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The car used to be relatively simple, but it is now a seriously complex group of parts, each of which works in conjunction with others to ensure your engine is delivering you the power you expect, and getting you to your destination. One of these parts is the camshaft, which is a complex part on its own, and problems with it can ruin even the most fun trip or even leave you stranded.

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The camshaft is hidden from view underneath your hood, but it is working every single time you turn the key and start the engine. The engine uses a number of valves to allow air and fuel into the cylinder, and exhaust gases out, and the camshaft has a number of cams on it to open and close those valves. This process occurs thousands of time a minute, at speeds you can barely see, so the timing needs to absolutely perfect to avoid any problems.

There are a number of different types of camshafts, and you may need to do a little research to define which one your vehicle uses. However, older engines will use a pushrod, which means the camshaft can be found inside the engine block itself. Slightly more modern engines will use single cams, meaning that there is only one inside the head of the engine, which sits at the very top. Finally, more modern engines use 'double overhead cams,' which means each head has two camshafts inside it. No matter which one your vehicle uses, there are problems common to them all, so you need to take care of them.

Taking care of them is important because there are a number of problems, most are due to the fact that your camshaft is supposed to work fast, and with such perfect timing. If that timing is out, it can develop a 'wobble,' which could cause it to snap completely, or there could be a 'piston strike' which will destroy a piston. Stress-fractures can occur over time, which will lead to an inevitable snapping, and there could be a lack of oil, or only old oil, which could cause higher amounts of friction and fractures or snaps.

When something does go wrong, it may not be immediately obvious depending on the problem. For instance, the check engine light may not give you a lot of information, but when it lights up, it may be a sign that there is a problem with some of the sensors surrounding the camshaft, or a problem with the camshaft itself. More serious problems include stalling while the engine is idling at a low speed, the engine being harder to start, or stalling when you change the gear into reverse, and all of these problems should lead you to check the camshaft and other parts immediately.

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The assistance I received from the personnel was excellent since I communicated with them to inquired if the part was a right fit for car. Furthermore, the personnel made sure that i would not pay extra fees for ordering more than one part. Overall, I am very pleased with the service I received from CARiD and I am looking forward on counting with their assistance on my next purchases.

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