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  • The actual Tread Pattern for your specific tire may vary slightly from the displayed images based on the size and/or width of the actual tire ordered.
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ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 Tires by BFGOODRICH®. Season: All Season. Type: Truck / SUV, All Terrain / Off Road / Mud. In the all-terrain segment where better off-road performance means sacrificed on-road comfort in most cases, BF Goodrich KO2 tires are a standout. The successor to the AT KO was designed to provide a perfect combination of go-anywhere traction along with surprisingly civilized performance and hits the mark. K02 tires are quiet on the paved road despite having an aggressive tread design and offer excellent stability and steering feedback, which makes them well suited for highways. So if you split your time on- and off-road, BFG KO2 tires should be on your short list to consider.


  • The actual Tread Pattern for your specific tire may vary slightly from the displayed images based on the size and/or width of the actual tire ordered.


Tough Sidewalls

Tough Sidewalls
Advanced sidewall composition ensures great resistance to splits and bruises. Besides, rubber blocks extending down the sidewall provide added protection.

Serrated Shoulder Design

Serrated Shoulder Design
Toothy side biter lugs improve mud and snow traction and make rock climbing easier, especially when aired down, by increasing the contact surface area between the tire and terrain.

Interlocking Tread Elements

Interlocking Tread Elements
Improve tread block stability for maximum traction and handling on the pavement and off it. Besides, 3D-locking sipes also ensure more even wear of the tire tread.

Mud-Phobic Bars

Mud-Phobic Bars
Help to release compacted mud during tire rotation for good traction in muddy environments.

Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol

Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol
Exceeds the requirements for driving in winter weather by USTMA (U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association).

Stone Ejectors

Stone Ejectors
Prevent potential stone drilling damage by providing good self-cleaning.

Advanced Footprint Shape

Advanced Footprint Shape
Ensures proper pressure distribution for long treadlife.

The BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 delivers sure-footed traction on different terrains in various weather conditions. These tires also feature CoreGuard technology used in the well-known race-proven Baja T/A KR2. It adds increased rubber thickness along with split and bruise resistant sidewall composition, therefore, reducing the risk of damage. Besides, BF Goodrich AT KO2 models utilize the brand’s Advanced Deflection Design system that improves structural integrity. Actually, they are the toughest tires from the brand to date which are offered in a range of sizes to fit different trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

The Goodrich Corporation, formerly the B.F. Goodrich Company, was an American aerospace manufacturing company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was founded in Akron, Ohio in 1870 as Goodrich, Tew & Co. by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich. The company name was changed to the "B.F. Goodrich Company" in 1880, to BFGoodrich® in the 1980s, and to "Goodrich Corporation" in 2001. In 1869, Benjamin Franklin Goodrich purchased the Hudson River Rubber Company, a small business in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. The following year, Goodrich accepted an offer of $13,600 from the citizens of Akron, Ohio, to relocate his business there. The company grew to be one of the largest tire and rubber manufacturers in the world, helped in part by the 1986 merger with Uniroyal (formerly the United States Rubber Company). This product line was sold to Michelin in 1988, and the company merged with Rohr (1997), Coltec Industries, and TRW Aeronautical Systems (formerly Lucas Aerospace) in 2002. The sale of the specialty chemicals division and subsequent change to the current name completed the transformation.


ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT215/75R15 100S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT235/75R15 104S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 31X10.50R15LT 109R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 31X10.50R15LT 109S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 32X11.50R15 113R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 33X10.50R15 114R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 33X12.50R15 108R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 35X12.50R15 113Q
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT215/65R16 103S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT215/70R16 100R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT225/70R16 102R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT225/75R16 115S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT235/70R16 104S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT235/85R16 120S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT245/70R16 113S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT245/75R16 120S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT255/70R16 120S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT265/70R16 121S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT265/75R16 123R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT275/70R16 119S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT285/75R16 126R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT295/75R16 128R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT305/70R16 124R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT315/75R16 127R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT225/65R17 107S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT235/80R17 120S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT245/65R17 111S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT245/70R17 119S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT245/75R17 121S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT255/65R17 114S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT255/70R17 121S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT255/75R17 111S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT265/65R17 120S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT265/70R17 112S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT265/70R17 112S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT265/70R17 121S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT275/65R17 121S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT275/70R17 121R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT285/70R17 116Q
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT285/70R17 116Q
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT285/70R17 121R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT285/70R17 116S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT285/75R17 121S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT295/70R17 121S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT305/65R17 121R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT315/70R17 110S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT315/70R17 113S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT315/70R17 121S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT315/70R17 113T
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 33X12.50R17LT 120S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 34X10.50R17LT 120R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 35X12.50R17LT 121R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 37X12.50R17LT 124R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 37X12.50R17LT 116S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 39X13.50R17LT 121R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT255/55R18 109R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT255/70R18 117S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT265/60R18 119S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT265/65R18 122R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT265/70R18 124R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT275/65R18 123R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT275/70R18 125R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT285/60R18 118S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT285/65R18 125R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT295/70R18 129R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT305/65R18 124R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT305/70R18 126R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT325/65R18 127R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 33X12.50R18LT 118S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 34X12.50R18LT 121R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 35X12.50R18LT 123R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 37X13.50R18LT 128R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT265/60R20 121S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT275/55R20 115S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT275/60R20 119S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT275/65R20 126S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT285/55R20 117T
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT285/60R20 125S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT285/65R20 127S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT295/55R20 123R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT295/60R20 126R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT295/65R20 129R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT305/50R20 117S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT305/55R20 121S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT325/60R20 126S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 33X12.50R20LT 114S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 35X12.50R20LT 121R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 37X12.50R20LT 126R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 37X13.50R20LT 127R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 LT295/50R22 118S
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 33X12.50R22LT 109R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 35X12.50R22LT 117R
ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 37X13.50R22LT 123R


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Worthy Purchase
Bought these for my H3 and pushed them hard off road (through everything rock, mud, sand, etc.), they haven’t yet left me in a bind. So far on the road they’re pretty quiet and smooth and don’t hydroplane on wet pavement. I find them worth their money.
Posted by Antonio (Columbus, GA) / December 05, 20222009 Hummer H3
5 of 5
Good Traction & Mileage
This is my 2nd set of the KO2 (first set lasted about 55K miles driving mostly around the city) and will be buying them again. They work well in snow and slush during the winter thaw and are basically quiet on the road, great tires.
Posted by John (Camas, WA) / December 01, 20222017 Ford F-150
5 of 5
Worth Their Money
Have these on my Jeep for a while, awesome! Not too noisy on the highway and drive on most trails without any problems. They are quite expensive but they are worth their price.
Posted by Ricardo (Tampa, FL) / November 25, 20222015 Jeep Wrangler
4 of 5
Tires look great on my lifted Crosstrek and are pretty quiet on long highway trips. Time will show how they wear.
Posted by Max (Salem, OR) / November 19, 20222017 Subaru Crosstrek
5 of 5
Good On Road Performance
One month in, I can say they give good traction in light snow and are quiet on the road. At least I don’t hear any noise with my Cummins. Haven’t had the opportunity for trying them off-road yet, but hope they are as great on the trails as people say.
Posted by David (Sharpsburg, GA) / November 17, 20222016 Dodge Ram
5 of 5
Long Treadlife
I’ve run these on my Rav4 on both gravel and paved roads for over 50K miles. Didn’t have any issues with them and there is still some tread left on them. But obviously, it’s time to replace them. I am staying with the KO2.
Posted by Eric (Manchester, NH) / November 01, 20222021 Toyota RAV4
5 of 5
Good Grip & Traction in Different Weather Conditions
These look just great on my 4Runner. As far as I can say for now, they provide good traction and very little noise on the road and gravel backroads. I’ve read reviews that they work well in Denver snow and see that they have the snow/mountain symbol, so I decided to give them a try. Actually, they are really good in snow, but certainly aren’t as good as snow-dedicated tires. Whatever, I’m very satisfied with my purchase and will probably buy them again when I have to replace this set of tires.
Posted by Stace (Tempe, AZ) / October 29, 20222017 Toyota 4Runner
5 of 5
Great Choice for Coloradans
These are capable enough for the bizarre winter conditions Colorado frequently sees. Despite they aren’t snow-dedicated tires, I haven’t had issues with acceleration or braking in snow. Besides, they run quiet on pavement. The best at tires I’ve tried to date.
Posted by Judy (Aspen, CO) / October 19, 20222018 Chevy Silverado 1500
5 of 5
I put these bad boys on my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer 2 years ago, and let me tell you, they are seriously the best all-season tires you can buy on the market. The traction, the grip, the tread, the turns, its a piece of art. It has been a very smooth ride with these tires on every terrain and surface. These tires have gotten me out of everything. I have never had one problem with them. Amazing through the snow and ice too! Residing in North Dakota, I'm glad I bought these. It was worth the price too! I noticed my mileage increased too!! I also like to mention that it drives pretty smooth through streets, highways, and the interstates. If anyone is sick and tired of just trying to find some decent all-season tires through reviews, websites, lists, articles, tire stores, automechanic shops, etc, just go ahead and buy these instead if they are compatible with your vehicle, and forget what everyone else says. I cant stress this enough. This was probably one of the smartest choices I have made when it came to my chevy. I can't think of one downside or cons to this product, except for the tires to be a little loud on the highway-thats about it. If there are any bad reviews about this tire, ignore it please. I highly highly extremely recommend these to you, your friends, and family. If you go with a different tire, you will regret it. This is your tire! 11/10 ***********/**********
Posted by Customer / September 21, 20222002 Chevy Trailblazer
Great tires, with an aggressive tread, that have gotten me out of some dicey situations in mud and snow. They've been reliable throughout 6 years of Ohio weather/seasons/roads! Will be repurchasing.
Posted by Customer / February 19, 20222011 Jeep Liberty

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about this product, please don't hesitate to ask us. We will be happy to help you!
will these fit my 2010 ford sport trac using my stock rims 17in ? Thank you
Posted by orfilio / December 19, 20222010 Ford Sport Trac
CARiD Answer:
Hello, as long as your 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac is equipped with the appropriate 17 inch wheels, this is the correct tire size for the application.
Posted by CARiD Expert / December 20, 2022
Are the BFGoodrich KO2 Good for Towing?
Posted by Customer / December 08, 20222020 Chevy Silverado 2500
CARiD Answer:
Yes, they are. Thanks to their aggressive tread design, they provide excellent grip on different terrains. So whether you are going to tow your trailer down the highway or on some rocky terrain, they will work well. However, note that they should support a load capacity of at least 3,000 lbs. So just make sure you have the right models installed on your SUV or truck before moving forward.
Posted by CARiD Expert / December 08, 2022
How Often Should I Rotate My KO2 Tires?
Posted by Customer / December 07, 20222017 Ford F-150
CARiD Answer:
The manufacturer recommends doing it every 5,000 miles. Tire rotation is an important part of maintenance that helps to even out the treadwear and make your rubber last longer. Some drivers say that they get 60,000 miles from their KO2 with no issues thanks to regular rotation.
Posted by CARiD Expert / December 07, 2022
Are KO2 Tires Good in Sand?
Posted by Customer / December 07, 20222021 Toyota RAV4
CARiD Answer:
Yes, they work just great in sand. Those who have been tackling trails for years recommend airing them down to "float" over the sandy terrain.
Posted by CARiD Expert / December 07, 2022
How Long Do KO2 Tires Last?
Posted by Customer / December 06, 20222016 Dodge Ram
CARiD Answer:
BFGoodrich guarantees that they will last 50,000 miles. Surely, their lifespan can be shorter or longer depending on a variety of factors including your driving style and how you maintain them: keeping them properly inflated and rotating them on a regular basis will help you get more miles out of them.
Posted by CARiD Expert / December 06, 2022
What’s Better the KO2 or the KM3?
Posted by Customer / December 08, 2022
CARiD Answer:
That depends on your purpose. If you are going to drive mostly over muddy environments, the KM3 tires are your choice as they have thicker grooves which improve mud evacuation for excellent grip and traction on waterlogged and marshy terrain as well as in snow and sand. They are primarily designed for use off-road, meaning they are noisier and less sticky on the paved road than the KO2.
Posted by CARiD Expert / December 08, 2022
What Load Range Is the BFGoodrich KO2?
Posted by Customer / December 08, 2022
CARiD Answer:
The tire is available in three load ranges (ply ratings): C, D, and E. The model with a load range of C is the equivalent of a 6-ply tire with a maximum load from 1,765 lbs to 2,535 lbs depending on the size. It may turn out to be more than enough for many drivers. However, if your SUV or truck is customized with some additional accessories from the aftermarket such as a roof rack, rock slider, and so on, then you'll be better off with stronger 8- or 10-ply tires. The former are units with load range D, each of which can hold between 1,930 lbs and 3,525 lbs. The latter are E-range models which can support a load capacity of between 3,000 lbs and 3,860 lbs per tire. If you are planning to tow with your vehicle, you will certainly want them.
Posted by CARiD Expert / December 08, 2022
Where Are KO2 Made?
Posted by Customer / December 07, 20222009 Hummer H3
CARiD Answer:
The BF Goodrich KO2 are proudly made in the USA as is customary with most of the brand's products.
Posted by CARiD Expert / December 07, 2022
Are KO2 Tires Snow Rated?
Posted by Customer / December 07, 20222017 Subaru Crosstrek
CARiD Answer:
They are all-weather rated with the 3-peak Mountain Snowflake symbol. That means they provide all-season performance with good traction in rain and snow but Are Not snow-dedicated tires.
Posted by CARiD Expert / December 07, 2022
What Does KO2 Mean on BFGoodrich Tires?
Posted by Customer / December 06, 20222017 Ford F-150
CARiD Answer:
The KO stands for Key (benefit) for On- and Off-road. The number 2 marks the generation of the product.
Posted by CARiD Expert / December 06, 2022
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