illuminated Hot Rod Wire Looms with Flames by American Car Craft®. Nothing finishes off a Custom Hot Rod better than a detailed, custom engine bay. American Car Craft now offers Light up Hot Rod Wire Looms with Flames. Fits...
    Low amp draw on batteryStylish flames with lighting
  • Pacer Performance® - Standard Duty Flexy Fender Flares
    Pacer Performance®Standard Duty Flexy Fender Flares
    # 869747130
    Universal Standard Duty Flexy Fender Flares by Pacer Performance®. Pacers Universal Flexy Flare Rubber Fender Extenders are an inexpensive way to protect paint and body panels from dirt, rocks and road debris. Constructed of heavy duty...
    Universal standard duty flexy flare rubber 2-1/2" fender extendersCost effective way to protect paint and body panels from dirt, rocks and road debris
    $61.26 - $108.50

Your Suburban was designed to become an important tool in your day to day life and it does that by being comfortable and having more than enough room for whatever you need to transport. You spend a lot of time driving it so you want to make sure that it looks perfect and we have the right visual upgrades to allow you to do that without spending a fortune. When you have the right combination installed your Suburban will make the right statements and look like an extension of your personality.

It’s obviously important to make sure that your exterior looks as good as it possibly can and the best way to do this is with our Chevy Suburban body kits. We have the right range of parts whether you’re looking for dramatic improvements that will make your vehicle stand completely out from the crowd or whether you just want to tweak the way it looks and finish it off. A body kit is the best way to put your own personal touch on your vehicle so that it looks as though it was designed just for you and it’s easy to get the right look.

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Chevy Suburban Body Kits Reviews

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These were installed by a professional following the included instructions first off. During really warm temperatures they flex and pull away from the truck body. I have been afraid the carwash will tear them off, or the wind at high road speeds (80mph here).
Posted by Cliff (Jerome, ID) / August 15, 20212007 Chevy Suburban
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