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    Credited as the first hybrid vehicle to hit the United States, the Honda Insight premiered for the 2000 model year and quickly made an impression. The Insight beat out the Toyota Prius by several months, although the Prius would go on to become a highly successful model in its own right. Honda developed the Insight from a concept vehicle known as the J-VX, which was first unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1997. The J-VX utilized Honda's Integrated Motor Assist system, which is an electric motor that is mounted between the engine and transmission. The IMA system performs as a starter and traction motor. The motor was not capable of powering the Insight solely on electricity, requiring power from the petrol internal combustion engine in order to travel (however, by 2006, it could be activated during coasting speeds in the Civic). The engine used inside the J-VX was a 1.0L three-cylinder VTEC configuration, but the model would wind up giving way to the VV, another prototype and the direct precursor to the Insight.

    For its first generation, the 70 mpg Honda Insight presented a subcompact package, measuring in with a wheelbase of 94.5 inches, a width of 66.7 inches, a height of 53.3 inches, and an overall length of 155.3 inches). The only body-style initially made available was that of a three-door hatchback and the model was offered in three setups: a manual transmission with air conditioning, a manual without air conditioning, and a Continuous Variable Transmission with automatic climate control. Aside from the IMA, power came from a 1.0L ECA three cylinder engine which produced 67 horsepower (with the IMA horsepower is rated at 80). The first-generation Honda Insight came equipped with the following parts: front bucket seats, remote keyless entry, power accessories, variable-assist power steering, and a remote fuel-door release. As for safety features, the Honda Insight was outfitted with dual front-airbags and antilock brakes.

    Second-generation versions of the Honda Insight began going on sale in 2009, although it was first introduced at the 2008 Paris Motor Show before taking the floor at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The model is slightly larger than the previous generation with increases in size appearing most notably in the wheelbase (100.5 inches), the height (56.7 inches), and overall length (173 inches). It is still offered as a hatchback, although this time, it is available with a five-door layout rather than the previous three-door. As for the engine, it is equipped with a 98 hp 1.3L VTEC inline four-cylinder along with the Honda Hybrid System. Power is directed through a standard Continuous Variable Transmission. Also new for the second generation was Eco-Assist, which notifies drivers how they are doing with fuel efficiency. The list of the standard Honda Insight parts includes air conditioning, power accessories, remote keyless entry, and a CD stereo system complete with MP3 capability. Safety features include ABS brakes, front-side airbags, dual-front airbags, curtain airbags, and a tire-pressure monitor.

    Some cars are designed specifically to get you from place to place, especially hybrids. But who's satisfied with that? You want style, efficiency, and dependable performance. The Honda Insight delivers the whole package. Fashionable and fun, the Honda Insight has put a smile on drivers' faces on roads all over the world. And when it's time to inject a more visible sense of individuality, we've got the Honda Insight accessories that do the job right!

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    Honda Adds New Standard Features to Insight Hybrid
    Honda Adds New Standard Features to Insight Hybrid

    The 2011 Honda Insight Hybrid is a five-door hybrid electric vehicle that is powered by the Honda Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid system consisting of a 10-kilowatt electric motor and a 1.3-liter i-VTEC gasoline power unit. The fuel efficiency is estimated 40/43/41 mpg city/highway/combined. A DC brushless electric motor is placed in line between the Continuously Variable gearbox and the engine, giving power during acceleration.

    The reborn 2011 Honda Insight Hybrid is available in base, LX, and EX trim levels. The vehicle can place five passengers. All trims now feature Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) antiskid system, in the 2010 model it was exclusive for the EX version. The Insight Hybrid has also Honda satellite navigation system, and Ecological Drive Assist System, created to help drivers achieve excellent fuel efficiency.

    Honda felt that the 2010 Honda Insight was the right car for the right time. The same refers to the 2011 model, that is more fuel efficient than the Civic Hybrid and costs less.