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    Your Tundra is capable of doing jobs that most other vehicles would be terrified of and that means that you need to give it the right tools to continue performing perfectly. The right tools means performance upgrades and we have everything you need to improve your vehicle so that it can keep doing your jobs without stress no matter which jobs you have for it. Of course, one area of your vehicle that you can’t ignore is the way it stops so we have a range of Toyota Tundra brakes, brake pads and rotors to help it stop perfectly.

    Your standard brakes can leave quite a bit to be desired especially after they’ve been used for miles so aftermarket systems can give you massive benefits while saving you money in maintenance costs. We have all the parts you need to completely transform the way your vehicle stops which is perfect for spirited driving or even just to improve the standard brakes so that you have that extra safety when you’re driving to work every morning. Because we offer brands like Hawk, EBC and Brembo you get the knowledge that you have some of the best quality in the world!

    Why do we appreciate our vehicles? Well, it's all about speed and performance. The bad thing is that you do have to tame the engine and stop, at least when you see the red light or stop sign. Quite often, you have to stop abruptly and that's when you find safety to be important either. Our job is to make sure your vehicle is properly equipped to deliver the safety level you need. Which is why, we've gathered a full line of brakes and brake components. Each product ensures shorter stopping distance, lower brake temperatures and higher resistance to fading. Just go through 5 brake and brake components reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and get a product that meets all your requirements.

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    Disc brake rotors (aka 'rotors') are the actual discs that brake pads clamp onto, creating friction that slows a vehicle. Disc brake rotors bolt on over the axle hub and contain holes that allow wheel mounting bolts to pass through and rotate with the wheels. Since there are many rotor styles and designs specially created for every budget and need, we’ve listed the advantages of each disc brake rotor so that you can make the right choice and get the best for your vehicle. All rotors, except ceramic brake rotors and two-piece rotors with aluminum centers, are typically one piece and crafted from iron for maximum heat absorption.
    Squealing noise upon brake application is actually caused by a high-frequency vibration of metal rotors, drums, or brake pad backing plates. Excess corrosion that forms over time on non-contact, outer perimeter areas of rotors and drums is a prime cause because rust is looser and less dense in nature – therefore, more likely to create resonation.

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    2002 Toyota Tundra
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    "I just bought the power stop brake kit for my 2002 Tundra 4.7, had a shop install it, and a month later all is working great! I broke in the pads as instructed, and the stopping power is very noticeable and much better than stock."