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You can spend a great deal of time trying to find the perfect vehicle to suit the way you drive, and then when you find it you also spend a lot of time in it. So all of this means you want to look after it, and the way it looks is an important part of that because people will make assumptions based on what they see. It can be a difficult task to keep your vehicle looking stunning but we have a range of accessories including pads and towels to make it easy.

Whether you are looking to add an accessory to your vehicle, or you are looking to replace a broken component, you need access to the widest range of parts so you can be sure you are able to find the perfect one. So CARiD has a wide range of different components, for all the vehicles you own, which gives you access to everything you need in one place.

Cleaning equipment for your vehicle is important because it takes a lot of the effort out of keeping your vehicle at its best, and pads and towels are no different. With the right pads and towels for each job, you know you can repair minor damage and have an older vehicle looking as stunning as it possibly can without the effort you are probably used to. Since pads and towels are small and available in handy containers, you can carry them with you so you never find yourself stuck when you want to clean your vehicle and make a very good impression.

Because there are many different issues with your vehicle there are also many different pads and towels, so each one is suited to a specific problem. For instance, a mitt is a great way to give your vehicle's exterior a quick clean to remove dust and light particles, while a polishing cloth will allow the exterior to gleam as though it is brand new. Drying towels will allow you to avoid water streaks and wheel cloths can have your rims and wheels looking as though you just spent thousands of dollars on them. If you use each one for its purpose you will be stunned by the results you see.

If you do not have the right pads and towels to use, you will find yourself exerting a lot more effort just to do simple jobs. The technology and materials in each pad or towel you use will allow you to do a great job without causing any damage, and the results will speak for themselves. If you are not working to make sure your vehicle looks as good as it possibly can then you are going to discover a financial problem when it comes time to sell it, and you will quickly regret not having the right tools at your disposal.

It is easy to see when you need to use pads and towels on your vehicle because you only need to look at each area. The dirt, road debris and other substances can stick to your vehicle almost like glue, and the combined affect can make your vehicle look ten years older in a matter of days. Of course, the longer you leave your vehicle in that state, the harder it is going to be to clean, so having a set of pads and towels in your glove compartment will allow you to clean the vehicle whenever you find a problem so the amount of effort is much, much lower!

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Worth It..
2011 Nissan Frontier
| Posted by | (Stockbridge, GA)

The glass cloth work perfectly no streaking or residue and also removes oily finger prints. Just a great product and the Dr. Beasley line of products and presentation is very classy.

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