Volvo C70 Air Intakes

About Volvo C70 Performance Air Intake Systems

The C70 is comfortable enough to drive all day but it really excels when you take it out onto the open road and head away to your favorite spot for the day or for a vacation. You spend a lot of time driving it so you want to make sure that it’s running at its best and the easiest way to achieve this goal is to install the right performance upgrades. We have a wide range of them including the Volvo C70 air intakes which give you very big improvements.

Your engine uses a mixture of air and fuel to run and intake systems determine how much air your engine gets and what temperature it will be when it arrives. We have different types of intakes including short ram ones that use straighter pipes to the engine so that it gets a higher volume of air to burn and we have cold air intakes that will ensure your engine gets air at lower temperatures. Our range of products means that you can choose the one that suits your purposes and driving style to give you the performance that suits you the best.

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