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      # sp154744
      Service Plus Power Steering Filter by Cardone®. Debris is a major cause of steering system failure. It travels via power steering fluid throughout the entire steering system, eroding internal components and clogging orifices and valving...
      All critical components are triple-tested to ensure product reliabilityAll units are built with 100% new O-rings and premium-grade Viton® seals to prevent leaks
      $6.95 - $13.12
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      # sp9090
      Intermotor™ Stability Control Steering Sensor by Standard®. SMP’s vision is to be the leading independent supplier to the automotive aftermarket, providing the highest quality products, competitive prices and the highest reputation...
      OE quality parts from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturersThe finest quality at a great price
      $22.98 - $572.62
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      # sp154784
      Steering Shear Bolt by GENUINE®. If your steering parts are in need of repair, don’t compromise the performance and safety of your car with suspect, off-brand replacement parts from the local auto parts chain store. On our website...
      Designed to restore your vehicle’s steering systemGenuine OE replacement parts from the OE manufacturer
      $1.34 - $29.19
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      # sp6403
      Premium Hydraulic System Fluid by Beck Arnley®. For one hundred years, Beck/Arnley has been providing premium OE quality parts for vehicles. Beginning with motorcycle parts in 1914 and transitioning to import vehicles in the 1950’s,...
      OE quality products from top original equipmentTop quality materials
      $11.76 - $88.82
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      # sp8809
      Power Steering Fluid by Pentosin®. When you’re low on oil, coolant or some other fluid, you may be tempted to just run down to the local auto parts chain store. But before you waste your time and gas only to find high prices and poor...
      OE quality fluids from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturershe finest quality at a great price
      $16.95 - $271.53
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      # sp94970
      Steering Components by Driven Racing Oil®. 12 piece set. Power Steering Fluid (12pk) Synthetic.
      $8.99 - $206.62
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      # sp132310
      Titan™ ZH 3044 CHF 202 Synthetic Hydraulic System Fluid by Fuchs®. Ultra High Performance power steering and central Hydraulic Oil for automotive applications. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent...
      Made to provide the perfect lubricant solution for your needsDesigned with innovative manufacturing techniques
      $10.41 - $10.53
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      # mpn4519610268
      Universal DuraBlend™ Synthetic Blend Grease by Valvoline®. Volume: 14.1 oz. Quantity: 1 Piece. DuraBlend™ Grease is a synthetic blend extreme-pressure, heavy-duty automotive grease specially formulated to protect disc brake wheel...
      DuraBlend™ Grease is a synthetic blend extreme-pressureHeavy-duty automotive grease used to protect your vehicle and fleet applications
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      # 1036491816
      Universal General Multi-Purpose Grease by Valvoline®. Quantity: 1 Piece. Valvoline™ General Multi-Purpose Grease is a general-purpose EP grease designed for both automotive and industrial uses. It is recommended as a chassis and...
      Valvoline™ General Multi-Purpose Grease is a general-purpose EP grease designed for both automotive and industrial usesExcellent water resistance
      $2.97 - $3.45
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      # mpn4495716606
      Universal Power Steering Fluid Protectant by Lubegard®. With LXE™ Technology. Enhances All Power Steering Fluids. Eliminates steering stiffness & noises! Power Steering Fluid Potectant is for use with all power steering fluids and...
      Lowers temperature and extends fluid lifeImproves heat transfer from the fluid to the case wall and out the gear box
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      # mpn4495716616
      Universal Power Steering Flush and Protect Pack by Lubegard®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will meet your needs...
      Eliminates power steering noises and whinesMay postpone or eliminate the need to replace power steering components
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      # mpn4519610180
      Universal Quality R&O™ Hydraulic Fluid by Valvoline®. Volume: 5 gal. Quantity: 1 Piece. Valvoline™ Quality R&O Hydraulic Oil is blended from highly refined naphthenic base oils and an additive package that offers protection from...
      Protects against all types of deposits at all temperatures to keep engines cleanContains durable anti-wear additives that stay in the oil longer to improve protection
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      # mpn358586857
      Universal Power Steering Fluid by Jones Racing®, 1 Piece. 32 oz. Syntetic, Anti-foaming. Want more horsepower? Jones Racing have the right drive kit for you! Save horsepower, reduce harmonics, and experience unparalleled lightweight...
      High quality at an affordable priceExpertly made from premium materials
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      # 47637375
      Universal X-Tra™ Heavy Duty Grease by Lucas Oil®. Lucas X-TRA Heavy Duty Grease was formulated for automotive, agricultural, heavy-duty and industrial applications. It is virtually waterproof and is more stable than all conventional...
      Lasts four times longer than regular greaseVirtually waterproof
      $4.53 - $5.78
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      # mpn126544354
      Universal Heavy Duty Drum Brake Wheel Bearing Grease Can by Sta-Lube®. 14 oz. Extreme pressure Multi-Purpose Grease is the best general purpose grease for a wide range of applications. It offers an excellent mechanical and shear stable...
      A sodium-based short fiber grease for autos & trucks with drum brake systems and slow speed industrial bearingsMeets most demands for economical wheel bearing lubrication
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      # 46063373
      Universal Hi Temperature Disc Brake Wheel Bearing Grease by Sta-Lube®. A sodium-based short fiber grease for autos & trucks with drum brake systems and slow speed industrial bearings. Meets demands for most economical wheel bearing...
      A very stable resistant Aluminum Complex greaseContains rust & oxidation inhibitors, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives & fortified with "moly" and graphite
      $6.64 - $196.55
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      # 46063486
      Universal Moly-Graph™ Extreme Pressure Multi-Purpose Grease by Sta-Lube®. A high purity, NLGI Grade 1.5 multi-purpose white lithium grease. Provides superior lubrication and durability in any weather and most temperatures. Bright...
      Cooling System RepairRepairs head gaskets, engine blocks intake gaskets, cylinder heads, freeze plugs, heater cores and coolant leaks on cars, trucks, and buses
      $5.01 - $836.42
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      # 97693056
      Universal Elixir HP Semi-Synthetic Grease by Amalie Oil®. Amalie Green Elixir is a heavy-duty extreme pressure grease exhibiting outstanding film strength and resistance to corrosive saltwater environments. Amalie continues over 100...
      Made with precision and quality in mindBuilt to last
      $4.02 - $38.83
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      # 107923585
      Universal Lithium Grease by Champion Brands®. Amber. CHAMPION AMBER LITHIUM is a light amber coloredlithium grease with good load carrying, rust and oxidation protection and corrosion resistant characteristics. It hasgood pumpability...
      Recommended for for the following applications:Industrial Equipment
      $3.86 - $161.60
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      # 107923586
      Universal Moly EP Gun Grease by Champion Brands®. CHAMPION MOLY E.P. GUN GREASE is a high quality lithium grease containing Molybdenum Disulfide. It is recommended for use in industrial, agricultural and automotive applications, as well...
      Champion Moly EP gun grease contains inhibitors to prevent rust, oxidation, and corrosionLithium complex grease provides low friction and resistance to water washout
      $4.49 - $186.40
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      # 108074353
      Universal Poly 7 High-Temp Gun Grease by Champion Brands®. CHAMPION BRANDS POLY 7® GUN GREASE is a high-temp, lithium complex, all weather grease, meeting the requirements of NLGI GC-LB for automotive wheel bearing and chassis...
      Synthetic quality grease without the high synthetic priceChampion Poly 7(R) is a high temperature, lithium complex, all weather grease, meeting the requirements of NLGI GC-LB for automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubrication
      $4.99 - $205.60
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      # 108076464
      Universal Poly 7 Red Tacky Hi-Temp Grease by Champion Brands®. CHAMPION BRANDS POLY 7®RED TACKY GUN GREASE is a550°high-temp, lithium complex,all weather grease, meeting therequirements of NLGI GC-LB forautomotive wheel bearing and...
      CHAMPION POLY 7 REDs premium combination of additives provide for excellent resistance to oxidation, rust and corrosionIt is an excellent choice for any automotive, heavy-duty, agricultural, or industrial application requiring an NLGI #2 heavy-duty, extreme pressure grease
      $4.99 - $209.60
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      # 97688000
      Universal Break-In Gear Oil by Driven Racing Oil®. Joe Gibbs Driven break-in gear oil protects your rear-end ring gears, pinions, and bearings. Engineered for race cars and high performance street cars and trucks, this petroleum-based,...
      Petroleum-based Break-In Gear Oil allows gear teeth to break-in quickly while improving their surface finishBy polishing the gear teeth, micro-pitting is eliminated to improve gear durability
      $8.99 - $118.69
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      # 97659316
      Universal Joe Gibbs Driven High Velocity Lubricant by Driven Racing Oil®. 1 Piece, 12 Piece set. 8 Oz. Joe Gibbs Driven high-viscosity lubricant (HVL) provides a tenacious, yet fluid film to protect reciprocating and rotating components...
      Provides a tenacious yet fluid film to protect reciprocating and rotating components during assembly and initial break-inNon-foaming product mixes with break-in oil and extends film thickness during the critical break-in process
      $8.99 - $107.89
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      # 42298660
      Universal Power Steering Fluid by STP®. Get the most out of your power steering system. Specifically designed for power steering units, this Power Steering Fluid provides reliable, year-round protection over a wide range of summer and...
      Protects against wear and breakdownMaintains optimum performance of the system
      $2.09 - $7.05
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      # 47637042
      Universal Power Steering Fluid by Lucas Oil®. Lucas Power Steering Fluid is a general purpose product. It is formulated with special base oils and additives that add lubricity to help stop wear and improve performance. It contains mild...
      Adds Lubricity to help stop wear and improve performanceSeals and helps prevent small leaks
      $2.17 - $4.18
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      # 46063575
      Universal Power Steering Fluid by Prestone®. Maintains smooth power steering operation. Helps stop pump squealing, protects seals and helps prevent abnormal wear. Prestone Power Steering Fluid and Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak...
      Anti-wear agents to protect pump componentsAntioxidants to prevent sludge formation
      $3.07 - $4.40
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      # 97670167
      Universal Power Steering Fluid by Champion Brands®. CHAMPION POWER STEERING FLUID is a premium quality fluid designed for use in applications where the manufacturer specifies power steering fluid. Meets the performance requirements of...
      Protects against corrosion of metallic partsEliminates squeal and squawk in older systems
      $3.99 - $95.88
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      # 84448080
      Universal Nanoborate Friction Modifier by Archoil®. Bottle. AR9100's patented Potassium Nanoborate Friction Modifier and System Cleaner incorporates 4 complex organic esters that are formulated to dissolve and remove varnish, carbon and...
      Cleans out pre-existing carbon, sludge and varnish build upEliminates HEUI injector stiction (FORD POWERSTROKE and others) due to varnish & carbon
      $24.95 - $1,149.95
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      # 681878858
      Universal UPG™ Ultra-Performance Grease by Royal Purple®. Royal Purple Ultra-Performance Grease (UPG) is a high performance, multi-service, aluminum-complex, synthetic grease which significantly increases bearing life and equipment...
      Handles extreme loadsReduces heat
      $10.95 - $3,809.52

    A real head-turner in terms of its design and a true king of the roads in terms of performance, the Audi R8 is a supercar first released in 2007 and produced up to the present time. The Audi R8 is constructed on the same body platform as the Lamborghini Gallardo and has an aluminum monocoque frame. Offered with the carmaker’s trademark quattro AWD layout, the model boasts easy handling and upscale responsiveness. The available body configurations are 2-door coupe and 2-door roadster. The R8 is also offered with an entire range of trim versions, including the GT, Spyder, Limited Edition, Grand-Am, etc. Depending on the configuration, the Audi R8 can be fitted with either a 4.2L V8 or a 5.2L V10. Manual, R-Tronic and S-Tronic transmissions are offered.

    Need Audi R8 replacement steering parts that are functional, exactly fitting, dependable and yet affordable? We have a great selection of products that cover all the bases. The replacement power steering pumps, steering columns, shafts, steering racks and pinions available in our inventory are manufactured by the world’s most prominent aftermarket companies including Cardone, Genuine, Royal Purple, Permatex, and many others. That is why we always guarantee that the replacement parts we offer meet the strictest criteria and will make the repair projects you plan always successful and almost effortless.

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