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Every single time you hit the gas pedal, the violent power produced by the engine is smoothly going to the ground, and your vehicle doesn't fall apart from vibration. In addition, the engine is still under the hood, regardless of its best efforts to jump out of the engine compartment. Then, what's the secret? Well, they are engine mounts that hold the powerplant in a firm grip and ensure successful operation of the vehicle.

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A vehicle usually has a right and left engine mount (though front-wheel-drive vehicles are also equipped with additional front and rear mounts). They align the engine and keep it tightly in place, allowing for its minor movement under high torque. The mount is a simple unit which consists of two steel parts bonded by a rubber cushion. Its one side is attached to the engine, while the other one is bolted to the vehicle's frame.

Like any other component, the engine mounts are prone to failure. Aging and frequent starts/stops corrupt the rubber insulator. It can crack, become spongy, or simply go to pieces. Any liquid falling down on the engine mount, will rapidly lead to deterioration. Also, engine mounts suffer from extreme road conditions when the stress on them is harsher. Bad parts can result in transmission problems as well as exhaust leaks. In rare cases, failed mounts can affect other engine components, such as exhaust manifold or valve cover gaskets.

In fact, there are several signs of bad engine mounts. If they are uneven or already damaged, you may feel uncommon vibration, accompanied by a rattling sound for the engine isn't properly fixed. One more helpful tip is a visual difference in the engine alignment: if it's a bit different from its normal position, faulty mounts can be the explanation. Anyway, don't go on driving with worn out engine mounts. Someone may call them just a trifle, but those are right who call them a chance for something wrong to happen.

If there are cracks on one mount, the others are likely on their way out as well. There are two reasonable solutions for a problem. You may take a trip down to the local car service center to have the damaged engine mounts replaced. But if you are mechanically inclined and have a couple of free hours, then you may replace the mounts yourself. CARiD is pleased to offer first-class parts to those who accept the blend of the top-notch quality and long-term function. And don't forget that timely inspection and replacement of bad parts provide safe operation of your vehicle.

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2001 Chrysler Town and Country
| Posted by | (New York, NY)

Bought several parts from CARiD. They arrived on time, and worked perfectly well! Mopar® W0133-1857528-MPR Engine Mount. Extremely thankful for the service and quality!

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