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Body Armor is the newest venture of outdoor display and transit shelter manufacturer Tolar. Tolar has been in the metal fabrication business since 1991 and works out in its 55,000 sq. ft. facility in Corona, CA. They're right on the perimeter of California's off-roading dreamland, letting them tap that body of knowledge about what a serious off-roader wants and needs. They engineer, fabricate, paint, and ship all of their products from there.

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Body Armor is big on replacement bumpers. The factory bumpers on most vehicles really don't fit the needs of serious off-roaders. They hang out too far for climbing or descending a steep ramp. They don't have provision for massed banks of off-road lights. They're too fragile to carry a proper winch. Body Armor builds a bumper that can take the abuse of the trail, engineered with steep approach angles, with provision for a big winch, massive spare tires, gas cans, and hi-lift jacks. These fabricated steel bumpers are covered in textured black powdercoat and can be touched up with a rattle can of flat black.

In addition to the abuse heaped on the bumpers, off-roading is tough on the body. Rocks and stumps reach out from every angle to punch holes in the rocker panels or dent the body tub. So add a set of Body Armor steel rails to the rocker area or tub to keep a sharp boulder from opening up the sheet metal like a thin aluminum beer can. Add a roof rack and move some gear out of the interior and you'll be able to go further from civilization for longer with only the supplies you have with you.

Body Armor specializes in fabricated steel solutions for the problems every off-roader faces every day on the trail. That includes light bars for night running, and roof racks for stowing enough gear for a long weekend of off-roading.

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2011 Toyota Tundra
| Posted by | (Cohoes, NY)

I could tell these steps are well built as soon as I touched them, they provide a look like no other step can. I am very pleased with my purchase. If I were to pick a negative about them it would be their packaging, the first set of steps showed up in a badly beaten cardboard box at one end the steps were hanging out and their were large chips in the powder coating exposing bare metal... I sent them back, the second set arrived same crappy packaging but only small chips so instead of waiting for yet another set to arrive I simply touched up the bare metal with some rustoleum truck bed liner spray. It took 2 people to hold the steps in place while I bolted them on, they are heavy but once installed they look fantastic! total install time was about an hour, I am not a mechanic or have a mechanical background just a guy who knows how to use a ratchet wrench, I'd say pretty much anyone who can turn a screw can install these with some helpers holding the steps in place.

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