Lumen® - K1 LED Conversion Kit (H8, White)

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K1 LED Conversion Kit (H8) (H8HLC-K1) by Lumen®. 1 Pair, white, 6500K, 4000lm (per bulb). Upgrade your lighting and improve your visibility and driving safety with these powerful LED bulbs. With a combined output of 8000 lumens, these bulbs outperform halogen bulbs and ordinary LED bulbs as well. Built-in heat sinks provide reliable cooling and consistent operation, so you always get the full benefit of their superior illumination. They’re direct replacements for your standard bulbs and install without requiring any modifications to your vehicle, and with an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours or more, they’ll most likely be the last headlight bulbs your car or truck will ever need.


  • Since this bulb has a unique cooling structure and its back can be bigger than your factory one's, make sure that in the back of your light there is enough space for this bulb.


Quantity: 1 Pair
Light intensity: 4000lm (per bulb)
Voltage: DC12V-16V
Power: 53±4W
Current: 4.0A±0.3A@13.2V
Bead QTY: 2PCS-ETi 7535
Beam angle: 360 degrees
Built-in CAN-Bus


  • (2) H8 LED Bulbs


Exceptionally Bright Light

Exceptionally Bright Light
Advanced LED chips with 110lm/w efficiency combine to create 8000 Lumens output, producing brilliant illumination that far exceeds halogen and lesser LED bulbs, for increased visibility into the distance and over a wider viewing area.

Cooler Operation

Cooler Operation
6063 aluminum alloy max airflow construction with double ball bearing high-speed cooling fan provides optimal heat dispersal, allowing bulb to operate continuously at full intensity, so you not only get the brightest, but also the most dependable illumination.

Greater Efficiency and Longer Lifespan

Greater Efficiency and Longer Lifespan
Industry leading LED technology delivers greater output than standard LEDs with less power consumption and longer bulbs life, as much as 50,000 hours or more.

Easy Plug and Play Installation

Easy Plug and Play Installation
These bulbs will fit into the same sockets and connect to the same wiring connector as your original bulbs. Built-in CANbus decoders prevent flickering, bulb out warnings, or error messages that can result from installing some LED bulbs.

Outstanding Quality

Outstanding Quality
Thoroughly tested for durability, shock resistance, and dependable operation in any kind of weather.

Backed by a 2-year warranty

Backed by a 2-year warranty
This warranty does not apply to any products that have been subjected to misuse, mishandling, misapplication, neglect, improper installation, or alterations.

Your headlights are one of your vehicle’s most important safety features: Their brightness can be the difference between a clear view of the road ahead at night, giving you the ability to detect other vehicles, pedestrians, animals, and obstacles and react in time to avoid them, and being involved in an unfortunate collision because you weren’t able to see in the darkness. If you’ve had too many close calls because of dim halogen bulbs or inferior lighting upgrades, increased visibility and safer driving are just a plug-n-play installation away with this Lumen LED conversion kit. With 8000 lumens output, these bulbs will pierce the blackest nights and murkiest weather.

Although there have been many recent advancements in headlight technology, some studies have shown that the headlights on even many new vehicles don’t provide sufficient illumination for safe driving. However, attempts to improve OE lighting with some “upgrades” are not without their drawbacks. Higher performing conventional bulbs are only marginally brighter, and the tradeoff for just a slight improvement is a drastically reduced lifespan. And some elaborate conversions require extensive rewiring and complicated installation, and the light they produce, while much brighter, may not be compatible with the reflectors in your headlight housings, creating glare that can blind oncoming drivers. But there’s no need to deal with frequent bulb replacements, installation hassles, or flawed beam patterns when you upgrade with this Lumen LED conversion kit.

Cutting edge LED chips with 110lm/w efficiency enable these Lumen bulbs to provide exceptional illumination, putting the brightest light right where you need it and without glare, allowing you to see how the road unwinds far ahead, while also increasing your field of vision so you can easily detect vehicles and pedestrians entering the roadway from the sides. In addition, the bulb angle can be adjusted to further fine-tune the beam pattern. This vivid illumination is packaged to allow easy fitment to your vehicle. These bulbs install directly into your headlight housing sockets and attach to the factory headlight wiring connectors; no rewiring or modifications required, and they’re equipped with built-in CANbus decoders to prevent flickering, bulb out warnings, or error messages.

Along with the innovative LED chips in these Lumen bulbs, you also get premium quality construction that ensures reliable operation. These bulbs are impervious to shock and vibration, and thorough testing has proven that they’re ready take on any kind of weather. The 6063 aluminum alloy housing design and double ball bearing high-speed fan ensure maximum air flow to control operating temperature, so the bulbs can dependably deliver their full intensity hour after hour. And while you’ll want these bulbs just for their impressive performance, you’ll also get an appearance boost when you lose your old yellow halogens in favor of their cool blue-white light. Lumen is so confident in their performance that they back these bulbs with a 2-year warranty.

Lumen® began with offering lighting equipment for commercial applications and attributes its success to focusing on the latest technology, understanding customer needs, and thinking creatively. Lumen has always sought to be on the cutting edge of lighting technology and offer products that make the impossible become possible. Today Lumen is a premiere producer of LED replacement bulbs that upgrade the performance of every light in your vehicle - from small warning light indicators to daytime running lights. Unlike many inferior LED bulbs that interfere with communications between lighting control modules and main engine control computers in modern vehicles, Lumen LED bulbs are fully compatible with all CAN Bus data systems. Our website is proud to offer you the Lumen family of LEDs, and we do so with the assurance that comes only after our own employees have tested them extensively in their own vehicles. When you want impressive lighting in colorful choices for your car or truck that uses less energy, Lumen is the only name you need to know.

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Lumen® - K1 LED Conversion Kit (H8, White)
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I have tried a million bulbs for my fog lights. I have had these sitting in my garage for almost 2 years. I have tried a lot of different ones can't tell you how many I am on my second navigator. Recently I moved to a wooded area and have been trying to get some more light for these dark road. I pulled these out and took the 2 minutes to install. OH MY GOD! They s**t on my HID's incredible. It made me go research LED conversion for my HID. Bingo! My 2011 Lincoln shining bright down theses dark roads. Well worth the money!
Posted by Kevin (Bellport, NY) / April 11, 20232011 Lincoln Navigator

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