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Bumpers, Side Bars, Tail Light Guards, Trail Doors

Body Armor is the newest venture of outdoor display and transit shelter manufacturer Tolar. Tolar has been in the metal fabrication business since 1991 and works out in its 55,000 sq. ft. facility in Corona, CA. They're right on the perimeter of California's off-roading dreamland, letting them tap that body of knowledge about what a serious off-roader wants and needs. They engineer, fabricate, paint, and ship all of their products from there.

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      $73.56from $58.85 - $2,745.55
      Winch Bumper by Body Armor®. Turn your truck into a serious off-road-capable machine. This aluminum winch bumper is styled to reflect the style without looking like it ran into a dumpster full of steel tubing scrap. The integral...
      # 1008
    • (12 reviews)
      $404.18from $323.34 - $1,429.95
      Rear Bumper by Body Armor®. This rugged rear bumper replaces the truck original bumper, allowing better ground clearance and departure angles, while providing for a swing-away arm that holds the spare, gas cans and a hi-lift jack.
      # 1007
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      $439.94from $351.95 - $437.76
      Trail Doors by Body Armor®. The New Body Armor Trail Doors are a Steel tube construction with durable black textured powder coat finish. Featuring an Exclusive hidden internal latch mechanism designed for secure closure. Steel...
      # 3719
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      {make} {model} {year}, Gen 2 Trail Doors by Body Armor®, 2 Pieces. {short description}
      # 4177831
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      {make} {model} {year}, RockStep by Body Armor®. {short description}
      # 4187187
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      $548.55from $438.84 - $461.94
      Extreme Rock Rails by Body Armor®. Avoid those unfortunate scrapes along your rocker panels when rock crawling by installing these rock rails. They reinforce the thin sheet metal and leave a smooth surface for the Jeep to slide...
      # 7072
    • (2 reviews)
      $433.05from $346.44 - $508.14
      RockStep by Body Armor®. Protect and beautify your truck with these step rails. These are made from steel, so they’re rugged enough for some serious off-roading.
      # 7073
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      {make} {model} {year}, Gen 3 Trail Doors by Body Armor®, 2 Pieces. {short description}
      # 4177840
    • (6 reviews)
      $122.65from $98.12 - $115.44
      Tail Light Guard by Body Armor®. Protect your tail light lenses from tree branches and brush with these tubular steel guards. They install in minutes.
      # 3166
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    Showing 1-15 of 92 Products

    Body Armor is big on replacement bumpers. The factory bumpers on most vehicles really don't fit the needs of serious off-roaders. They hang out too far for climbing or descending a steep ramp. They don't have provision for massed banks of off-road lights. They're too fragile to carry a proper winch. Body Armor builds a bumper that can take the abuse of the trail, engineered with steep approach angles, with provision for a big winch, massive spare tires, gas cans, and hi-lift jacks. These fabricated steel bumpers are covered in textured black powdercoat and can be touched up with a rattle can of flat black.

    In addition to the abuse heaped on the bumpers, off-roading is tough on the body. Rocks and stumps reach out from every angle to punch holes in the rocker panels or dent the body tub. So add a set of Body Armor steel rails to the rocker area or tub to keep a sharp boulder from opening up the sheet metal like a thin aluminum beer can. Add a roof rack and move some gear out of the interior and you'll be able to go further from civilization for longer with only the supplies you have with you.

    Body Armor specializes in fabricated steel solutions for the problems every off-roader faces every day on the trail. That includes light bars for night running, and roof racks for stowing enough gear for a long weekend of off-roading.

    Body Armor 4x4 Reviews
    Average rating:4.54.5 - 32 reviews
    2012 Toyota Tacoma
    | Posted by | (Grove City, OH)

    These guards have a terrible installation instruction. Extremely poor fit for my 2012 Tacoma. They overhang the side of the truck by1-2 inch. The guards themselves have nice finish if they were to fit the vehicle.

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