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Tail lights are very important for everyone on the road. With bright tail lights that come on quickly, you’ll be giving the driver behind you more than enough time to react and stop or slow down their own vehicle, thereby avoiding a collision. Here at CARiD we have every kind of tail lights you’ll ever need, as well as many other parts and accessories at an incredibly affordable price.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Fiber Optic Tail Lights the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Spyder, Spec-D, IPCW the Fiber Optic Tail Lights we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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Think about it - without proper tail lights, every time you brake there is a good chance that the driver behind you isn’t attentive and may hit your vehicle from behind. If you happen to be traveling at a high speed, the risk is even higher. The only thing that can help deter this situation from happening is having a set of tail lights that light up quickly and brightly. Fiber optic tail lights will not only help with this, but will look nice in the dark.

Fiber optic tail lights are a light system that is lit by a fiber optic cable that lights up quicker and more efficiently than the conventional bulb types of lighting. Some systems have fiber optic lights combined with LED's which make them look even more attractive and eye-catching. Fiber optic tail lights work on a totally different principle from that of incandescent bulbs which need time to heat up and give out light so they are definitely a good investment for anybody. Fiber optic tail lights give other vehicles on the road a lot of time to react because they light up quickly when you press on the brakes.

Generally, fiber optic tail lights consume less electricity and also run cooler than their conventional counterparts so there aren't many problems that can be expected from them. But as we all know, no product is perfect and fuse problems can occur in these if they’re incorrectly connected during installation. Aside from that, if there are cracks in your tail light housing it is recommended that you replace the unit to avoid any problems arising. Any malfunctioning fiber optics will be easy to notice and will need to be replaced immediately so that you can get back on the road driving as safely as possible.

Just like any other damaged lighting component in a vehicle, defective or malfunctioning fiber optic tail lights can be easily diagnosed because their light intensity will seem to have reduced considerably. The cause for this is most likely a blown fuse, faulty connection, or improper installation of the lighting system. If your tail lights are damaged through an impact of some kind it is best to get them thoroughly checked for performance by a professional just in case. In the event that you’re in need of a new set of tail lights, CARiD is sure to have the exact fiber optic tail lights that you desire.

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There is no question that LED and fiber optic tail lights look great. But how well do they work? After all, the primary function of tail lights is to make our vehicles visible and to alert other drivers when we’re stopping and turning. Today, these technologies are making their way into our cars slowly but making a big splash.
There is an ever increasing range of taillights available, thanks to the rapid development of modern lighting technology and to changes in the legal requirements for automotive lighting. There have never been these many options for taillights, and it has never been easier to create a completely unique lighting signature for a custom vehicle.
Euro tail lights, known as Altezza or clear tail lights, are sought after replacements for the factory installed tail lights, which usually have plain, boring red plastic lenses. In contrast, Euro tail lights present an interesting chrome or black substrate with smaller red, clear or yellow individual lenses or bulbs under a clear or smoked outer lens.
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2007 Chevy Tahoe
| Posted by | (Des Moines, IA)

Nice clean look! Quick and easy install! Works great!

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