Dr. Beasley’s is a sort of doctor, a cosmetic doctor. The only difference is that its patients are not human beings but vehicles. The company provides innovative prescriptions for cars, bikes, yachts, etc. to optimize their 'health' and thus to significantly prolong the lifespan. Day by day the manufacturer makes thousands of its customers feel like a kid with a new toy, ensuring their vehicle looks as bright as a new pin.

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    • Dr. Beasley's® Showroom Shine
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      # 12607121
      Showroom Shine for Fabric by Dr. Beasley's®. Being the most comprehensive and complete detailing prescriptions on the market, these kits really make a difference. Dr. Beasley's Showroom Shine is the absolute perfect option for a...
      Makes your car look like it just left the showroom floorCombination of interior and exterior prescriptions
    • Dr. Beasley's® Complete Exterior Detailing Prescription (PK14)
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      # mpn1726598
      Complete Exterior Detailing Prescription by Dr. Beasley's®. Kit Includes: 1 - Premium Body Wash - 12 oz, 1 - Formula 1201 - 2 oz, 4 - Microfiber Towels, 2 - Wash Pads: 9" x 9" (Synthetic Cashmere), 1 - Body Brush (Ultra-Fine...
      Gives your vehicle maximum shineKeeps the exterior sparkling clean and highly protected
    • Dr. Beasley's® Interior Detailing Prescription
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      # 12607117
      Interior Detailing Prescription by Dr. Beasley's®. To safe and protect your vehicle's interior surfaces, whether fabric, leather, plastic, rubber, or glass, go with Dr. Beasley's interior detailing kits that include everything from...
      Helps to keep your vehicle's interior cleanEnsures a long-lasting protection
      $79.99 - $118.40
    • Dr. Beasley's® Matte Motorcycle Prescription
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      # 12607111
      Matte Motorcycle Prescription by Dr. Beasley's®. Especially designed for motorcycles, this kit is an icing on a cake since the matte fairings, fenders, and tanks on bikes still need caring for, but don't need nearly as much product...
      Keeps your bike clean and protectedEasily removes grease, heavy soil, light staining, and hard water spots
      $99.99 - $150.99
    • Dr. Beasley's® Matte Paint Prescription
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      # 12607114
      Matte Paint Prescription by Dr. Beasley's®. Since the regular detailing products cannot and must not be used on matte finishes, Dr. Beasley's offers their great kit that is just the ticket for vehicles with satin or matte paint...
      Specifically formulated for use on matte paintKeeps your car clean and protected
      $174.96 - $215.96
    • Dr. Beasley's® Bug Barrier Prescription
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      # 12607085
      Bug Barrier Prescription by Dr. Beasley's®. If you're looking for an easy way to keep your car looking clean for a long time to come, then you definitely need this highly effective kit by Dr. Beasley's. It will protect your...
      Provides a protective barrier between bugs and your car's finishGuards from small rock chips and other debris
    • Dr. Beasley's® First Aid Kit
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      # 12607094
      First Aid Kit by Dr. Beasley's®. This is the perfect way to keep your car clean and rid of smudges, scuff marks, and anything else your car may endure during the course of any given day between washes. Keep the kit handy and you'll...
      Helps in keeping your vehicle cleanAmmonia-free glass cleanser for perfect clarity
    • Dr. Beasley's® Matte Wheel Cleaning Kit (SK13)
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      # mpn1726602
      Matte Wheel Cleaning Kit by Dr. Beasley's®. Kit Includes: 1 Matte Wheel Cleanser - 12 oz, 1 Matte Wheel Seal - 12 oz, 1 Wheel Brush, 2 Microfiber Towels. Your wheels and tires, although durable, are susceptible to a lot on the...
      Helps to take care of your matte wheelsPerfect for powder coated and painted surfaces
    • Dr. Beasley's® Wax Kit (PK16)
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      # mpn1726600
      Wax Kit by Dr. Beasley's®. Kit Includes: 1 - Pre-Wax Prep - 12 oz, 1 - Ivory Carnauba Wax - 8 oz, 2 - Foam Applicators, 2 - Microfiber Towels. The kit provides you with everything needed to bring the luster back to your car’s...
      Yields a long lasting, brilliant shine after every useIncludes Pre-Wax Prep to ensure proper adherence to the surface
    • Dr. Beasley's® Windshield Polish Prescription (GK10)
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      # mpn1726581
      Wax Kit by Dr. Beasley's®. Kit Includes: 1 - Pre-Wax Prep - 12 oz, 1 - Ivory Carnauba Wax - 8 oz, 2 - Foam Applicators, 2 - Microfiber Towels. The kit provides you with everything needed to bring the luster back to your car’s...
      Provides a protective barrier between bugs and your car's finishGuards from small rock chips and other debris
    • Dr. Beasley's® Clay Kit (PK15)
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      # mpn1726599
      Clay Kit by Dr. Beasley's®. Kit Includes: 1 - Clay Bar - 100g, 1 - Clay Spray - 12 oz, 2 - Microfiber Towels. The kit provides you with all the necessary tools for claying your vehicle before buffing or polishing. Go with this...
      Preps your vehicle's paint for buffing or polishingRemoves texture from the surface
    • Dr. Beasley's® Complete Wheel & Tire Detailing Prescription
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      # 12607108
      Complete Wheel & Tire Detailing Prescription by Dr. Beasley's®. Keep your wheels and tires clean and protected with this highly effective kit by Dr. Beasley’s. Just make sure to complete the prescription every 2-3 months for...
      Protects your car's wheels and tires from dirt, dust, and other debrisKeeps the parts clean and shiny
      $74.95 - $107.11
    • Dr. Beasley's® Engine Detailing Prescription
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      # 12607088
      Engine Detailing Prescription by Dr. Beasley's®. This kit is an effective way to keep your engine looking and working nicely. Dr. Beasley’s Engine Detailing Prescription can be used more often if dirt, excess dust, or debris...
      Helps to keep your engine clean for its proper operationPowerful removal of grease and caked-on materials
      $34.98 - $53.91
    • Dr. Beasley's® Fine Leather Prescription
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      # 12607097
      Fine Leather Prescription by Dr. Beasley's®. With your leather being an important part of your vehicle and driving experience, cleaning and protecting such surfaces should never be overlooked. To prolong and extend the life of your...
      Prolongs the life of your vehicle's leatherMakes your leather looking supple and luxurious
      $89.95 - $114.91
    • Dr. Beasley's® Body Wash
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      # 12606906
      Body Wash by Dr. Beasley's®. This gentle, yet effective car wash soap is designed to optimally remove grime and stains from your vehicle. While being highly efficient, the product is not harmful to either your skin or environment....
      Keeps your vehicle clean as the day you bought itpH balanced formula to not harm the finish
      $14.99 - $99.99
    • Dr. Beasley's® Polish
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      # 12607039
      Polish by Dr. Beasley's®. Go with these scientifically designed car polish products to remove scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections with the utmost care. Featuring the micro-abrasive technology, the polishes will surely...
      Effectively removes scratches from your car's paintEnhances deep, rich paint tone for ultimate shine
      $24.99 - $99.99
    • Dr. Beasley's® Metal Polish
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      # 12606993
      Metal Polish by Dr. Beasley's®. The product is uniquely formulated to return a brilliant, mirrored shine to your vehicle's metal surfaces. It restores clarity by eliminating tarnish, oxidation, water spots, corrosion, and removing...
      Perfect for all types of wheels, grilles, and trimCreates a gleaming mirrored finish
      $14.99 - $49.99
    • Dr. Beasley's® Carnauba Wax
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      # 12607020
      Carnauba Wax by Dr. Beasley's®. Specifically designed to seal in the painted surface of your vehicle and help retain its natural gloss and color, this product is a real catch. This liquified paste wax is formulated to spread easily...
      Provides your vehicle with a lustrous high gloss shineEnsures long lasting protection against the elements
      $19.99 - $59.99
    • Dr. Beasley's® Pre-Wax Prep
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      # 12607025
      Pre-Wax Prep by Dr. Beasley's®. This paint cleaner removes dead, oxidized paint, light to moderate scratches, road film, and tar from your paint allowing for a smooth surface ready to bond with a wax or paint sealant. Its...
      Removes oxidation, water spots, and acid rain etchingEliminates light scratches
      $24.99 - $99.99
    • Dr. Beasley's® Matte Paint Cleanser
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      # 12607013
      Matte Paint Cleanser by Dr. Beasley's®. You can’t put detailing clay on a matte car, but the surface still needs to be prepped before applying a sealant. That’s where the Matte Paint Cleanser comes in. Rid your paint surface of...
      Concentrated cleaning powerRemoves grease, heavy soil, light staining, and hard water spots
      $34.99 - $134.99
    • Dr. Beasley's® Matte Paint Sealant
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      # 12607017
      Matte Paint Sealant by Dr. Beasley's®. This is the first safe paint protection product on the market for matte paint finishes as it is not a wax and so will not 'fill in' your matte paint. It simply leaves a molecule thick layer of...
      Leaves behind a uniform, flat sheenInstant bonding for an invisible barrier of protection
      $79.99 - $169.99

    Though Dr. Beasley's was founded in 2006, it comes from over 30 years of professional detailing experience and is now a sister company to number one hand car wash and detailing center, Simon’s Shine Shop. The company is currently headquartered in Chicago, USA, where a full range of its high quality car care products are formulated, and proudly manufactured in order to ensure each and every client is getting the most efficient product possible.

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    The list of products offered by Dr. Beasley's is way too long, and it would be enough to say that whether it's restoring, rejuvenating, or protecting any area of your vehicle, Dr. Beasley's car care goods are just what the Doctor ordered. Besides being highly effective, all products are also non-corrosive and non-toxic, as well as recyclable to support healthy environment. The company even created the very first 100% VOC Free glass polish.

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    Drivers detail their vehicles in all sorts of ways. Most go to local detail shops, others have mobile detailers to do the trick, and also there are fellows who prefer doing everything themselves. Specially designed for the last type of car enthusiasts, the Dr. Beasley's products ensure proper and hassle-free detailing process to extend the life and splendor of their vehicle's exterior and interior surfaces.

    • Dr. Beasley's™ - Matte Paint Sealant
    • Dr. Beasley's™ - Glass Wax
    • Dr. Beasley's™ - Microsuede Protection
    • Dr. Beasley's™ - Foam Applicator
    • Dr. Beasley's™ - Body Brush
    • Dr. Beasley's™ - Metal Polish
    • Dr. Beasley's™ - Carbon Glaze
    • Dr. Beasley's™ - Glass Cleaner
    • Dr. Beasley's™ - Finishing Glaze
    • Dr. Beasley's™ - Wax
    • Dr. Beasley's™ - Microfiber Towel
    • Dr. Beasley's™ - Wheel Brush

    Most Dr. Beasley's products serve multiple uses, especially the interior range. They can be effectively and safely utilized in your home to remove stinky odors, clean windows, or condition your leather sofa! The manufacturer doesn’t use strong cleaners, bleach, harsh chemicals, or dangerously high acid levels, so you can rest assured that your stuff is not just clean and fresh but also safe and sound!

    Forget about old buckets and dirty rags if you want your four-wheeled workhorse to shine bright again. Dr. Beasley’s is all you have to know to get a quality and cost-effective car wash and detailing. All their products are trusted by detail shops across the United States as well as around the world. So, don't hesitate anymore and go with this highly knowledgeable Doctor to make your precious vehicle as cosmetically healthy as possible.

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    Clay Bar
    I bought two of these clay bars. What I didn't read was that each bar was 100 grams. Price was around 25ish with tax for two! It also came with a dab of Dr. Beasley's plasma coat. (Free). The product itself was what a clay bar is supposed to do (a deep clean). I bought mothers cleaner/box comes with a spray bottle two 200 gram clay bars and a micro fiber towel. For the same price at o'reilly's, needless to say I will not be buying this over priced item again.
    RPosted by Robb (Redmond, WA) /
    2011 Jeep Patriot
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