Jeep Wrangler Body Kits & Ground Effects

The Wrangler is known across the world for its abilities and it’s fun to drive so if you’re lucky enough to own one then you know how important it is to look after it. An important part of looking after it is ensuring that it looks as good as it can at all times and we have a wide range of visual upgrades that can help you with this. They can have your Wrangler standing out from the crowd at a much lower price than you would expect!

While we have a range of upgrades perhaps the most important is the Jeep Wrangler stunning kits since it’s a versatile upgrade that can give you a number of different looks. We have a range of parts so that you can easily transform your vehicle into one that is an extension of your personality or you can just add a few touches to finish it off. We have the brands that give you great quality so you know that you’re getting the right products and value for your money. Once you have the right combination of parts you’ll know that it’s drawing the right attention everywhere you go!

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    • Xenon® Body Kit
      (8 reviews)
      # 602
      Body Kit by Xenon®. Each Xenon body styling part in this kit will enhance your vehicle's appearance, but together they will give it a presence unmatched by ordinary models. All parts are made from reaction injection molded urethane...
      $29.31 - $4,798.44
    • Bestop® HighRock 4x4™ Element™ Doors
      (0 reviews)
      # 2918
      HighRock 4x4™ Element™ Doors by Bestop®. Ready for adventure? HighRock 4x4 Element Doors are safari-style tube doors that provide fantastic on-trail visibility, protection, and enough options to match your vehicle and your style.
      $135.81 - $372.07
    • Bushwacker® Trail Armor™ Corner Set
      (0 reviews)
      # 7355
      Trail Armor™ Corner Set by Bushwacker®. Want your Jeep to look like a million bucks for a long period of time? It's an easy task if your vehicle is equipped with the Bushwacker Trail Armor that is everything at once: rugged...
      $49.99 - $219.99
    • Body Armor® Trail Doors
      (0 reviews)
      # 3719
      Trail Doors by Body Armor®. The New Body Armor Trail Doors are a Steel tube construction with durable black textured powder coat finish. Featuring an Exclusive hidden internal latch mechanism designed for secure closure. Steel...
      $341.82 - $437.76
    • Paramount® Corner Guard
      (0 reviews)
      # 1715
      Corner Guard by Paramount Automotive®. Add a layer of much-needed protection to the rear corners of your Jeep with Paramount’s Corner Guards. These thick steel panels will prevent denting your bodywork.
    • RKSport® Carbon Fiber Engine Bay Covers
      (4 reviews)
      # 7318
      Carbon Fiber Engine Bay Covers by RKSport®. Transform your engine compartment into a show car masterpiece with this Carbon Fiber Engine Cover. This cover will completely encase your engine in real carbon fiber. It's made from...
      $56.06 - $1,356.56
    • Smittybilt® SRC Tubular Doors
      (2 reviews)
      # 2426
      SRC Tubular Doors by Smittybilt®. When you want tubular doors for open air driving, get the strongest and best fitting doors available, Smittybilt. These SRC Tubular Doors get their toughness from 3/16” solid plate and 1.5”...
    • Rugged Ridge® Tube Doors
      (0 reviews)
      # 1538
      Tube Doors by Rugged Ridge®. These Tube Doors are even better than wheeling with no doors. You get the same open air feel and visibility, plus the utility of tubes that you can use as an armrest and to which you can attach cargo....
      $323.99 - $952.99
    • Rugged Ridge® Half Doors
      (0 reviews)
      # 1541
      Half Doors by Rugged Ridge®. Here's an economical way to have the open air fun of half doors while maintaining a factory look. Constructed from impact resistant ABS thermoplastic with a reinforced internal steel frame, these doors...
      $323.99 - $952.99
    • Rugged Ridge® Body Armor
      (1 reviews)
      # 1557
      Body Armor by Rugged Ridge®. Nothing says toughness like diamond plate. Now you can adorn your Jeep with this symbol of strength with Rugged Ridge Body Armor. Use it as a style enhancer, for protection, or to cover up existing...
      $26.99 - $343.99
    • Smittybilt® XRC Body Cladding
      (2 reviews)
      # 3706
      XRC Body Cladding by Smittybilt®. When paired with Smittybilt Rock Sliders, this Body Cladding will provide the ultimate in protection for the side of your Jeep. Manufactured from 3/16" cold rolled steel and designed to exactly fit...
      $149.99 - $199.99
    • Xenon® Side Skirt
      (0 reviews)
      # 601
      Side Skirt by Xenon®. Side skirts will give your vehicle custom detail and make it appear lower. They minimize the amount of air flowing under the car, and make it look like it's "hugging" the road. Molded in reaction injection for...
      $15.12 - $411.48
    • Warrior® Door Cover
      (0 reviews)
      # 2177617
      Door Cover (90790) by Warrior®. Tube Door Padding Kit; Camo.
    • Warrior® Door Cover
      (0 reviews)
      # 2177616
      Door Cover (90789) by Warrior®. Tube Door Padding Kit; Black.
    • Warrior® Door Cover
      (0 reviews)
      # 2177615
      Door Cover (90775) by Warrior®. Tube Door Cover; Mesh; Black.

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    2007 Jeep Wrangler | Posted by Timothy Todd | (Waasis, NB)

    Perfect fit , cool look ! Love that Smittybuilt product line, I also put the Smitty X-r-c fenders on my Jeep and turned my average looking Jeep into a "neighbourhood assault vehicle "lol.

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