Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Performance Exhausts

Give your Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight new life by outfitting it with a brand new performance exhaust system. Built specifically for the Ninety-Eight engine, these custom exhaust systems open up the passageway for trapped exhaust gases to escape from the engine, freeing much needed space for clean air and fuel to make its way into the engine. Buy the finest quality of exhaust systems from CARiD and enjoy the widest selection. CARiD has an exhaust for every Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight and it’s very easy to find one that is a perfect match for your car. All Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight exhaust systems on sale here are carefully chosen for their quality and excellence in operation. With the right exhaust system, you won’t struggle with getting it to fit into your Ninety-Eight engine cylinders since it is built to fit right in. Anticipate between 5% and 10% additional power when you install a custom exhaust system into your Ninety-Eight.

Sound improvement is the other major difference a custom Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight exhaust system will make in your car. All the exhausts sold at CARiD are specially engineered to give a deep roar that belies the car’s age. Each exhaust note is audible through the audio pulses activated whenever you accelerate and decelerate. You will also be taken in by how modern the rear end of the Ninety-Eight looks courtesy of the polished exhaust tips. Buying a brand new custom exhaust Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight exhaust system saves you the hassle of ever going back to the store for another exhaust system because it’s a unit designed to last. Made from the sturdiest stainless steel and assembled together in a lock-in design that prevents leaks, it’s an exhaust system that will serve you all the years you own the Ninety-Eight. Now, that’s real value for money!

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Regardless of whether you're shopping for a simple replacement muffler that delivers original equipment (OE) sound and performance or an upgraded muffler which provides a deeper growl with increased power through freer exhaust flow, you'll see choices between "direct fit" mufflers and "universal" mufflers. In this article, we'll help you understand the differences...
It has been a battle of the ages to make exhaust sound like it should. Having less bends or turns will not only improve the sound but also performance. A custom exhaust is always an option for the race inspired and spirited weekend warriors. Our manufactures offer everything needed to build a custom exhaust to your preference.
Headers are installed because the stock exhaust manifolds usually flow poorly. An exhaust header has individual tubes for each exhaust port, allowing each exhaust pulse to flow unobstructed from the cylinder head. The tubes on headers are usually larger in diameter than the runners on an exhaust manifold and the tubes are mandrel bent for gradual radius bends.
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