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Eco Touch is based in eco-friendly Dover, New Hampshire, an hour north of Boston, MA. In business since 2007, they market a full line of earth-friendly car cleaning and detailing supplies. Not a private-label brand, they manufacture and package 100% of all their product lines in their own facilities, taking care to make products that are eco-friendly, but as effective or more effective as their competition.

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    Showing 1-15 of 41 Products

    Eco Touch interior detailing products use plant-based surfactants instead of harsh chemicals to provide their superior cleaning action. You can throw away your rubber gloves when using any Eco Touch products. Artificial perfumes? Never. Essential oils provide a small amount of fragrance, not a cloying, coverup scent. Their Odor Eliminator uses an emulsifier often used in cosmetics as a masking agent rather than a chemical oxidizer to disperse odors. Their leather treatment uses coconut-derived esters and glycerin to feed your leather seats instead of lanolin or mineral oils.

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    Two principles guided Eco Touch when developing their exterior car care product lineup. The first is that the products had to be at least as effective as their competitors while remaining earth-friendly. They accomplished that by using coconut or citrus-based surfactants and solvents, not petroleum-based ones. Their tire dressing is an example; its plant-based formulation won’t leach conditioning oils out of the sidewalls and turn the sidewalls of your tires brown. At the same time, it clings better to the tires and won’t sling off onto the body the first time you hit 4th gear.

    The other overriding concern at Eco Touch is to reduce the amount of water needed to maintain your car. They’ve pioneered the use of Waterless car wash, a product that lets you wash your car without using any water whatsoever: far less than the 100+ gallons needed to wash it yourself in the drive with a hose and a bucket. Far less than the 45+ gallons needed to wash it at a commercial car wash. Their Wheel Cleaner, also based on biodegradable surfactants instead of acids or solvents, lets you clean brake pad dust and road grime off your wheels without using any water at all.

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    2012 Mercedes E class
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    It works pretty good.

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