Mercedes E class Performance Suspension

For decades, we thought of the Mercedes-Benz E Class as of one of the most comfortable, performance-oriented, and safe vehicles. No surprise, this range of executive cars was very popular in all body configurations. The customers appreciate Mercedes' tradition not to save on technologies and to use only high-end ones. For any element of the machine, you'll get the highest quality. The pickiest of us were pleased with the handling and ride balance, which are superb in any model of any year.

Obviously, Mercedes-Benz's team did its best, which is true for any part of the E Class. The suspension system is no exception. We find it rather adaptive on most of the Es. To prolong this exciting feeling of a new and brisk car, the suspension should be taken care of in the first place. This system of shock absorbers and dampers allows you to corner and maneuver smartly and not to lose temper on a bumpy road because of shaking. All of the parts needed for maintenance can be found at The Suspension Systems section offers a great variety of shock, struts, coil springs, air suspensions, and other components. Lowering kits, which can be used for customization of your vehicle, are also available. Get the positive shopping experience at and take advantage of our prices and hot discounts right now, while they are still effective!

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    • Bilstein® B14 Series PSS Coilover Kit
      (0 reviews)
      # 4277
      B14 Series PSS Coilover Kit by Bilstein®. The Bilstein B14 PSS Suspension allows adjustable vehicle ride height without the expense of a fully adjustable damping system. This system features both coilover and standard mono-tube gas...
      $797.39 - $1,901.20
    • KW Suspensions® Inox-Line Coilover Lowering Kit
      (3 reviews)
      # 2608
      Inox"-Line Coilover Lowering Kit by KW Suspensions®. Inox Lowering Kits are sets of 4 street-use coilovers that can be lowered individually by hand. For simple, no-muss operation choose the V1 Inox coilovers with damper settings...
      $1,266.99 - $8,728.99
    • Eibach® Pro Lowering Kit
      (14 reviews)
      # 1278
      Pro Lowering Kit by Eibach®. This is the Pro System kit replacement performance-oriented coil springs, shock absorbers, and bump stops. “Plus” kits add front and rear sway bars, and some include end links depending on vehicle...
      $77.52 - $2,339.06
    • KSport® Kontrol Pro Coilover Kit
      (16 reviews)
      # 3759
      Kontrol Pro Coilover Kit by KSport®. This is a set of 4 coilovers designed with sophisticated adaptability to offer performance during street racing and a comfortable ride over poor road surfaces. Lower mounts allow ride height...
      $783.00 - $2,520.00
    • Bilstein® B12 Series Lowering Kits
      (1 reviews)
      # 4276
      B12 Series Lowering Kits by Bilstein®. The B12 system provides a lower stance and more stable ride for better road handling and control. This is the most economical way to vastly improve your car's performance AND appearance....
      $629.75 - $1,701.84
    • KSport® Airtech Air Suspension System
      (2 reviews)
      # 3756
      Airtech Air Suspension System by KSport®. KSport offers air suspension kits ranging from no frills with manual paddle controls up through full digital control of each separate air spring. All provide ride height adjustment of 4.7...
      $1,995.00 - $5,225.00
    • Bilstein® B16 Series Coilover Kits
      (0 reviews)
      # 4278
      B16 Series Coilover Kits by Bilstein®. The Bilstein B16 system puts you in complete control, providing the kind of precise suspension tuning formerly available only on race cars. From a weekend of competition to daily driving, this...
      $1,395.06 - $3,375.33
    • KSport® Race Version Coilover Kit
      (2 reviews)
      # 3763
      Race Version Coilover Kit by KSport®. KSport offers track-only coilovers that are fine tuned for specific needs and demands such as drag strip runs or short distance competition on paved surfaces. Drag Race Version coilovers are...
      $1,260.00 - $2,880.00
    • KW Suspensions® Street Comfort Coilover Lowering Kit
      (2 reviews)
      # 2613
      Street Comfort Coilover Lowering Kit by KW Suspensions®. This is a set of front and rear integrated twin-tube coilovers with adjustability for ride height. Designed for the enthusiast who does a majority of street driving with a...
      $1,599.99 - $3,999.99
    • Koni® Sport Shocks
      (5 reviews)
      # 3954
      Sport Sport Shocks by Koni®. Koni’s sport shocks are designed for drivers looking for a sporty driving experience. These products focus on exceptional road-holding combined with an acceptable level of comfort. Its characteristics...
      $83.00 - $407.96
    • Bilstein® B6 Series Shocks
      (2 reviews)
      # 4279
      B6 Series Shocks by Bilstein®. BILSTEIN B6 gas pressure shocks and struts are designed to mount in the stock location on a range of passenger cars. This superior design increases performance and handling while maintaining an...
      $71.76 - $781.97
    • Firestone® Suspension Air Compressor Wiring Harness
      (0 reviews)
      # 2208244
      Universal Suspension Air Compressor Wiring Harness (9307) by Firestone®. Leveling Compressor Wiring Harness; w/Relay; Replacement For PN[2158/2178/2097/2219]; OEM Number WR17609307.
    • Firestone® Suspension Air Compressor Solenoid Block
      (0 reviews)
      # 2208243
      Universal Suspension Air Compressor Solenoid Block (9279) by Firestone®. Preassembled Solenoid Block; 3/8 in. Valve Block; OEM Number W17609279.
    • Firestone® Suspension Air Compressor Wiring Harness
      (0 reviews)
      # 2208242
      Universal Suspension Air Compressor Wiring Harness (9224) by Firestone®. Plug And Play Color Coded Wire Harness; OEM Number W17609224.
    • Firestone® Suspension Air Compressor Solenoid Block
      (0 reviews)
      # 2208241
      Universal Suspension Air Compressor Solenoid Block (9221) by Firestone®. Preassembled Solenoid Block; OEM Number W17609221.

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    Mercedes E class Performance Suspension Reviews
    Average rating: 4.5 4.7 - 5 reviews
    2003 Mercedes E class | Posted by Peggy A | (Tehachapi, CA)

    I was impressed with the ride. Thought I would be giving up some comfort switching from air ride to conventional shock. I put new Goodyear Eagle Sport tires on too. I can hardly tell a difference.

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