Car stereo experts agree. The single best thing which you can do to improve car audio sound quality is to replace the original factory speakers with quality aftermarket speakers. Without doing anything else to your car’s audio system, you will experience clear, vibrant, and evenly spread sound as well as hear aspects of songs you probably were not even aware of. Of course, if you've decided to upgrade your entire sound system, new speakers should be at the top of the list of components to be replaced.


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There is significant difference in design and materials between original equipment and aftermarket speakers. Speakers are not of such vital importance to vehicle manufacturers as engines and brakes. Factory speakers are typically built to a price, using cheap materials, namely low grade paper cones, foam surrounds, and small magnets. As the result we get poor sound, and forasmuch as the materials can not withstand the environment in a typical car, they deteriorate and the sound gets even worse.

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