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The Nissan Micra is a subcompact sedan that first started trekking the landscape in the early 1980s. It was branded as the Nissan March upon its debut in 1982 and is still referred to as that in other markets outside of Europe and the US. Throughout the '80s and '90s, the March was assembled as a three or five-door hatchback and powered by a variety of inline four-cylinder engines. Between 1982 and 1992, the March boasted a modest curb weight of 1,488 pounds. As for its overall size, the March measured in with a wheelbase of 90.6 inches, a width of 61.4 inches, a height of 54.9 inches, and an overall length of 147.4 inches. Several variants of the model were made available during the 1980s, including the canvas-topped Figaro, which was (and still is) a highly sought-after collector’s item. A special March Superturbo was released for a limited time as well in 1988. It showed off an all-aluminum inline four-cylinder with eight valves and produced 108 horsepower at its peak. Its top speed was clocked at around 112 miles per hour.

In 1992, the second generation Micra was introduced. Power came from a new all-aluminum 1.0L inline four-cylinder engine and a 1.3L configuration. Both featured 16 valves with Electronic Concentrated Control System fuel injection. Side-impact door beams were made standard and a reinforced safety cage was implemented. Options included power steering, antilock brakes, electric windows, air conditioning, and central locking. A series of updates came the Micra parts way in 1998, with the most notable addition being standard power steering. Other Micra parts changed over the next few years were a restyled front-end centered around a new grille and updated headlights. Also included in the facelift were new front and rear bumpers and various upgrades in and round the cabin, including an updated dash. The next generation of the Nissan Micra was introduced in 2002 at the Paris Motor Show. The exterior parts now featured more smooth lines and bolder headlights. The engine options were a 1.2L or a 1.4L inline four-cylinder along with a 1.5L diesel configuration. Engines were mated to an automatic transmission. In June of 2005, a coupe/convertible Micra C+C was unveiled for Europe before eventually being made available in Japan.

The fifth generation of the Nissan Micra premiered in 2009 for the 2010 model year. It is constructed off of the Nissan B platform and is equipped with a 1.2L inline four-cylinder engine mated to an automatic transmission. The Nissan Micra is available as a two-door coupe or convertible as well as a three or five-door hatchback. The model has also drawn a substantial amount of attention for its image, as the Micra has become a favorite for drivers not only seeking impressive fuel-economy but for those who are attracted to its compact size and shape. It has been a hit in England and elsewhere throughout Europe and Japan since its arrival. The model has also received a bevy of awards during its time on the road, such as being named the European Car of the Year (1993), Car of the Year Japan (1993), Good Design Award (1993), and most recently, the title of "Most Environmental Friendly Car of the Year" (2010) by Grand Prix International Company, Ltd.

Subcompact style with superstar flair is what it's all about with the Nissan Micra. One of Nissan’s most popular models around the globe, the Nissan Micra offers a hip look into the future mixed with a throwback body-shape, a fistful of fuel-efficiency, and reliable compact performance. When all is said and done, what you have with the Nissan Micra is a winner. Good things really do come in small packages!

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