Chevy Suburban Custom Hoods

The design of the Chevy Suburban has been developed to correspond to the latest trends in the market. The aggressive exterior bears some information about your personality, but it lacks the unique features. It is up to you to fill this gap. There are many ways to customize your vehicle and every motorist aims to improve both style and functionality. The Chevy Suburban aftermarket hoods are up for the task. Some of our most popular hoods are scoops and cowls. These parts feature an advantage that the OEM hoods lacks – the air flow is redirected to boost the efficiency of the engine and to cool off the engine compartment.

The custom hoods are produced from different materials in order to achieve different goals. The carbon fiber hood is an advanced solution in terms of security: you will never have to worry about the safety of the fragile automotive parts. The stainless steel version is often purchased to replace a damaged original hood. It is much cheaper than getting the deformed hood fixed. Fiberglass hoods are popular among the creative motorists who aim to customize their vehicle so that there is no other car like it in the United States. The Chevy Suburban aftermarket hoods are produced by VIS Racing, RKSport, Carbon Creations, and other famous brands.

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Chevy Suburban Custom Hoods Reviews
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2004 Chevy Suburban
| Posted by | (Beaverton, OR)

For the most part the product (when painted to match vehicle) looks good. The quality is a solid 93%. Installation is a solid pain in the a**! I say this because, I bought this hood because it said direct bolt on, well it did directly bolt on to the factory mounts, but, when the hood is closed, it does not lay flush like a factory hood does, it does not hook into the factory spring lock because the aftermarket "U" bolt on the hood latch where the hood locks into place is not to OEM specifications, its to short, needs to be longer so it can engage the factory mount and then lock into place. So, to fix this issue, I had to have the factory spring latch removed (the one that opens the hood from inside your vehicle when you pull on the hood cable in the driver footwell) and then installed hood pins and the whole hood did not fit perfectly or evenly or symmetrically, but we did get it to sit right and with the hood pins installed, stayed shut. I should mention, I really wanted to buy this hood, so I didn't mind finding out the negatives, and they weren't that bad of a fix, and once you get it right you might just find out you like it to.

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